Thursday, December 21, 2006

Five Years Ago Today

I was feeling exactly the same as I am right now. Well, maybe not exactly, but I'm seeing similarities here....

So how am I feeling today? Like I have a lot to do and time is running out to get it done....b/c I want tonight to be perfect and special....


like it was on this night five years ago.

Anyways, brace yourself, I plan on making up a few missed thursday thirteens....since I figure there is no way I am going to be able to do just one. =) Of course, with the speed of my internet here, I may get fed up and have to quit before I'm really finished. *sigh*

But while I'm waiting for the pictures (woohoo) to load, I guess I'll get started.

Thirteen Random (of course) Happy Memories from the last Five Years.
1. The best vacation ever to Las Vegas in 05....that was soo much fun. It actually earned its own scrapbook...LOL.
2. Buying our first house together....a little brick two bedroom in town.
3. The many trips we have taken together....Pigeon Forge (many times...I've lost count), Ohio, NY, Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, of course Las Vegas.....I love the fact that we travel well...I hope when kids come along, that we are lucky enough to have kids that travel well, too.
4. Living in the apartment when we first got married....with all the many ladybugs and the bees....definitely an experience.
5. Getting our feline babies.
6. Our movie tradition for the first three anniversaries....too bad Lord of the Rings didn't decide to come out with #4 and #5....
7. The New Year party we had in the house in town....when we were all so tired we could barely stay awake until midnight.
8. The New Year party that we had in the house in town....a different year....when it turned out being all our then-single friends and one other married couple....that was interesting. But still fun.
9. When KC bought the "batmobile" for me b/c I fell in love with it.
10. How all of our friends helped us with our heavy furniture when we moved....not to mention the painting party when we bought our new house.
11. KC graduating with his Bachelor's after all those long nights of hard work.
12. The trip to Cedar Point with Benji & Kat....riding the roller coasters together.
13. Our honeymoon in Pigeon Forge....nuff said. =)

Casey & Faith Cabin

(us in our honeymoon cabin)

Thirteen Things I Love Most About KC
1. His smile
2. His sense of humor
3. The way he loves me
4. The way he loves God
5. The little boy in him that comes out every now and then
6. Facial hmmm!!! It makes him even more handsome...not an easy feat! =)
7. His confidence
8. The way he still flirts with me even though we're already married
9. How he loves and cares about kids
10. How he takes care of us
11. His work ethic
12. His huggability...he's so cuddly.
13. His generally positive i have to stop here...?
14. Okay just one more....lets pretend I can't count....I love our inside jokes. We have lots....and we're constantly picking up more. I love that....we always have something to laugh about. (Haombeurgeur....bwahaha)

And lest you think I'm still wearing rose colored glasses....
Thirteen Quirky Habits that drive me crazy............but I still love him anyways!
1. The way he doesn't automatically buckle up when he gets in the car...
2. When he says that he knew he wasn't buckled, he just wanted to hear my voice reminding him...LOL.
3. How he always eats all of his fries before he'll touch the sandwich.
4. The way he complains when I have the screen hiding the hamper but when the hamper is completely accessible, there are still piles of his clothes next to the bed like he was raptured instead of simply going to bed. (Love ya honey! LOL)
5. His bathroom....nuff said.....I could finish the thirteen on his bathroom alone....LOL.
6. How he reads his books....a chapter in this one and lay it down....pick that one up and read a this one and read a chapter....and not typically the first chapter....just whichever one opens up....FINISH one already. *grin*
7. The way he likes the house clean and tidy but drops his stuff whereever....not that I have much room to talk on that one....hehe.
8. He's always losing his keys...but refuses to attach them to his belt. I don't lose mine....I just lock them in the car....oh well.....we make a fine pair I guess.
9. How his socks end up wrong side out when they're peeled off his feet. And then it takes me an extra 15 minutes folding laundry from returning his socks to the correct side out before I can match them up and fold them....well maybe its not that long....=)
10. the way he complains about my driving but if he looks off and goes off the road a little bit, its no big deal.
11. while we're on the driving bout when he tells me to keep the Pilot under 65 mph to keep the mileage reasonable and save on gas but if he's driving the Pilot, 65 isn't the limit.....although I can't really complain...I kinda like getting to return the favor and telling him to ease off the gas a bit. Haha...
12. ummm...I'm running out of quirks....LOL....lucky me....poor him....the list of my quirks is unending....
13. uh....oh here's one....lack of communication....although he's better than some males, he's definitely a guy....sometimes a wife needs to know some things or else don't get mad when she can't read your mind and plan for what you didn't tell her. *grin*

Anyways, okay its getting sappy again, so if this bothers you, you should stop reading now. LOL

So KC, Happy Anniversary, baby! We've come a long way. How far we really have come will probably always be our secret, but you're the best, honey! I couldn't have asked for a better hubby and I'm a very lucky lady to have you. Thanks for always loving me, even when it got tough, and even when my list of quirky habits that drive you crazy was much longer than the ones that drive me crazy. You really are the best...everything...ever....and I love you MOST!

Okay sappy stuff over now....I really need to get some things to get done before KC gets home today.
I'll leave you with a couple of pictures for fun....they're forgive the poor quality.

Ain't they cute? LOL. Who'd a thunk they coulda ever been that sweet. Ha!

Till next time....


  1. Happy Anniversary Girl!!

  2. What great lists! Happy anniversary. You sound so in love!! Thank you for sharing! Oh, and we ove to travel too. Thankfully God blessed us with a daugter who is now seven, who is a great traveler!


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