Friday, May 18, 2007

Blog Statement of Intent & A Little Disclaimer

My Reasons for blogging:
1. This blog is for my own personal pleasure and amusement. I love a good laugh, and living with myself, I never cease to be amused!
2. As someone has already's cheap therapy, and heaven knows I can use it!
3. Protecting the memories of the little moments of my life from being forgotten.
4. Keeping my friends updated on my life (in case any of them care).
5. A place to keep journalling for future scrapbook pages (since as I just mentioned, I have a poor memory and if I wait until I actually scrap the pages, I probably won't remember what happened.

So there it reasons this blog is in existence. And if YOU, whoever you are, that might happen to be reading this, catch a bit of my quirky sense of humor and get some enjoyment out of it, too, well, thats just twice the fun.

I just have to tell ya though, I hate deadlines and pressure, which makes blogging feel a little too much like work, (and this is strictly casual and not professional) so I don't guarantee a post every single day, but I do end up posting fairly regularly, so check back often for more random, slightly (okay....mostly) nutty, very fun, and generally pointless ramblings. But really....that's entirely up to you. No pressure. And thanks for stopping by!

But hang on. Don't stop reading yet. Here's a LITTLE disclaimer....

I sometimes use this blog to vent so that I (hopefully) don’t blow up on anyone in real life, so please pardon my occasional whining and complaining. Not only does it cool some of my anger and aggravation, it is also a lot easier to laugh about frustrating issues when you are blogging them.

Next, this is where I come to be me….the "real" me…mostly. Actually, this is the "somewhat censored, hopefully unoffensive" me. The "uncensored and possibly slightly offensive" me is only available in real life where I bare my soul to only a few rare individuals. So if you're reading this, please try not to be offended by the things I might say here, and I'll try to keep from writing offensive things. Also, please understand that I'm not a generally offensive person and I don't have anything that I'm hiding, it's just that some people offend easily and I try to avoid that at all costs, which is why I try to refrain from mentioning things that I feel might possibly offend.

Finally, if you’re looking for normal, you probably won’t find it here. But then again, it all depends on your definition of normal. After all….normal is really just a setting on my dryer!

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    (3/19) on Doyle Dykes. He is a wonderful Christian guitarist.


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