Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Remembering Wally

I got really sad news this past week. One of my favorite co-worker/friends moved on from this world to the next. Time and distance somewhat hindered that friendship the last few years, but we stayed in occasional contact through Facebook. I tried to get with him in person last year when I was in town, but our schedules never worked out, and I was going to try again this summer when I came up. I had no idea his health had gotten so bad that I wouldn’t have another chance, and that breaks my heart, even though I know he’s much better off. Another mutual friend posted, “now he has all the answers.” I’m truly happy for Wally (his nickname on this blog), that he’s got the ultimate healing, but so sad that he’s not just a phone call away anymore.

So, since he was one of my biggest encouragers to start this blog (and to keep it going), I thought I would post one more in his memory.

I keep starting and deleting paragraphs. This is really hard. I’m not great with words, and I’m horrible with feelings. Everything I start to write, I hear Wally saying, stop that and just remember the laughter. And boy howdy, did we ever laugh. He made tough workdays bearable just by making me laugh. It wasn’t part of my original job to help him in Studio B, but when he lost one of his assistants to budget cuts, I gladly picked up the slack. Those ended up being some of my favorite memories of working with Wally. He would talk about what I said on my blog, we would chat about microphones (he had some cool ones!), he would tell me stories from his California days, he talked about his family and asked about mine, and just random conversations while we worked on getting the studio set up for his sessions. He showed me how to set up the microphones, where to put the wires…every setup was a little different, but he eventually got me trained…through a lot of laughter when I got it wrong. The gaffe tape especially…I would try to get the gaffe tape over the wires just right…he was very particular about that, but he NEVER got mad, just laughingly ragged me and made me redo it…again and again…lol…I was so happy when I finally learned the way he wanted it and would get it right on the first try.

He would tell you exactly how it was, and he pulled no punches, but when you were his friend, you knew he had your back. He loved God, he loved his family, and he loved his friends. It was my honor and utter privilege to have been one of the latter.

In conclusion, I’ve never been more grateful that he pushed me to keep blogging, because I was able today to go back through and pull out a few specific mentions of him that brought back memories I had forgotten. So I will close with these blog post bits.
Thats about all the interesting news I have for the day. I only got hit on by Wally today....and he only did that b/c he was making fun of me for that last blog entry....and b/c it bugs me. LOL....and he was actually literally punching me in the shoulder. Like I said, he was laughing at me and poking fun. Isn't that sweet? LOL...I guess I can take it from him....but he's only one of the select few allowed to poke fun. *grin* Shhhh...don't tell him. LOL. (August 16, 2006)
I had a duh moment today. (act surprised, will ya?) I got to work and Wally mentioned to me that the Flickr account that I've been using for my blog pics is linked to my main yahoo mail, not my blog yahoo mail....the main yahoo mail has my name on it. Ooops. I've created a flickr under my blog yahoo now, so all I have to do is go back and figure out which ones are where in my blog and re-upload them all under the new name. URGH. What a pain. I can't believe I missed that. (February 15, 2007)
…And Wally.....who asked if the foot in my mouth was the one with the ingrown toenail......
Pause for a moment while I laugh out loud......
Okay.....anyways, Wally.....I think I'll have to draw the line on answering that question. Ya know....I wouldn't want to give TOO much information out on here. ROFL!!! There are some things that should just remain a secret forever. Like whether or not I've got an ingrown toenail on the foot that was in my mouth. LOL.
(June 4, 2007)
What do you hope to achieve or accomplish with your blog? Have you been successful? If not, do you have a plan to achieve those goals?
Um, it started out as just a place to have an outlet for my thoughts and random details of my life, and it's still that, but now, one of my biggest kicks is making Wally laugh at whatever I'm blogging about at the time (hahah). And since both of those things seem to happen fairly often, then, yes, I guess that means I have been successful. =)
(June 11, 2007 
…If it ain't one thing, it's half a zillion others. *sigh*
Wally asked me the other day if I had a "hot key" for that *sigh* thing. No, I sure don't, but I use it so often, it would save me at least 50 keystrokes per blog entry if I did. End of sentence. Press F7. Write another paragraph, insert F7.
(December 7, 2007)
After leaving the bluegrass music this evening, sitting in the car while Daddy's pumping gas:
(a little history is that "Uncle Wally," which is what munchkin calls a guy I used to work with that I was talking to at the festival, was kidding around with the munchkin after I told him we were heading off to take our hot and grumpy kids to the air conditioned grocery store to pick up some much needed groceries and tells her, "Okay, I need toilet paper and laundry powder.....oh and FROSTED Flakes, too. Did you get all that?" Of course, she giggled, so I thought she caught on to the fact that he was kidding.....LOL.....okay so back to the car scene:)
Munchkin: "Mom, don't forget, when we get to the store, Unca Waw-we needs to'wet paper and.....um....what else?"
Mommy: "Frosted Flakes."
Munchkin: "YEAH. Fwosted Fwakes and.....um....what else?"
Mommy (laughing): "Honey, Uncle Wally was just playing with you. He doesn't really want you to get all those things for him."
Munchkin: "Nuh UH, he needs to-wet paper!!"
Mommy: "I'm sure if he needs it, he'll get it the next time he goes to the grocery store."
Munchkin (insistently): "No, he needs it NOW!"

(July 3, 2008)
Randomosity….Or as my friend, Wally says: “because you just NEVER know!”  (LOL) (December 19, 2010)
In recent years, I haven’t blogged as much, hence the lack of recent mentions, but here’s his photo of us (altered his name to what he went by on my blog) and his last birthday wish to me on Facebook that I somehow missed last year =(, (although we’ve talked since then, I only just saw this when I went looking for this picture):
Faith.Wife.Mom.Photographer.Artist.House Painter.Dog Wrangler.Child of God.One Funny Lady.My buddy.Today is Mizz Faith's Birthday. She is sumpin' else. I bet she is at the beach with those two beast she calls dogs. God Bless you and all in your life.

Farewell, my friend, until we meet again.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

It's About Time

Well, it only took three years, but I finally updated the aesthetics of the dear neglected blog. For future reference, here are the before and after images, since they’re not that much different.

This time I got smart. I planned ahead for my problem of staying current. Now it’s the year dash question mark. That means the next time I get around to updating it, it might only be KC and me on there…but who knows…except the question mark makes it all okay! LOL!

Well, now that this is done, it’s time to get back to blogging again. I have so many thoughts running through my head, but most of them won’t make any sense without a little backstory since I’ve been so absent from the blog over the last few years.

I’m not sure how far to go back, since I don’t remember where we were when I lost track of blogging, but I guess I’ll just go with 2018.

We sold our NC house at the end of 2017 (it was like our favorite house ever…*sigh*), and moved to FL for KC’s job in January of 2018. We lived in a rental for 3 months (holy cow is it ever hard to transfer addresses twice in less than a year…I’m still trying to get all of the mail switched over). Anyway, we hated renting just like I knew we would, because we HAVE to be able to paint! LOL. All beige walls with patches showing from previous renters was totally KILLING us. Yeah, it’s a first world problem. I shouldn’t complain. But I was still really happy when we were able to move into our own place and start painting. Haha. I’m a professional at this point.

So that was March. Then we had a ton of visitors from back home (which was AWESOME, because living in a new town without all your old friends is pretty sad). Going to the beach and pool while all your old friends are still wearing hats and scarves is fun and all, but it sure doesn’t make up for all the missing them! =)

Summer was busy, the TDQ turned 14, the K-man turned 13, and just like that, we don’t have any kids in the house anymore. Just loads and loads of hormones. And also, they don’t want me talking about any of it anymore, because it’s so embarrassing, which is another reason it has gotten harder to blog. Teenage kids just don’t do the cute things little kids do, and even if they pull off something cute, they (or their friends at school) can pull it up on the internet and read it and be mad at you for ruining their life! So yeah, at least 60% of the things I like to talk, vent, brag about are gone…just like that.

Total rabbit trail, I did ponder for a few moments last week if I should delete all photos from my blog history, after finding out that the TDQ has someone with stalkerish behaviors that somehow found my blog and sent pictures from here to other kids at her school. Obviously, I’ve never posted anything bad, but I *THINK* I’ve addressed the problem and it shouldn’t happen again. Either way though, I decided to leave the pics alone and just hope that legal action doesn’t ever become necessary. Seriously, the things you never think would become necessary to think about!

Where was I? Oh yes, school! So the TDQ started at a private charter school which has been AWESOME for her! The K-man started back at Classical Conversations again, but about 3 weeks into it, I realized we had reached the end of the point where homeschool was beneficial for him, too. Sadly, we were too late to get him into the same private charter school as TDQ (well, the middle school version of it anyway), but we joined the waiting list and continued homeschooling.

October and November were total blurs on the calendar…I have it all written in my bullet journal (of which I am still totally HOOKED) but that would be the only way I could remember what all happened those months. We were just busy! Thanksgiving, KC and I took an early anniversary cruise while a friend from back in NC flew in to stay with the kids for Thanksgiving. That was awesome on so many levels. Our kids will want a friends-giving every year now. Haha.

December was another insane month! Our family was all over the place at all different times that month…that’s another unexpected side effect of having teenagers. They can sometimes travel without you now, so you have to manage four individual schedules instead of them always being part of yours. Anyway, we had Christmas Eve in Ohio with KC’s family, and Christmas Day in NC with my family. I wish we had had more time in both places so we could have seen ALL the peoples we miss, but time was too short to catch everyone. Hopefully we can catch more in the next trip north, but that will be awhile yet.

Anywho, so now, January! We finally got a call from the private charter middle school, and K-man is finishing out the year there! Hallelujah! I’ve already seen a huge difference! He just needed more of a challenge and something to occupy more of his time. And although he was incredibly nervous the first week, he is doing AWESOME. Hopefully he won’t kill me for saying this much. LOL. He is way more easily embarrassed than the TDQ. I try to be understanding although I’m not sure he appreciates my herculean efforts! LOL!

There it is. Update complete. I’ve now burned an entire morning and the laundry still isn’t finished.
Till next time! =)

Sunday, August 05, 2018

The End of an Era




a long and distinct period of history with a particular feature or characteristic.

"his death marked the end of an era"
synonyms: epoch, age, period, phase, time, span, eon;


Ends are never very fun, goodbyes are some of the hardest things to handle…even ones who’s effects are lessened by geographical distance.

This place is nowhere near me now, but today marks the last service in this little NC church. This church in which I have spent countless hours in worship, in service, in VBS, in weddings (one of which was my own), in choir practices, in choir recordings, in workdays (like the one where we got into paint mischief), and like that post on paint mischief, this church also became the topic of more than one blog post (although, occasionally the references were vague to avoid causing trouble—I know…me? trouble? Never! LOL).

No, I don’t attend there anymore, haven’t in years, for a variety of reasons…one of which is the reason today was the last service there. They moved to a new location closer to the communities where most of their regular attendees live, and that makes total sense. When you build relationships with people, it’s usually people in your community. And when you get to the point of inviting them to church, not only are you asking them to give up precious weekend time (let’s get real, we all love the weekend), but you’re also asking for an extra hour (or more) of their time just to drive. That makes it tough.

So I get it.

And I also get that not everything in that building’s history was sunshine and flowers. Lord knows, I get that. I weathered a few of the storms myself. But I also know that when I remember that place now, I remember the good times…the glory of God…the love…the imperfect people like me.

And I hope that these imperfect people like me will carry it on in their local community so that it will be the beginning of a new and even better era. 

Imperfect: by that I mean, capable of making mistakes and human error, not intentionally choosing wrongdoing….that term without clarification makes me cringe…but that’s a topic for another day. LOL

Monday, July 23, 2018

Dead Blog

Wow, I’ve become that person that always drove me nuts because their blog was pretty much abandoned for other social media. *sigh*

I’m not really sure what to do about that, since I’ve thought about blogging more frequently but haven’t quite gotten around to it, nor do I really have the energy to do the updating and etc. that is needed. *bigger sigh*

On the positive side, now that no one ever expects an update, and traffic is non-existent, I can come here and vent and yak to my heart’s content and no one will be offended or care in the least. LOL. Hm…now there’s a thought!

Maybe it WOULD be worthwhile to dust off the ol’ blogspot….

Saturday, January 27, 2018

A List of Things I Never Knew

Florida makes me a morning person.... it's way less crowded first thing in the morning.
Aldi is crowded no matter what time of day.
You have to be over 18 to buy spray paint.
The right church is hard to find.
I now know what they mean by "snowbird season."
It's time to start blogging again. :)

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hello? Hello?

Testing….does this thing still work?

LOL. I have been writing everyday, but it’s been in my bullet journal and it’s been boring to-do lists and random notes--nothing anyone would want to read except me, plus it takes up all my writing moments, hence lack of posts.

All is still good here…or at least, we’re all still alive anyway. The world is still spinning, things are changing all around, but God’s still good. I just haven’t had the capacity to get on here and think of great (or at least interesting) things to say. Plus, I haven’t got the energy to politically correct all my thoughts in order to create trouble-free posts.

I have zero energy today and a long to-do list, so I should probably go try to do something about that…but I just wanted to say hello.

So hello. Maybe I’ll return again someday. =)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

In Regards To Last Post

The answer is: Not well. That’s how it goes. Both in blogging regularity AND in the poor neglected header situation. I guess I’ll just keep this header for awhile longer. LOL. Besides all that, the family was cuter then than now, so we’ll just stick with that. Pretend it says 2017.

It is winter. I think. We spent two weeks in Florida in February, and I wore flipflops and shorts and loved every minute. Then we came home to early spring, and I wore long sleeves but no coat….

Suddenly, it’s the artic and even a coat isn’t warm enough. WHERE IS SUMMER?

Or at least spring!? Also, while I’m ranting, homeschooling my angry child is really difficult. I am SO ready to quit. But I can’t.

Fun times!

I need to be like this lettuce in my garden. Photo taken at this very moment of blogging.

It came up on its own. It’s somehow survived 2 snows, several frosty mornings, and quite a few days where the high temperatures have barely been above freezing. It’s defying the odds, while still tasting lovely and looking beautifully fresh.

*deep breath*

Be happy and sweet despite getting constant cold shoulders er…weather.

Be like lettuce. (or at least like THIS lettuce!)

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Total Intimidation

So it’s time for a new blog header…the only problem is that with homeschooling busyness, I’ve not been in Adobe in a few weeks and I’m sure that once I open it, it will all come flooding back to my poor brain, but the thought of creating something in photoshop or illustrator right now is just completely intimidating.

What to do, what to do?

Baby steps. I’m going to go open the program. Not create, just open.

I’ll let you know how it goes. =)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Healthy Addictions

I know, IS there such a thing as healthy addictions? Those two words seem WIN_20170116_21_36_54_Prolike total opposites. I think there is, though. Like right now, I am COMPLETELY addicted to bullet journaling. I love the creative outlet and getting things written down/out of my brain. I especially love that it’s made me do some things (or not do) just because I know that I’m tracking it and I want to be able to check off that little box at the end of the day.

For instance, no soda. I’ve had (caffeine free) soda three times this month, so that’s 13 solid days of soda free me. I haven’t had a Dr. Pepper in forever, as long as I don’t take any sips, I think that habit is effectively kicked, but I have still been drinking occasional sodas, and I really would like to kick that, too!

WIN_20170116_21_34_08_ProAnd now, I check off in my journal how many glasses of water a day…so I want to drink more so I can check off more boxes!

Vitamins…I’ve actually taken them this month! LOL. Bible reading…way more consistent! Flossing…okay, that one is still an epic fail. Maybe next month.

My point is, this addiction is helping solve some of my grown up behavior problems…so that’s healthy, right? =)

It’s not helping so much on the blog habit though…but I’ll keep trying.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Happy January!

Oh my word, I was going to do so much better at the end of last year…I failed. Miserably.

We had a great Christmas break, spent our 15th anniversary in the hospital with KC’s mom (surgery, but she’s recovering well). We did get a moment to eat at Red Lobster (the one restaurant without a wait) sans kids before going to stay with his mom at the hospital. Gotta get those date moments in while you can, right? =)

I’m just thankful…we are so blessed. Things could always be worse. Like, the gunman who killed 5 in the baggage claim of the Ft. Lauderdale airport…if he had done that two months earlier, when my family of four was in that same baggage claim getting our stuff and preparing to take a cruise, things could have been a whole lot different in my story.

We also just watched the movie, Sully, and it made me realize how many times KC has flown from NYC to CLT in winter weather, safely. So many things we’ve been protected from, we’ll probably never know all of them. So I’ll just be grateful. For everything.

Even the snow that we got today. LOL It was so cold and my hands were in terrible pain at one point, but I’m thankful for a warm house.


And cardboard games. This one is sequence…a card/board game. Sounds funnier to call it a cardboard game though. Haha.



And last, but DEFINITELY not least, my super fun bullet journal…it’s like a journal, sketchbook, AND planner…all in one place. I am REALLY liking it. I’ve got to figure out a way to pare down on the pen collection though…I love colorful pens, but they’re taking up way too much real estate around here.

I’m nowhere near pro at this thing, but pinterest got me interested, and now that I’ve finally tried it, I’m totally hooked. You know all those times you make to-do lists and write things on them that are already done, just so you can check them off? Then you throw the list away? Well, now I have a place to put all those lists and instead of throwing them away, I can have them forever as a record of having done them. LOL. I know…I’m a little crazy. It’s okay.

Know why I’m blogging right now? Because I put it on my list in my bullet journal that I need to do it more often. So now I’m going to go check it off of today! *insert maniacal giggles*


Thursday, November 03, 2016

Something Smells Fishy

Maybe it’s the lobster clip-art we had to try to recreate with illustrator in class tonight. =)


That’s a lot of layers and shapes to redraw that booger…makes me TOTALLY appreciate artists a whole lot more! OMYWORD!

Or maybe that icky stink is when you find out that people you thought were your friends (or if not friends, at least not enemies) have suddenly ceased to exist to you on facebook. I mean, it’s one thing to just not be facebook friends…but it takes dislike to a whole new level when you actually go into your privacy settings and find the block list, and search a person’s name to add them to it. Like, you were uber-friendly to me in real life, I don’t understand why the facebook hate! Seriously?!

Something’s fishy.

Believe me, if I’ve put you on my block list (which is a VERY short list, by the way…I typically like pretty much everybody), then I’m probably going to be the very minimum of polite in real life…I definitely won’t be all uber-friendly.

My current block list (I know, I know….it’s killing you to not know, right?) consists of one person from college that absolutely drove me up the wall (and they probably know exactly who they are simply by my level of bare courtesy…hopefully they don’t read this blog), a couple of family members of someone who hated me enough to block me (because if you have those kinds of strong feelings against me, I would hate for you to “accidentally” see my stuff on your family member’s profile), and a couple of spam strangers. That’s it…because I generally get along okay with most people.

Or at least I thought I did. Maybe not.

Also did you know that if you block someone, not only can they never see your existence on facebook, but you can also never see THEIR existence on facebook. So for example, if you block a particular Jane Doe and then forget that you did it and want to go see what they’re up to, you can search them on facebook all day long and never find them unless you go unblock them in your privacy settings. Facebook wants to make sure you’re not secretly stalking people I guess. LOL. Or at least not on THAT profile. Also, if they’ve blocked you, you can’t block them back (because they no longer exist to you on facebook). So if there’s someone you can’t stand, hurry up and block them first (unless it’s me, in which case, you should tell me what I’ve done before you go to that extreme! LOL).

Hahahaha! Oh well…better to laugh than cry, right?!

It definitely smells better that way.

Unless, of course, a toot slips out while you’re laughing…then things might get fishy smelling again!

BWAHAHAHAHAHA. You probably couldn’t tell that I’m tired, could you!!?? ROFL


Monday, October 31, 2016

Angry Birds

So I’m looking for something to practice the Illustrator Pen Tool on….and this bird just fit my mood. This is my rendition of a pixelated little graphic I found on the internets.


Not that I’m angry, exactly…just in a bit of a mood.

The original had a bit more depth of shadow in it, but I mostly wanted to practice the pen and outlines.

As far as mood…sometimes it feels like I take two steps forward and get shoved twelve steps back…sometimes that gets aggravating. S’all right though. Still blessed. *takes a deep breath* Sometimes trying to stay positive gets aggravating, too!

Tomorrow K-man gets to have his first Orthodontist visit. I thought we were going to get by without anybody needing braces…but nope. He’s nervous and not thrilled, but the dentist said his bite is really off, so we gotta do it.

Homeschooling is keeping me hopping like a frog. Maybe that will be my next practice with the pen tool…a froggy clip art. ahahaha. The kids are doing pretty well with it, but it is a LOT of work and takes LOTS of patience. I’m not complaining though, the flexibility and convenience is amazing! =)

Anyways, I’m taking my grouchy little birdy self off the computer now…need to get ready for bed.