Wednesday, April 25, 2007


And "Grace" strikes again! Maybe I should go back to the previous post and see how many people there are in the US with the same TRUE name as mine....Grace. LOL.

So ya know those water machines with the big drums of water on the top that chug out the little dispenser that you see in offices and etc? Well. I was pulling the empty one off the one in Studio B today to put a full one on.....and I lifted up on it and I don't know what I was thinking but I guess I was expecting it to be as heavy as a FULL one? It wasn't. It came flying up. Bonked me in the chin. AND. Not only that. I was holding my mouth right (cuz that's what ya have to do for stuff like that, you know) and had my lip tucked between my teeth, so when I bonked my chin....yep. You guessed it. I bit my lip. And I was pulling hard enough that it completely knocked my head backwards....and left me with a dull headache.

Chalk it up. Just another chapter in the the story of my life.

This is Grace.....signing out..


  1. I felt a little guilty getting a chuckle out of this post!! Hope all heals well! :)

  2. I admit I laughed too! sorry. :)
    although I laughed harder at another bloggers story where she fell over just standing outside her door!


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