Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Down Memory Lane

Got a wild hair last night to go diggin in my old picture boxes (ya know, the ones from before I had a digital camera....WAY back when....).

Recently had a chance to catch up with some old friends on myspace....some that I grew up with and lost contact sometime in the last 8 or so years....and I guess that kinda got me feeling a bit nostalgic....so I thought I'd go find some old pictures.

Man. I just wanted to cry when I started looking through at all the people who have changed....and not in good ways either. It didn't take me long to remember why I don't dig through those boxes anymore. *sigh*

Here's a picture for ya....
its kinda messy cuz i had to scan it in and it was in a scrapbook
I miss when all of us were close like this.....


and I feel like I'm stuck in some kind of time warp or something. Everybody (mostly) is or at least "seems" drastically changed. Then I have to ask myself....have I changed that much? (above: 1995-7?...below: 2000 -- my senior year)

the only difference between the first two pictures is I got a little older....oh, and my clothes/hair are a little more tasteful....LOL
and this last one was me getting ready to leave the house for work this morning. Took this picture just to record the only other (visible) things that have changed about me since the 90's and my senior picture.....my hair is a teensy bit shorter but still long....(if I hadn't curled my hair for the senior picture, you would REALLY be able to see the difference)....and I have glasses that I wear when I'm driving (but they're not really strong, they just take the little fuzzies away).....oh and I'm a little weightier than I used to be (although nobody believes me....trust me, the scale doesn't lie). The rest of the differences are invisible....and those are pretty minor...but on the inside, I still feel like the geeky kid I used to be. {continued on Private Insanity}

Other things to note from that last picture above....see the jacket thrown over the back of the couch behind me? ahem. That's not mine. (ROFL) (and in case anybody is wondering what I meant by that, KC and I can't decide who is the messiest person in our house....but he did make up the bed yesterday before I got home, so I guess I'll pardon the jacket. LOL)

Anyways. Speaking of funny stuff.....take another look at this picture that I posted recently....no, i mean take a CLOSE look. In particular, notice the size of the cats......and remember this was taken 2 days ago, so it's recent.
Did ya get a good look?????

Okay now look at this picture:
and this one.....
Oh my WORD....that just KILLS me. Those two pictures are from about 3 years ago not long after we got Jango....he was still a baby. (I found these last night in those old pictures and had to scan them in....)

And then there was this one.....look at him....AWWWWWWW. He's all ears and tail.....bless it!
this just cracks me up. Look at the size of those honkin daddy ears!!!!!
and he looks a lot like a weasel here....bwhahaha
Its just tooo funny! I want him to be a baby kitty again......*grin* And if I feel this way about my CAT's baby pictures...imagine how its gonna be when I'm looking at my KID's baby pictures way on down the road somewhere.. LOL

Anyways, the last of the walk down memory lane......altogether now: "AWWWWWWWW"


Lord love it....he was soo skinny.
That's it for now.


  1. first of all... I MUST have the name of that color of green on the wall in your house!!!! I MUST I MUST I MUST!!!!
    secondly, LOVE your sweater!
    Be glad that you don't age... it could be seriously worse! ;-)

  2. I'll participate on your awww.. Awww!! You are kind of like me...it doesn't look like you've changed at all since graduation (at least in no major way). LOL

    One of my cats weighs in at a whoppin' 22 pounds!

    BTW - thanks for stopping by earlier. ;)

  3. Awwww... cute kitties.

    Btw, love the green paint in the self-portrait you took this morning!


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