Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Post #300

Well. I don't have any more interesting questions than I did when I posted #298. And I really am only here b/c I am sitting here sick but munchkin is unknowingly providing entertainment and I think I should stop laughing before I puke. I just had to post it.

See, you kinda have to be here, but she's got this little flashlight that KC gave her to play with. And ya know how cats are with lights that move around on the walls, right? Okay, so she's sitting here playing with her baby and the flashlight (don't ask...I have no clue) and the light keeps flashing across random places in the room. I look over and both cats are sitting in the room with their heads just snapping back and forth with this somewhat panicked look on their faces. TOOO funny! And then she walks across the room and the light stays in one place for a moment, so both cats take off across the room and scare her....and she still had no clue that she was the one provoking their actions. Cracked me UP! I guess I'll go get those questions to answer since this is post #300 and all.

Do you believe that love is forever?
Um. Yes and no. I think love can die if it isn't taken care of, but I also believe that it's totally possible to keep love alive forever.

Do you get hurt by people easily?
Sometimes....depends on what time of the month it is. LOL! =)

Do mean people make you sad?
Um....yeah, I make me sad. *GRIN* Kidding.

Does ice cream make you happy?
I guess so. I don't really have a big sweet tooth. I could go for months without diggin in the freezer for the cookie dough ice cream?

Do you sing in the shower?
Not normally. I do sleep in the shower sometimes though....haha.

When it rains do you like to splash in the puddles?
Uh.....not anymore......I used to.....

When you see a cute guy/girl walk down the street, do you smile and tell him/her that he/she is cute? I run the other way. *grin* No, seriously! And I never did all that before I got married either.

Do you notice when people have beautiful eyes?
Absolutely. Actually it's one of my favorite things about KC.

Have you ever cried watching a movie?
Who hasn't?

Is it cute when old people are holding hands?
Most of the time. Actually, there is this old couple that meets on the front porch of this church I pass on the way to work every's so cute. They park their cars in front and sit in the chairs on the porch and watch traffic go by every morning. Every time I go by and see their cars, I smile. It's great.

Are you a happy person?
Generally. Except for the last 5 weeks when I have felt totally rotten and can't seem to get over whatever this is that i've got....and complained enough to drive KC crazy. *sigh*

Is it fine to cut the barbie's hair?
Well, all my barbie's sported some kind of trim at some point during my ownership of them as a child....although being the anal person that I am, I don't know that I'd be fine with letting a kid cut my barbie's hair...hahah!

Ever laughed so hard your stomach hurt?
Yep. Course.

Are you slightly lazy?
Maybe slightly.

Do you like to drive with the windows down?
Not of the few things that long hair makes difficult!

Do the dishes or clean the bedroom?
Um. Both. I'm getting to where I can't stand a cluttered sink (yes, flylady rubbed off a little) and the bedroom clutter is getting on my nerves. Ya know, cuz all the closet stuff is laying all over the floor. Yuck.

Do your homework or kiss the teacher?
Homework....unless KC is the teacher.....*GRIN*

Have a fever or have the chills?
I thought those two things kinda went together.....

Take a needle or have a tooth pulled?
Needle. I hate dental work.

Lose a finger or lose a toe?
Neither thanks.

Be caught stealing or be caught cheating?

Be in an accident or cause an accident?
Depends on the severity of the accident.....*grin*

Run down the street naked or run down the street in lingere?
Uhhhh....yeah. Right. NEITHER! Fully clothed ONLY thanks.

A month without internet or a month without TV?
Well, considering I've gone my whole entire 24 years without TV, I think I'd rather skip the TV. haha!

Okay. That's it. I'm gonna get off here.

Happy 300th post.


  1. You've been sick for quite some time now. You might want to get it checked out. That "bug" may not be a bug but a b....... I won't say it. I love reading your blog. And..hang in there with Punkin. She needs you and KC.

  2. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Hey Faith! I found your blog through myspace and read it occasionally. It may show up as Charter sometimes. Don't know if I'm your convict or not - LOL. Sounds like you have your hands full these days - hope all goes well with the munchkin. She's a cutie!
    Amy W.

  3. I'm agreeing with Becky here... go to the dr....

    btw.. congrats on your 300th!!


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