Thursday, November 29, 2007

Post # 501 -- Disappointed


Well, I was all set to like the judge....she nailed this one bio parent who was very obviously making excuses....and she seemed to be a reasonable person in all the cases I heard up to K-man's......

You know where this is goin, right?


BioM requested that she be given more time b/c she couldn't get everything done in the last three months. Never mind the fact that she just started working on it THIS week. Never mind all the things in the record against her, AND never mind the recommendations of the GAL & DSS for a cease of re-unification immediately and move him straight to permanency planning.

So judge lady gave her two more months to work her case plan. And at the same time said OUT LOUD in the court room, I feel that Ms. ____ is never going to be capable of parenting this child appropriately and I do not believe that it is going to make any difference if she has more time, but we will review this again in January. UGH. Hello.

Which made them happy and they decided to push their luck and request visitation be re-opened.....from what I could understand, the judge said no way, no how. Which is at least one smart decision. I think the judge said (although I can't be certain....i couldn't hear so well) that the reason BioM was giving that the visits should be started again was not the reason they were discontinued in the first place.

Which makes ME think that if the reason visits were discontinued in the first place was because poor K-man went BALLISTIC whenever he saw his BioM and wouldn't let her get near him and then had night terrors for days afterwards, and if that is reason enough for the visits to remain discontinued, then how could you ever THINK of making him go back to her?

I have to say. BioM and two of her family members sat in front of me in court and I was not impressed at all. To say the least. I would not feel one bit good about K-man going back to her OR going to live with her family. I'm not really snotty about stuff, but seriously....we are in the 21st century and there are these crazy convenient things in our world called SHOWERS that almost EVERYONE has access to, even if you don't OWN one......and it might help if you saw the inside of one every now and then. I'm also not really keen (okay, make that not at all keen) on guys who have long hair, who don't wash it, and then tie it back in a greasy ponytail. The fact that I could smell them when they came in and sat down, but I was far enough away that I couldn't hear what they were whispering to each other is pretty telling, too.

God, please.....I was pretty sure we were the best place for the K-man, but now I'm positive. PLEASE don't let him leave us. He's so happy here. Please don't let him go back to that. Amen.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post # 500 - A Positive Note

Yay....I'm glad I have something really nice to record for the five hundredth post.

DSS visit went well tonight....our social worker told us this evening that some of the social workers/guardian ad litems were talking about our household today and how many openings we have left in our home and how many more they could stick in here, and our social worker said we only had one spot left and she was going to fight to get one of her kids in it. LOL. They apparently are really impressed with how well the kids in our care are doing and how much improvement they are showing.

Which, of course, it's not us, it's God, b/c I realize a bit more every day how big my failings are....still, it was really encouraging to hear that.

And then, the same GAL mentioned above spoke with KC several days ago and mentioned to him that she had been very concerned over where the K-man would get placed when he had to be moved from his original placement, but when she found out that he was coming to our house, she was very happy. She also told KC that in her conversations with DSS, she's learned that they think very highly of us as a foster family.

Top it all off, the Child Development guy who heads up the under three speech and development therapy programs came to the daycare yesterday or today to visit with K-man and I guess see how he was doing and he saw Munchkin, who was in their program until she turned three (which was shortly after she came to us). He told our social worker that he was completely AMAZED at her and how far she's come. I mean, we've heard all this before, but it never ceases to make me extremely thankful every time we hear it.

So court is tomorrow. I'm a little nervous. I'm trying to think if there is some kind of work I can take with me to stay busy while I wait for the case to be heard for K-man. Apparently based on the things that DSS is going to ask for, it could be a longer case and our social worker says that the longer cases are usually heard after the shorter cases....which means I could be sitting for awhile. *sigh*

The good news is that DSS, the GAL, AND K-man's play therapist are all recommending that under no circumstances should his placement OR caregivers change....which means that unless the judge just makes some crazy decision, and I'm SO praying that he won't, K-man should get to stay with us. I won't count on it until it's final though.

Okay. So that's 500 posts.

Sheesh. I talk a lot. Thanks for listening, ya'll.


My Crazy Little Life

I am absolutely a total nut case. Who in the world would put themselves through this kind of torture willingly?

*Throwing hand up in the air*


For starters, I'm not getting enough sleep. I keep doing dumb things like starting really good books and not being able to put them down after the kids go to bed and then in the middle of the night when the K-man wakes up crying, I have to get up and stumble around to try to get to him and comfort him until he falls back asleep. Knowing this will happen, I really should get to sleep earlier.

Speaking of the sleep thing, I've been having REALLY crazy dreams lately. The kind that leave such deep impressions in your brain that you think about them all day the next day. Last night? A guy I "dated" many, many moons ago who now I guess would be considered a very distant friend was killed tragically in another country and I found out about it through myspace. When I saw the gruesome pictures of his death posted in his pics, along with the details of how he died. I'm not sure if this was due to the suspense in the book I was reading before bed or not, but after I cried my eyes out for him and his family and totally flipped out at the horror of someone I used to know dying in such a way, then I went to some kind of party....I think it was a scrapbook thing or something but I had to walk up this HUGE hill to get to this extremely large house and we (myself and the family members I generally scrapbook with) walked into it through a little bitty windown on the very top floor (the 12th floor) and the party was on the third floor, so we had to go down and then back up a million stairs and they were blue carpet and the staircase was really wide. Then we went to the party and I crushed the desert b/c I thought it was supposed to be melted and it turned out that it was too melted or something and I felt terrible about it, so I went to get some more ice and I ran out of cash and took the elevator down to the ground floor and suddenly the town we were in was Las Vegas and it was one of those gargantuan hotels....only this one was built into some kind of mountain or something since when you went up to the top you could go outside and it was like a different area or something. Ca-RA-ZY!!!!! It is definitely one of the nuttiest dreams I've had in a long time. And all I had for supper was a pb&j sandwich and chips. Not exactly wild dream creating material.

It was one of the kinds of dreams that makes you wonder if there is a meaning behind it.

Anywho, then there is the home visit tonight from DSS for the K-man. Tomorrow is court. Friday is another home visit, this one for Munchkin. Today I had to be at work by seven, which meant I was up at 5:30 and getting the house moving and everyone ready so that KC could take them to daycare. Today I had to work a really long day, I'm still "working" although technically right now I'm blogging. I am waiting for the printer to finish....matter of fact, I should go start the next batch of print. Anyway, by the time I leave today, I will have put in a solid 10 hours of work.

I have GOT to get busy on the homemade gifts. I've got several large projects that need to be done so that I can get them shipped and all in time for Christmas (or the love holiday or the worship of the three-toed tree goddess....or whatever you might celebrate during the month of December). There is like only 3 weeks till Christmas.....AHHHHHHH.

I am going to HAVE to take extra time off before Christmas. I'm just going to HAVE to. Time when the kids will be in daycare and I can wrap EVERYTHING UP.

hold on a minute. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.

OH yeah, and I have put my finger on the exact description of that buzzing that happens in my head kind of like a dizzy feeling that I had at Thanksgiving and again yesterday and today. Have you ever put one of those 9volt batteries on your tongue?? You know that zap it gives you if it's got juice? Well, that is exactly the kind of zap that my head feels whenever I'm experiencing that "dizzy feeling" in my head. It zaps and then takes a couple of minutes to calm down again. VERY WEIRD. I'm about to decide it's time for a visit with my doc. This is creeping me out.


Dear God, HELP! And please could you lay off on the crazy dreams??? That is unless you're planning to send a Joseph to give me an interpretation. And at that, if I recall correctly, Joseph gave some pretty dire interpretations....I'm not sure I even want to know. EEEEEEEK.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Bit of "Eavesdropping"....

On an email conversation between several cat owners.....
(MIL wanted us to see the article at the bottom I think, so she forwarded it to me and I was laughing out loud at the conversation that went on between her and her sisters (G & C) and daughter (A).....Gotta love the humor on the hubby's side of the family....LOL!)

From: A

My human will never let me eat her pet hamster, and I am at peace with that.

I will not puff my entire body to twice its size for no reason after my human has finished watching a horror movie.

I will not slurp fish food from the surface of the aquarium.

I must not help myself to Q-tips, and I must certainly not proceed to stuff them down the sink's drain.

I will not eat large numbers of assorted bugs, then come home and puke them up so the humans can see that I'm getting plenty of roughage.

I will not use the bathtub to store live mice for late-night snacks.

I will not drag dirty socks up from the basement in the middle of the night, deposit them on the bed and yell at the top of my lungs so that my human can admire my "kill."

I will not perch on my human's chest in the middle of the night and stare into her eyes until she wakes up.

We will not play Herd of Thundering Wildebeests Stampeding Across the Plains of the Serengeti over any humans' bed while they're trying to sleep.

I will not intrude on my human's candle-lit bubble bath and singe my bottom.

I will not stick my paw into any container to see if there is something in it. If I do, I will not hiss and scratch when my human has to shave me to get the rubber cement out of my fur.

When it rains, it will be raining on all sides of the house. It is not necessary to check every door.

I will not swat my human's head repeatedly when she's on the family room floor trying to do sit ups.

When my human is typing at the computer, her forearms are *not* a hammock.

Computer and TV screens do not exist to backlight my lovely tail.

The goldfish likes living in water and should be allowed to remain in its bowl.

A warm pepperoni pizza is not a good place for a nap.

From: MIL

Only a cat-lover can appreciate the truth in all of this!

From: A

I know!! I particularly almost peed myself over the "wildabeast stampede"!! Hahaha!!
Yeah, I have a 13 pound cat that gallops when he "runs".... which is mostly at 4am when he goes jogging around the apartment!

From: C

Very funny. With two cats, I can completely relate to the "wildebeest stampede" . . . . . . . There should have been something in there about depositing hairballs next a human's head on the bed.

From: G

eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww..................................have your cats done that????????????????

From: C

Yes, Mike has taken to sleeping between my head and R's. Over the course of the last month - he has thrown up three times right in between our heads on the sheet. It's a lovely sound to wake up to - and it's entirely too late to try and get him off the bed before he does it.

From: G

OMG!!!!! Truman has irritable bowel syndrome, and I can hear him pooping a lot of times because he is passing gas at the same time!!! poor little guy!!!!!! he poops 3 or 4 times a day............but, he keeps eating, so it apparently doesn't bother him any, and he seems to maintain his weight.

From: C

If Mike or Mia ever start passing gas . . . . . . it's the "gas chamber" for them . . . . . LOL.

From: G

you are so cruel!!!!!!!!! lol

From: C

I know - but like do you really think I would carry out the threat? Nah - I'd wear a gas mask first. Mike's breath stinks to high heaven sometimes - I think he has halitosis or something . . . . yuck!

From: G

well, I'm not sure since you did it to Murphy!

From: C

Well, after giving Murphy 3 years to clean up his act, we didn't have a choice when we discovered he had ruined the guest bedroom mattress and then had moved onto the living room furniture . . . . .

From: A

This is quite the email chain to read after being in a meeting for an hour!!! LOL!

Shadow insists on puking on my clothes, socks, sofa, and anywhere on the direct path from my bed to the toilet so I can step barefoot in a cold pile of vomit on my nightly trip to pee!!!

From: MIL

All the more reason to have cats "outside" where they belong! No more cat hair, no more puke!

From: C

You are so right about that!!!!!! Please tell my husband that though.

***I'm not sure if I missed part of the conversation here or not, b/c it seems disconnected, but I think this is the article that MIL wanted us to see***

From: G

Why do cats eat grass?

by Drew Pilton
The eating of grass followed by regurgitation is a perfectly natural behavior for all cats.
Some cat owners make the mistake of preventing their cat from eating grass. Oftentimes people think it might make their cat ill or that it could upset their stomach. This is an incorrect assumption. The eating of grass followed by regurgitation is a perfectly natural behavior for all cats. Cats do not possess the ability to separate meat from fur and bones or feathers before eating - like we do - so they have to eat the digestible parts along with the indigestible parts. When the cat has finished digesting what he can the rest has to be removed from the system. To try and pass this through the digestive tract could cause obstruction and severe illness - this is where grass eating comes in. The habit of eating grass triggers the natural process of regurgitation of indigestible foods including its own fur balls - which would otherwise obstruct the system. This can appear to us humans as if the cat is violently ill but it is actually very beneficial to the cat.

What about other plants and vegetables? Cats cannot produce the enzymes needed to break down plant matter. Even when pureed or powdered, vegetables simply pass through the digestive tract without leaving any of their nutritional content. This alone is not harmful to your cat, but when undigested plant matter mixes with highly digestible food such as meat, indigestion and other complications may occur. Grass is an exception however; some cats compulsively eat grass when you leave them outdoors. This will cause them to regurgitate the indigestible matter, including raw vegetables. If your cat is unable to get access to grass he may attempt to eat your house plants instead. This could be dangerous because some house plants and flowers are toxic to cats. If you have a house cat you should provide a regular supply of potted grass to prevent him or her from looking elsewhere.

One of the most important things to remember: do not discipline your cat for regurgitating on your carpet or floor. They will never understand why they are being punished. Regurgitation is an involuntary action of your cat's stomach. Cleaning up afterwards should be an accepted part of being a loving cat owner.

- Drew Pilton is the author of "The Complete Ragdoll Cat Keepers Handbook."

Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Messages - The Headache Edition

Dear Blog,
Woohoo, this is post #497. I have almost put you over the 500 post mark. Are you excited yet? Hehe...I didn't think so.

Dear K-man's potential birth dad,
Please don't be his dad, please don't want him, please don't take him. I know foster parents are supposed to support re-unification, but you've never been in his life to start with, so how can it be better for him to go to you instead of staying with us. Please don't let this pan out.
Praying he'll be ours

Dear Rest of the people who want the K-man,
Look, I understand why you want him, he's a great kid, but can't you see how great he's doing here? We love him and I know this makes me a terrible foster parent, but personally, I think this is the best place for him. Please don't try to take him.
Praying he'll be ours

Dear hubby,
Don't let it get you down, I know you are the bomb and you know you are a genious at what you do. Don't let those people who don't know what they're talking about get you down. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.......
Love always,
Your Dory

Dear Munchkin,

Dear Headache,
GO AWAY. You are making my head hurt. Oh. Right. Yeah, that's what you're S'POSED to do. *sigh* Well, I'm not liking it, so could you stop? Thanks.
The head

Dear body,
STOP FALLING APART. You are only 24, for crying out loud. At this rate, you won't survive to see 50. Better start taking those vitamins that your dad swears by....LOL.
Your brain

Dear Cookies in a Jar,
You are a lot harder to make than it sounded like on the instructions. I think you are the cause of my headache. I sure hope whoever gets these for Christmas appreciates the backbreaking two hours I spent putting them together. LOL. And if anyone who reads this blog gets one of you, then they better do two things....act surprised and be very thankful for my effort. I know you're not finished yet, so just be patient until I can get the rest of the supplies and get you taken care of. Thankfully, you are much more quieter while you wait than the kids. *grin*
Your creator

Dear Bed,
Is it just my imagination or are you screaming extra loud for me to join you tonight??? Me thinks if you get much louder, you're going to wake the kids, and you know we don't want THAT to happen, so I guess I will get off of here and go appease you. *smiles*
Sleepy & Tired

Dear Expensive Self Cleaning Litter Box,
You better do your job. The cats have started going elsewhere again. I will be very mad if you have lost your appeal this fast after we spent that rediculous amount of money on you so that the kitty kats would quit urinating and defecating in places that do not contain litter. Don't make me hurt you! I'm mean, you know.
Very seriously,
Not kidding

Dear Self,
Go NOW. BEFORE THE BED WAKES UP THE KIDS with it's screaming at you!!!
The extremely tired You

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A++ for Effort

I should have known that it was going to be one of those days. I don't know why on earth we didn't just call it off when we realized that Munchkin was going to be in one of those moods all day where she threw a fit over everything. Defiant, monster child. Let me tell ya, I stayed far away from her teeth. And I don't think I lost my patience once through all the tantrums. I just kept my calm and let her scream it out in her room until she finished. I even gritted my teeth and didn't get my panties in a wad over the fact that while she was screaming in her room it sounded like she was in a highly destructive mood (banging on the door and kicking the walls and who knows what else). I'm not going to let it bother me. Fighting with her over it just makes her more defiant. She ended up not getting to go with her daddy to the store b/c she (very sassy-like) told me that I couldn't tell her what to do (complete with the head shake). I said, oh yes, I can. You're three and I'm mommy and you will not backtalk me. I would have still let her go, except that daddy made her sit in timeout because she backtalked and then when she was doing everything BUT sit in the timeout chair as we asked her to, daddy said that if she couldn't listen then she couldn't go with him. And since that didn't help her sit in the chair and complete the timeout any better without screaming or kicking, I just told KC to go on. So he did. OH, she had a cow over THAT! I just very calmly told her that she'd lost her chance to go with Daddy b/c that was the consequences of not listening. Then she screamed and growled and howled at me (and I'm so not kidding....) so that was when I made her go to her room to have her fit b/c I wasn't interested in seeing or hearing it, and when she finally calmed down and came out, I think she got the point that not listening and throwing a fit to get her way has consequences that she's not going to like. we're mean, but at least we're consistent! I refuse to raise a spoiled brat. Not if I can help it anyways!

And I know it was bad today b/c KC actually said out loud, "Is it my imagination, or is she being an absolute BEAR today?" I was like, oh, you are SO not imagining things. Now for ME to say something like that is one thing, but for KC (Mr. Honey Remember, She's Only Three) to say that, well....that's HUGE!. LOL. At least twice today I, in a sugary sweet tone of voice, said, "Honey, remember, she's only THREE!"

BWAHAHAHAHA. Maybe that's wrong, but me and her are always butting heads and KC? She's so wrapped around his finger and he's always getting on me for getting irritated with her for some of her behaviors with me, so it was nice to see her butting heads with someone besides me for a change. HAHA.

Then, too, the K-man, my little sunshine baby, has been the super grumpy bear for the last two days and we think maybe he's got a tummy ache or something (although there's been no fever or abnormal coughing or anything) but it's just not like him to be so grumpy..... needless to say, between the two grumpsters, we got a lot of THIS:

Some of it was over THIS: (One Elmo, Two Kids, Zero Sharing, NUFF SAID)do ya think there would be any chance that more than one person could look at the camera at a time? NAWWWW. And I have never seen more UNCOOPERATIVE AND SQUIRMY kids! It was like wrestling greased pigs and trying to look like you were not grimacing while doing it. ROFL!!!!! And this picture pretty much sums up the whole kettle of soup.....not to mention the fact that it's a pretty accurate portrayal of us as a family on any typical any given moment....LOL. KC looks rather possessed....ahhaa....I look like I'm on something really strong (to be smiling that big in such a situation...) and the kids are typical....K-man on the move and Munchkin pouting!

And then there were a lot of THESE kinds of pictures (which are on the passworded picture site...let me know if you want access)......

And through all that, there were several halfway decent ones....that maybe, JUST MAYBE....if I chop a few heads and cut and paste here and there, I might be able to come up with a pretty family portrait to go in the christmas/holiday/love season/three toed tree goddess worship.....or whatever it is you want to call the celebrations which take place in the month of december.....card.

Anyways. I'm pretty tired and although I haven't done a blessed thing today (well, except organize the outfits for the family picture, do laundry, mop the floors [while trying to corral children and keep them from playing in the areas I just mopped and listening to tantrum child], organize and clean out the coffee table, put down a new rug in the living room, cook lunch, get the kids down for naps, sew on the ribbons and roses to Munchkin's dress so that she will be coordinating with the other outfits, get my shower, get myself and the kids ready for pictures, hook up with CV -- who came to the house to help me take the pictures, take the pictures, upload the pics so we can have a hearty laugh, bake cookies while we wait for the pizza to be delivered, eat pizza, get the kids baths, clean up the kitchen from the cookie mess, put the kids to bed, come back in here and post on the lovely blog) I have no idea why I feel tired.

Or why I look like I'm gritting my teeth in this picture and KC has exasperation lines on his forehead.....oh wait, perhaps it was the fact that the munchkin is off to the side of this picture throwing a fit b/c she's not doing whatever it was that she wanted to do instead of what we suggested she do while she wait on us to get a picture. No, I'm sure that wouldn't have been it. Not at all. Couldn't have been.

Well.....goodnight. I'm off to rest my tired eyes. Before one of the kids wakes up and needs me.

This, too, shall pass. This, too, shall pass. This, too, shall pass. This, too................

Friday, November 23, 2007

HA! Pictures!

Just to prove I'm still capable of posting pictures....hehehe......
here are the leaves in our backyard....well, now of course all these are on the ground. This was taken before they fell off the trees a few weeks ago. LOL.
And this is me and the honey at my cousin's sweet sixteen birthday party. I finally got those pictures wrapped up today. I am SO close to getting the pictures that have been hanging over my head all caught up, but not quite there yet. *sigh*
I look strange. eh, well, looks aren't deceiving in this case. BWAHAHA.

So....let's see...what's new?

The kids are good....well, I think. We let Munchkin go visit her little bio aunt (who is really more like a sissy in their ages) this morning and she seemed to enjoy that. Did a little shopping while she was playing with BioA and then went back and picked her up and got the kids home and down for naps....then woke them up and went to KC's parents for dinner. It was yummy. Kids did fairly well considering they were both tired. K-man upchucked on himself and Munchkin while Pawpaw was swinging them out on the porch swing....oops. Not sure where that came from, but changed everyone's clothes and then Munchkin didn't make it to the bathroom in time and we still ended up without enough changes of clothes. Lovely thing, having kids. Amazing at how much 'stuff' you carry around with you and STILL end up feeling unprepared. *sigh* I love it. Really. Haha.

I think the K-man may not be feeling good....he doesn't feel warm at all, but he cried himself to sleep and keeps on crying every now and then in his sleep. This could be a very long night.

Mawmaw had a teddy bear that Munchkin discovered a switch on the back of tonight. The bear makes heartbeat sounds.....very sleep inducing....even for adults. KC fell asleep rocking munchkin and heartbeat bear tonight (b/c of course Mawmaw sent it home with us) and both him an the munchkin were soundly sleeping an hour later when I went and carried Munchkin to bed. *GRIN* Now we have to find another heartbeat bear for K-man since they cried all the way home b/c they both wanted it and there was only one. *sigh* *again* =)

Well, it does not feel like we've been off for two days already. It feels like we have a million things left to do and not enough time left to do it all in. ARGH. YIKES. It also feels strange to have this many "Saturdays" in a row. I'm getting all turned around. It doesn't take much, you know.

Tomorrow, I think we're going to try to do our Christmas pictures. I asked a friend to come over to be my extended arm to take pictures with me in them....LOL. My arm isn't quite long enough to hold two kids still and snap the picture of us, too. *smiles* We'll see how they turn out. I've got my fingers crossed....I feel slightly unprepared in that I haven't gotten Munchkin's dress altered yet, nor do I have the adult portion of the coordinating outfits picked out. Not to mention the fact that I really wanted to get more done on the house during the time off and....well....let's put it this way....the Flylady isn't happy with me these days. *sigh*

Has anyone besides me noticed that all my paragraphs are ending in *sighs*? Hum. This is maybe not good.

That's one of the munchkin's favorite sayings lately: "MAYbe not"

Geesh. My memory is getting AWFUL. Munchkin is saying all kinds of hilarious things that I'm just totally forgetting by the midnight when I get to finally sit down and post. *SIGH* See there I go to stop!

Let's see. This is very random isn't it? Well, that's exactly what is going on in my head these days.....

Oh, random KC quote today:
riding in the car to his parents for dinner (phones are in my purse)
Interrupts himself midsentence with: "HONEY, the phone."
I dig around in the purse and find the phone and check the screen. No calls. Check mine, same calls. "Uh, no, honey....they're not ringing."
"Oh. Sorry. Must have been the voices in my head."
"LOL, don't say that too loud, hon, somebody might put you in the place where all the people go who hear voices."

Anyways, guess that's it for today....I'm reading a new favorite book (God Is Closer Than You Think) which I will probably talk about later....since it's pretty deep for just a shallow post such as this....anyways...and I'm gonna see if I can figure out how to start a book list over in the sidebar of stuff I'm reading.....we'll see. Anywho.....happy Black Friday.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I was just going through and updating my sidebar stuff and decided to update the "Infamous Insanity" links.....since we're a little beyond the "first kid" now.....anywho, I was reading back through some of my June posts to find the ones where the bouncer stayed with us and....


I used to write halfway funny and interesting posts. What happened to me? Now I'm just posting so I don't feel guilty for not posting. Or just getting on here to vent a little steam. *sigh*

How depressing.

I lost my funny.

Where, exactly, does one go to find their funny????


If anyone has seen my funny, please let me know. I'd take interesting, too, but funny is in short supply and I'd REALLY like to have that back. Thanks.

What's the Deal?

The deal is this:

Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Messages - The Sleepy Edition

Dear blog,
I promise I will have interesting posts again soon. I'm really trying to keep plugging along...especially as I'm getting SO close to the 500 post mark.....but these days sleep is just so addicting. Part of that is because my face is killing me....or more accurately, my sinuses are killing me, but nevertheless...I won't be pathetic forever. Hopefully. At least not on my blog post topics. LOL.

Dear sweet commenters,
Ya'll are just lovely to post comments. So lovely in fact, that I felt that I should respond. *smiles* I'm really trying to keep up with ya'll's blogs, too, but ya know, it's been crazy around here lately....and you know. That sleep thing? Yeah. Anyways. So your comments? Very sweet. I'm glad you like the Christmas blog look, Janelle. jandksmummy, yes, it was VERY lovely to get some time to myself and to answer your question, gnocchi is a version of italian potato dumplings. (Pictures and description in this post from March) Rochelle, LOLing about your comment....yes, I did the posting thing on purpose cuz i knew you hadn't been back in awhile....hahah....JUST KIDDING.'s the sleep thing. It's been more important than bloggin lately. *sigh* Sad, I know. Anyways, thanks everyone who is checking in on me, through the blog and in real life (because of reading it on the blog). Ya'll are just too sweet.

Dear kids,
I think I like your new room swap. The furniture fits better this way. I am, however, ready for you guys to settle in and get used to it so that you'll go to sleep like normal again. K-man, that means you. *grin* Don't worry, munchkin, I'll get the rest of the stuff swapped out soon. No, I am not going to leave the baby wipes in your new room. Yes, I know you're a big girl now. No, please don't take them into K-man's room right now, he is trying to go to sleep. Now, do you think you could go to sleep without whining since you're a big girl now? YAY! Good job!
Love, Mommy

Dear sinus infection,
GET LOST. Go to Timbuktu or some other VERY FAR AWAY place. I am NOT happy with you.
-The lady with the warm rice pack smushed across her right eye

Dear rice pack,
You are the bomb!
Your maker

Dear eyes,
Open back up right're not done blogging yet. You can not do this weith your eyes're going to makea ll kinds of mistakes....and you are not allowed to go back and fix them b/c ity's your own fault that your not keeping your eyes open. It serves you right. Anywho, this is better to do with your eyes closed than.....say.....driving. *wince*
The brain attempting to control you

Dear hubby,
I love you. Sorry I forgot to make the cookies I told you I would make for you tonight. I'll try to remember to do them tomorrow night. *smiles* forgive me?
Love always,
Your forgetful wife

Dear work,
I'd rather stay home.
Tired of driving (and getting super expensive gas)

Dear blogger...i'm going away now. I'm dreadfully sleepy. So what else is new???

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Some days are just two bowl days. Some days are just two bowls with triple scoops days.

I'm just saying.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

So Pathetic

That's totally how I'm feeling today. I was thisclose to crying this morning...I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done....and feeling a dreadful need to get away from it all for awhile.

So I did.

I left the kids with mawmaw and went to the first scrapbook day I've had time to go to in while. I purposely just projects, no feeling bad cuz I didn't get them done. I just needed a break. It was lovely.

Of course, once I got home and had a sudden remembrance of why I wanted to get away....LOL...just kidding. Nah, it was good....and now I get to be overwhelmed again. Oh well.

I'm actually thinking the true reason I was feeling like crying this morning is b/c my blog has been suffering from lack of updates lately. *wincing* I'm turning into a lousy blogger these days. I will get back into it if I have to start doing a zillion an one memes or quizzes or just even posting a picture...this is going to have to get back up there on my priority list....especially since I decided to list it on the family christmas card this year as the way to keep up with our ever changing life. LOL. So I guess that means I'll have to make especially sure now that I don't get behind. Sheesh. I can hardly keep up with our family and I'm the one who's s'posed to keep it all together. *sigh* Like I said...overwhelmed.

Ah well. Someday I'll have interesting posts again. *sigh*

In the for some more sleep.

Oh yeah, we went to my parents for dinner tonight and my hubby is a gnocchi fan now....and so is the K-man. First potatoes we've gotten him to eat that haven't been fried. WOOHOO. Too bad they're so difficult to make, or I'd do them to trick the kiddos into eating them more often...LOL. Gotta love my daddy!! That's the second time this year he's made them for his baby girl....and this time it was for her family, too. AWWWW.



Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

The lazy edition since I'm extremely tired and ready for bed, but feeling guilty for not posting at all the last few days....*Sigh*

Thirteen things on my current wish list. (Dedicated to my hubby who was recently heard asking me for my list for shopping purposes....LOL)

1. This book
2. This digi scrappin special edition by my digi-hero, Jessica Sprague
3. A sewing box (although I think this one may be covered since I gave this hint to my mother....heheh)
4. a new point and shoot digi camera
5. Any one of these special publications....this one, this one, or this one
6. This digi scrappin kit
7. a gift certificate to shutterfly (my new favorite addiction)
8. a sewing gift basket (cuz pretty much anything to do with sewing? I don't have decent tools or supplies yet since my history of fabric use has consisted of that no sew fabric glue...hehehe)
9. a good pair of those zig zaggy scissors that you use for cutting fabric. uh...i think they look like this???
10. this....times 2.....for my sanity when buggies aren't feasible
11. some fun digi products
12. this is a pretty neat magazine that I don't currently have a subscription to.....
13. this, this, or even this one....ROFL (okay, so #13 is pretty much a joke in case you didn't figure that out.) actually, THIS is what I REALLY want

So....i'm off to do that now.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fo' sum reason....

I feel tha dreadful need ta blog ta-night. I'm also feelin tha dreadful urge ta talk in a dreadful southern accent. Or would that be ax-sa-unt?

Yes. I know. I'm certifiable. Get over it already. I have. HAHA. Now I just have a good time with it. *smiles*

Strangely enough, I don't have a clue why I feel like blogging, since I have absolutely nothing of importance to share or record. I really missed doing the Monday Messages this week, but it doesn't feel the same to do it on Tuesday. I guess I could, but again, I'm drawing a blank on what to say. For some reason, on Mondays, I never have that problem.

Seriously, I have nothing new to say. I'm busy. Story of my life. Things just go crazy all the time. This morning I had been at work for an hour when the daycare called and said that K-man was running a temp of 100 and I needed to get there and get him. So I collected some work to take home, ran by the library and borrowed a few kids dvds, and ran by the PO for work and then came and got the K-man and went to the grocery store for some "sick food." Ya know, chicken soup and gatorade. He seems fine though. No fever since I picked him up. Maybe they were just a little wary of any strange behavior simply because the teacher and several other kids were sent home today and word has it that they have strep and ear infections. Uh. Great. I wonder how long I'll get to work tomorrow? And then to top all that off, I finally get home, get our lunch, get him down for a nap and settle in to work and no files showed up in my email that I had sent myself. So I called and had mom run in my office and try to resend the success. And that project was due today. So I spent the afternoon trying to get all that straightened out and the project finished and all that....didn't make it. I ended up taking a nap at one point while waiting on the files to come through. LOL. Can't complain about THAT. Anywho, thankfully my coworker was able to talk to the agency and get the deadline extended until tomorrow, so I finished the ad tonight and hopefully that will be sent in first thing in the morning and I'll be covered. Unless one or both of the kids end up sick tomorrow and I have to miss again. There are limitations to what I can do from home. *sigh* The bad thing is that my throat feels a little achy tonight. NOT GOOD SIGN AT ALL.

Bummer is that I missed the fireworks today at work. Mom told me that while she was trying to get that stuff emailed to me so that I could work on it, Looney Lady struck again. This time she actually made the male instructor that she has the "thing" for (who has a nearly infinite amount of patience with her, which is really amazing) reach the end of that nearly infinite patience when she made some kind of negative references TO HIS FACE about his morals and past behavior. He works down the hall from our offices, so you can usually hear conversations down there pretty well....well, mom said today that the male instructor actually shouted profanities at her, told her to get ******** out of his office, and then slammed his door in her face. WOAH! Mom said LL started to walk off the other direction, then turned around and walked down to mom's door and said very defensively, "____'s having a bad day or ____'s not in a very good mood today" or something like that. ROFL. Of all the nerve. What a nut!


Let's see. I've had some strange dreams again lately. I don't put much weight in the meanings of dreams or anything, but the ones I've had lately have kinda creeped me out in that I don't remember them when I wake up, but through the day random things will trigger a faint impulse that I dreamed about it and that I should remember it, but I don't. Like I was checking in on my myspace today and looked at my friends on their and was looking at this one lady's profile and that faint impulse that I should remember something came back to me out of the blue. It's driving me crazy. And it's not just seeing a picture or a person, it's lots of little things. A line of a song, driving down the road through a certain area....i don't know, it's just weird.

Oh, one thing I have to thank God for....I almost wrecked the car yesterday coming back from lunch. It would have been bad, and I'm just thankful it wasn't. If He hadn't watched out for me though, it could have been. I had looked down just for a second to put my gum in a wrapper to throw it away and looked back up and there was a line of cars stopped in front of me that had been moving and was a good distance ahead just a few seconds before. About three cars up was a car waiting to turn left, but I hadn't seen brake lights or turn signal or anything and I was right on top of them and couldn't stop but at the last minute I knew I was going to hit them and I thought it would be better to take my chances with the ditch so I jerked the wheel and ran off the road and then corrected and straightened the car up and then jerked the car back on the road right in front of the first car in line and right before a fence that was coming up. If that ditch hadn't been fairly level and if I hadn't been able to get control of the car and think fast enough to go into the ditch instead of rear ending the cars in front of me, it would not have been pretty. I was only going about thirty five or forty, but 35-40 hitting a stopped car would have still been fairly unpleasant. I'm just thankful it turned out alright. Not a scratch on the car or anybody else's car, and the ditch was decent enough that it didn't cause any problems to make a little offroading detour. *whew* I said a few prayers of thanksgiving after that little episode. That is, once I got my heart out of my throat.

Well, I can't think of anything else to write about tonight. Seems like I should have lots more to write, given that I still feel the urge to blog -- but since I am stumped on the reason for that, I think I'll go find something more productive to do. Like sleep. haha. or more everyone elses blogs....haha.


Looney Tunes (New Discovery)

Check out what I found through the grapevine....

A former student of the college captioned one of his pictures on his blog:

I wrote a whole essay about _______. She is an 80yr old retired English teacher who has been a student at my community college for about 12 years now. She is undoubtedly the craziest person I know. She never stops talking and accuses every other female on campus of being a (insert not nice word here). She once said to one of my teachers, "I may wear leather pants, but at least I'm not a (insert not nice name here) like you!"

and I just had to copy this picture that he took in here for your viewing pleasure...hey....i know i said I wasn't going to post a picture of her, but I didn't take this one, and she was apparently fully cooperative with the photographer (see link above) who was taking them.....

wish I COULD take credit, but

So....was I exaggerating when I said....

Yep. The one and only. I should so draw a stick figure for you to get the full effect. Let me see if I can give you some visuals (although like the puke story, I'm sure you really would rather not know). BUT, no such luck, I'm going to tell you anyways. (LOL) Picture LL as an elderly female with bleached blond hair....and salt&pepper roots. (Yes, the bottle apparently got lost since the last dye) White button down shirt that only buttoned down about three buttons before her 4x6inch belt buckle started, then the oddly plain, but full and flowing, khaki skirt which went from the 4x6 inch belt buckle down to somewhere around her knees (and picture this as a meant to be midcalf or below skirt), and I was skeered to look lower....there could be anything down there....fishnet stockings, lace up boots, orange toenails....who knows!!

in this post? Anywho, bless her heart. She happened to find out about that student's commentary on the pictures by accident from one of the instructors on campus and she stalked out of the building threatening to sue. She's already gone to the police about it, but we all know that if she does try something, she won't have a leg to stand on b/c everybody around here knows that she HAS said all that stuff and if anybody could be accused of slander, it would have to be her for saying all the UNTRUE things about the folks on campus. Course, some of it might be true what she's saying, but it's HIGHLY unlikely. And I KNOW what she said about me wasn't true....

Anyhow, for more stories, click on the looney tunes label....*GRIN*

ETA: sorry for previous use of the not nice words...I just copied and pasted from the photographer's site without thinking about it. Also heads up if you click the link to the photographer's site, as there are also some not so nice words there as well.....just a warning since I do try to keep this blog family friendly and childsafe....LOL.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Munchkin Funny

In the car on Friday night in the big town half an hour from home, heading back toward the interstate after an evening of shopping (that was an experience in itself...haha).....

Kids weren't really ready to go home yet....they were having too much fun (as a side note here, we didn't do anything really out of the ordinary or expensive, other than shopping, we just had a good time with them--like racing down the sidewalk in the two little strollers and making a short stop in the play area in the mall so they could play a little while....)

"Me want to go THERE, mommy daddy!!!!!!" Munchkin points out the window.... a store with windows full of mannequins that were very scantily clad. Very. A store with the word 'adult' in the description.

I looked at KC. KC looked at me.

"I don't think so," I say to munchkin.

Under my breath to KC, "But of course she wants to go there....that fits right in with her stripper alter ego." (see paragraph eight of that link)

To which he responded, "You ain't right, honey."

And then we both cracked up.

Oh yeah, and we've also been having issues at school this past week where she apparently wants to get on tables (and under tables) and pull her dress up and show her boomboom-badabooms to other children and also (according to her teacher) will randomly pull up her shirt if she doesn't have a jumper or something on to prevent her from doing that. LOVELY. I hope this is just a phase. Anywho, that plus the previously linked incident was the root of my under the breath comment to KC. Better to laugh than cry, I say! LOL. Around here we have to do a lot of laughing. But this is also one of those times when it comes in REALLY handy to be able to say....hey, those aren't MY genes that she's getting THAT from....hahaha. That's my kid, but that behavior isn't my fault. LOL!

Speaking of around here, things have been extremely busy. We've made several trips to the big town....would have only been one trip except the first trip I bought a sewing machine from Tar-jay and opened it up this afternoon during the kids' naptime and was going to play but I didn't even get it out of the box before I realized that a plastic piece of it was already broken off and the thing was bent up. So trip number two was to return that and do a couple more errands that we didn't have time to run the first time. LOL. Okay so THAT was a long sentence. If I really cared, I'd go back and fix that, but it's like 12:18 on a saturday sunday morning and I really need to get off here and go to bed. I wouldn't be up this late except that I was playing with my sewing machine and actually completed....yes, COMPLETED....a couple of projects. WOW! Yay, me. I am so impressed with this machine. It does all kinds of cool stitches and I put a panel insert into a jean skirt split AND sewed a little project for a christmas gift in less than 3 hours....and that was LEARNING to use it! Now that I know how to use it, I should be able to whip out stuff in no time at all! Okay, so maybe it wasn't the SMARTEST thing to do to use a gift for the test project since I'm really an amateur at sewing, but it did turn out pretty good (if i do say so myself), so maybe the gift'ee won't mind. *GRIN*

Okay. I've rambled long enough.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Reasons I Haven't Blogged Lately

Pathetic I know....I've really been missing the blog stuff....posting, reading friends, etc....I've tried to keep up a little, but I've only had time to read a few of my favorites and even then, I haven't had time to leave any comments. I hate that. I'm terrible at commenting anyways! *sigh*



1. I've been too busy trying to keep the rest of my fingers intact and the one from getting infected.....
2. I've been too busy worrying about whether or not a person can get rabies from a human bite.
3. Started working on Christmas projects.
4. Actually got a couple of cute ones done and the shopping for some other ones done.
5. Researching consumer reviews on buying a sewing machine (which is what my hubby is getting me for christmas, only I'm asking for it early so that I can use it to make some of the kids christmas...hahaha)
6. Dreaming up ways to diaper our cat who is still peeing on everything. We think he maybe jealous in addition to health issues.
7. Changing diapers that unfortunately have nothing to do with dreaming. I wish I were at times. Haha.
8. Trying to figure out what is up with the munchkin's behaviour issues and why she is acting out so badly these days.
9. working on pictures
10. working on the church newsletter which is so behind it isn't funny
11. reading a really good book (snitch by rene is SOO funny and's about undercover cops that everything goes wrong and somehow turns out right...haaha....anywho, i don't get to read much lately, but i finally took some time here and there and finished it. I really miss reading thoughtless books. HAHA. By thoughtless, i mean fiction....the kind of books you can open and forget about real life for awhile. Those other books that I to deal with problem behaviors....well, I am CONSTANTLY thinking of real life when reading those....not a relaxing hobby. LOL)
12. kid's appointments (joy)
13. getting winning's in the mail from moving mama (yay, that is the first BIG contest I've ever like....won ! WHOOHOO. And she shipped it REALLY fast. I am so psyched to get to use it. And I'm also like coming up with things that I can use so that I can DO a giveaway for the next one. *grin* It was SO much fun!!!)

Notice there wasn't SLEEP listed anywhere in that list?


Tuesday night, I was up til 1am and last night it was about 12:30am. And the K-man has been waking up in the night around 2-3-4 and they've both been up around 6am every morning. It's been a trip, I'm tellin ya! It feels so nice to be able to be getting things done though, that I almost don't mind the lack of sleep. *sigh* However, right this minute I'm SO feeling it. I could just lay back here and close my eyes and probably crash for the rest of the night. No. Must. Finish. Blog. Post. First. *blinking rapidly* And I really need to do a little more looking around on the internet for sewing machines that are in the less than $200 range that I can hand it the material and a pattern and it will spit out a finished product. In less than 5 minutes. Anyone know of a sewing machine that fits that description? HA. Me either. ROFL. Anywho, suggestions or comments welcome. I'm not a pro, so I have no clue really except the basic idea of the function of a sewing machine. HAHA.

Okay. I'm really getting sleepy now and much left to do. So....

Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday Messages

Dear Thrifty Stores,
Oh, how I love you! I am SO addicted to spending time & MONEY with you! This is bad. Especially when you have half price sales on everything in the store, that tempts me to spend my entire lunch hour and then some browsing through your racks. AGH. One thing though, I know you generally are run by volunteers, but on these half price sale days, could you please get a few more volunteers to staff your store? Like on that second register? And while you're at it, maybe get a couple volunteers that move at the speed of molasses, b/c that would still be an improvement over the amount of time I spent in the extremely long line at your ONE register today. That was fifteen minutes I could have spent collecting more stuff to buy. *sigh* I will still love you, but our relationship could be so much more satisfying if you'd work on those little frustrating areas a bit. Okay? Thank you! You're a peach! Oh, and also thank you for having three really cute pairs of NICE kids shoes in the right sizes for my kids today. It was super nice to find those on a half price day! It doesn't help my spending habits much, but the thrifter in me really appreciated it. See you again soon!
Thrifty Mommy

Dear Munchkin,
My finger hurts. Just because you had a bad day at school and didn't like the consequences that you got when you got home does not give you the right to rip the skin off my finger with your teeth. Also, stop kicking the wall. You have been in bed for two hours now pouting and refusing to go to sleep. This is really irritating me and I'm finding myself taking lots of deep breaths. What is really irritating me is that I was very calm about your bad behavior today and handled all of it really well, but then you shredded my right finger, rendering my right hand fairly useless and I lost a good bit of my so carefully guarded patience. What is with you anyways? You're three! Why do you have the bad behaviors of an older child but refuse to have matching good behaviors? This is really frustrating the point that I even had to get daddy to help me with you tonight b/c I was so frustrated. I'm very angry with you tonight....I'm not HAPPY, BOB!!!!! What is it going to take to get through to you that this behavior is unacceptable?
Your mommy with the throbbing finger who loves you anyways

Dear K-man,
Although your fit tonight over bedtime was much like usual, I would like to express my appreciation that you actually DID fall asleep in approximately 40 minutes, which is NOT much like usual, since the usual of late is about twice that at least. Just thought I'd let you know that I am glad you picked tonight to give me less of a hard time.

Dear Hollywood,
I would like to apply for the position of actress. I believe I am qualified based soley on my performance tonight as a wounded, battlescarred mother who was getting her mangled finger cleaned out and bandaged by the father while the child who instigated the wound looked on in awe and much sympathy as the blood gushed out. While it wasn't completely an act, it was very, VERY much put on in an attempt to let said child see how much her actions had hurt mommy and hopefully make enough of an impression that she will think twice before inflicting damage like that again. As further proof of my incredible skills, the father who was playing the doctor role actually quietly (so as not to alert the said child) inquired about my well-being to be sure that I WAS putting it on and was not truly in that much pain. I'm not sure, but I think the child got the picture as at one point she broke down crying and went off to pout when the father re-emphasized that it was HER actions that were causing mommy such pain. If not a starring role, I believe I could at least play an excellent supporting role....perhaps one supporting Matthew McConaughey???
Thank you for your time and consideration.
The Acting Mommy

Dear Cats,
As if it wasn't enough to pee on the plastic protected couch that we just cleaned, then you had to go puke up a hairball on my laptop. What is with you and the kids. Are you guys working together to make us go insane? All I can say is you better be glad my laptop was closed b/c if you'd puked in my keyboard, I'd have HAD TO KILL YOU!!!! It's a conspiracy. I know it. You don't want me blogging, do you? The kid eats my finger so I have a hard time typing and you try to take out my computer. Okay, that's it. You're going to the vet tomorrow. Oh yeah, I was going to do that anyways, but still. UGH.
Love (although you're making it a bit difficult)
Your Frustrated Mommy

Dear Santa,
How bout bringing me some sanity for Christmas. And patience. And while you're at it, how about some free time? Just thought I'd ask. I've been really good this year. Well, mostly. HA. Except when I've been putting spiders under my husband's pillows. But we won't talk about that.
Doesn't Believe In Santa

Dear Jesus,
Could you, like, pass along some of those things I was just asking Santa for? B/c I DO believe in you and you're way real and I know you could probably take care of all those things...even the impossible ones. Like sanity for me. Ha. Or like....uh....making the kids listen and behave. Double HA. Um. And could ya overlook the spider thing? *smiles* Thanks. I owe you. More than I could ever repay. Seriously!
Love always,
"Hanging In There" Me

Dear Sunday,
You were such a welcome break. I was so pleasantly surprised at how well we all did yesterday and we actually got to (mostly) enjoy two services and didn't have too much trouble was so nice. I really hoped it was a good sign, but it seems you were just the calm before the storm. As much as that disappoints me, I am very thankful for the break we had with you yesterday. It was very much appreciated. I'm just going to keep remembering that instead of thinking about today. Thanks for the pleasant memory.
Church-Going Mommy who normally ends up being Nursery Spending Timeouts Mommy

Sunday, November 04, 2007

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

In Which I Confess My True Evilness

Okay. I'm admitting it. I am TRULY evil. And I have been completely uh....what's that word for when you're like....uh....just remembered total evil genious-ness (guess that's not a word, huh?). I'm having a little trouble with my vocabulary this evening. I burnt all my brain cells on my wicked!!!

Are you dying to know what I'm talking about yet? I hesitate to post this b/c I would hate to ruin this pure devilry by the reading this post before he But alas, I simply MUST share....

Ya'll know, halloween just passed by. Around our place we don't really celebrate halloween...ya know, being the origins from paganism and satanic rituals and all that, however, I'm so not above eating the candy out of the kids treat bags that they came home from school with. I'm just sparing them the dental work, ya know. Isn't that so gracious of me? Yeah. That's what I thought, too. (and as an aside, just b/c we don't celebrate halloween, doesn't make me think bad of anyone who chooses to for whatever reasons.....LOL.)

Anywho, so in the little treat bags from school, some of the parents apparently made up little goody bags for all the kids....and in some of the goody bags.....
were one of these in the color you see here and one in another....MUCH more realistic color. It was also LARGER.

So as I was emptying out the treat bags into the candy basket for the family, I found these little goodies tucked in there and thought....hum. These could be more useful than JUST halloween favors.....wonder what would happen if......hum.........

So I'm sure you're probably getting where I'm going with this, so I'll just end this with a few pictures.

This is KC's side of the bed:

KC's "oh so innocent looking" pillows
but oh, what's that???
eeeeek......a 'pider!!!!
a very LARGE spider.....just WAITING for him to take the pillows off and get ready to crawl in bed......
which should happen in approximately 15 minutes or so.....I wish I could post pictures of the reaction....I hope it doesn't wake the kids....but oh well. I'll risk it. I don't know any way to get a camera in there without raising his suspicions, so ya'll will just have to use your imaginations. *TEEHEHEHEHEHEH*

Oh, and one last funny thing....

little green spider was laying on the floor where it had been thrown by the K-man later in the day after big black spider had been placed.....and KC saw it and was a bit startled and was overheard making this statement: "oh, that could freak a person out a little"

Can I just tell you that this very evil "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" was just RUMBLING around inside me but I didn't DARE let it out???

At this particular moment, he's wondering why I'm not sitting next to him while I'm on the internet....I just didn't want him to see this. I'm going to go ahead and hit post and then go sit next to him so I can make sure he doesn't go read my blog before bed. HAHA.

Oh I'm SOOOOO evil.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

"Honey, you are SICK! Sick, sick, sick!!!!!!"

But I was disappointed....he didn't even scream. My bad, cuz I forgot he takes his contacts all he saw was a black blob on the pillow and he had to get all up on top of it for him to realize what it was....and by that time he realized it was fake cuz obviously it wasn't moving.... LOL. Oh well. It was still funny.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

If You Can't Say Something Positive.....

Then don't say anything at all.

Therefore, on the topic of the last few days living with our nosed whippersnappers.....that's kinda not really positive.....uh.....anyways....that was the nicer yet accurate words that the thesaurus listed for spoiled brat......wellll.....whatever. Anyways, the last few days? I don't have a whole lot of positive to say....and I'm so frustrated right this minute with the younger whippersnapper that I don't even want to try.

Oh, I guess one good thing is that Munchkin had a good note from school today. First one in weeks. We had to put the fear of God in her last night. Brought out the bite off stuff we used for little man over the summer and let her know that the backtalking days are over. Backtalking tongue is going to have nasty tasting consequences. Time out wasn't changing the behavior, but so far this seems to have a bit of an effect. The teacher told me that she was saying "Yes, ma'am" today when given instructions vs yesterday when she told the teacher to "shutup or I'll tell my daddy to come hit you" (who knows where THAT came from since we don't hit OR say shutup....well, MOST of the time we don't say shut up. haha). So that is improvement. We're not even going to discuss the other behaviors or the fact that the youngest whippersnapper has spent hours tonight screaming instead of falling asleep and no amount of anything has solved the problem. I think he's FINALLY asleep after about three point five hours, judging by the fact that he's finally been still and quiet for longer than a minute.....I finally had to come in here with my computer and sit to make sure he would stay in bed and stop screaming and jumping up and down on the bed.

Argh. See, I knew if I started talking about it I'd not be very positive. I've done a lot of praying tonight. Praying that God would steel my nerves to be able to deal with long bouts of tantrum screaming. I checked his diaper and he's had food and drink and all that good stuff....*sigh* He just dozes off then realizes he's going to sleep and gets mad and throws a fit...or he'll try to move around to stay awake and when I don't let him get up, he gets mad and throws a fit. EEEK. here I go again.

I thought about doing a thursday thirteen today, but I'm not sure I feel up to it now. Especially since I don't really have any time left before I need to hit the sack myself. *stopping myself here so I won't be negative*

Okay. I'm going away now. Thank GOD, tomorrow is Friday!!!