Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Call Us Crazy....

But I just emailed our social worker back and agreed to take the bouncer for 3 months or until further notice.

For some reason the hyperactive kiddo just stole our hearts and it was just in a quick weekend. At this point it looks like a possibility that some close friends of ours are looking into adopting him and social services just needs somebody who is already licensed to keep him until they can be approved (approximately 3 months if everything goes smoothly) so we're not planning to adopt him. I think it is just wonderful though that our friends are interested, and if they do adopt him, we'll be able to spend time with him and be close to him on a regular basis so it won't be like we'll get attached and then lose him completely. And if for some reason they change their minds.....who knows. The way we've felt about him since he left and the way we haven't been able to put him out of our minds.....well....I doubt that we'll let him leave if they change their minds about adopting him. But I just have faith that it is all going to work out for the best and I think if they adopt him, this kid will have a wonderful life and that is just awesome to know!

I really don't understand why it took three days to fall in love with this handful and three weeks to fall in love with the handful that we call the munchkin. I mean I was wore out after the weekend and I was ready to take him to school on Monday, but by the time I got to work I was missing him already. That's not how it was with the munchkin. After the first weekend I was ready to take her to school and after I got to work, I was dreading the time I'd have to go pick her up again. Maybe it's just that when we got her we weren't used to having kids and now that we're used to it, it's easier to flow with new ones.

Now, of course, I dread the thought of her leaving and I want her to be permanent. But that first little bit I was thinking....come on BM, get your act together so you can come get this child. ROFL!! But we made it through. And now we're just like "bring'em on" we'll figure out somewhere to put'm!!!! Hahah!!

Speaking of bringing them on, we got a call tonight about another little boy they needed placement for tonight. Not sure if it was a one night deal or an ongoing deal that would start tonight.....I called back but they'd already found placement. We missed the call b/c we were at church in......for lack of a better description: "marriage class"

And about that.....wow! This was the first time we've ever done anything like that at church and the guys and girls split up and the pastor's wife taught/led discussion for the wives and the pastor talked to the guys. And the pastor's nearly grown kids entertained all the little ones. It was so encouraging and enlightening. She used several simple illustrations that were very thought provoking and brought about quite a bit of discussion and one of the older sisters at church came to the class as well, and put in some occasional bits of wisdom that she's gained from her marriage of more than 40 years (I think...I'm not sure how many years exactly). It was just very interesting and wow, do I ever have a lot of work to do. But it's okay, I don't think I was the only one who felt that way after the class....about the encouragement received OR the progress that still needs to be made in our individual lives. It was just great. Maybe later I'll have time to write down my thoughts from the class and discussion.

For now though, it's 11:02. I'm really tired. And if we're going to be taking the bouncer.....well, I better get all the rest I can....while I can!!! ROFL! I don't think we'll be getting him for a couple of weeks yet, since we've got a family reunion coming up out of state and after the fiasco with the birthday party and letting the hostess know that something was wrong with the macaroni and it didn't taste so good, I think it would be a good plan to NOT take him to that. LOL.


Catch ya later.

Oh yeah....one more thing before I forget.....I got a new office today. I moved down the hall. It's sweet!!! I like it a lot! It's seriously much quieter down there. And I may need LOTS of quiet in a few weeks. *grin* I spent most of the day trying to settle in and organize my stuff in there. Fun, fun, fun!

So I guess this was a boring post since there has been none of the three P's (pee, poo, or puke) to blog about lately.....oh make that four P's (pms). But I'm hanging on for dear life.....after a few days of peace, I'm sure life will do another flip. It always does!


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  1. It melted my heart to read how you fell in love with him in three days! It sounds like you and KC are right smack in the middle of God's will. :) And congrats on the new office!


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