Monday, June 04, 2007

Who'da Thunk It?

I actually miss the bouncer. So does the munchkin. I got her from daycare today and she gets in the car and looks over at the booster seat that he was using and says "her version of his name here!?!?" And with a look of complete distress and throwing her hands out in a questioning manner, "GONE?????"

"Yep, sweetie, he had to go back home today. I'm sorry. Maybe he'll come back for a visit again soon."

"*sigh* Awwwright."

Now I can't say I'm unhappy about getting to rest again.....but I do wish there were some way that we could keep him.

The munchkin had a BM visit today. And she wanted to whine and grump around tonight in her bath and at bedtime. But I can understand that. She's all mixed up, the poor thing. *sigh* I think she's asleep now though, and IF she is, then it wasn't too terrible an ordeal tonight. I'm real happy about that! Course I feel like knocking on wood cuz she's getting so good at faking, I'm never quite sure if she's really out anymore. LOL. The little rat. But a cute little rat. Haha.

Oh I wanted to post this funny munchkin story while I'm thinking about it. LOL. We were over at our friends' house tonight and were talking after supper and KC started telling this story which, although it just happened this weekend, I forgot to blog about it. LOL. So I thought I'd write it down.

When she pouts, she pooches her lower lip out in the classic pout face and KC always tells her she better stick it back in or a bird will come along and poop on it. Which sometimes makes her stop pouting and sometimes not.....

Anywho, so we were at the park the other day with the bouncer and we were walking across the field to the ballpark to hit the ball around a little and the bouncer had run ahead and the munchkin was trying to keep up with him and we were following behind them and I'm watching them when I see some birds fly overhead. And I pulled my gaze down toward the munchkin running about 25 feet in front of me, and I see her wave her arms in a panicked shooing motion and hollering at them as they fly over her. I totally cracked up and pointed it out to KC. It was so obvious! She was afraid they were going to poop on her lip!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! It was absolutely TOO funny!!!!!

Anyways. Nuff stuff about that.

Ya'll folks who commented on my private blog....thanks for the encouraging words. *smiles* And Wally.....who asked if the foot in my mouth was the one with the ingrown toenail......

Pause for a moment while I laugh out loud......

Okay.....anyways, Wally.....I think I'll have to draw the line on answering that question. Ya know....I wouldn't want to give TOO much information out on here. ROFL!!! There are some things that should just remain a secret forever. Like whether or not I've got an ingrown toenail on the foot that was in my mouth. LOL.

And Becky who wondered where bouncer came from b/c she missed that post (and probably b/c it was kinda buried down at the bottom of that post), he was a respite care b/c they're looking for someone to take him permanently. Whew. I'd love to be that person, but I'm just not sure I can hack it.

Well. I'm going away now to get some more rest. I left work early this afternoon cuz I wasn't feeling well, and came home and laid down for about an hour and a half and felt better by the time I had to go get the munchkin and then we went over to visit some friends. I still feel better than I did this afternoon, but I definitely could use some more rest so that tomorrow will be a better day.

Later, ya'll.

And by the way.....a huge thank you to all my friends who care enough to keep up with my little old life. I'm majorly honored! Seriously!

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  1. I have missed so many bogs here! But I am all caught up now! I LOL when I read about "pooping on her lip!" That is a riot! And thanks for not talking about ice cream any more! :)


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