Monday, June 08, 2015

In Which She Apologizes

Oh my word…have I ever been absent….

Absent minded as usual, but also absent from posting here for awhile. I got online to blog like 5 different times and then got totally distracted and got busy doing other things on the computer.

Things like…dreaming of vacations and googling crazy things I found on pinterest that will likely never happen in reality….



Like for instance, getting a $900-$2100 rooftop tent to put on our truck to go camping in….never gonna happen.


I never even knew such a thing existed!!! Crazy, right?

Wanna see something even funnier? It’s a double never gonna happen….a mini cooper with a rooftop tent….but how funny!


In my adventurous other life, I’d totally do something like this and road-trip all summer long.

That would be so fun! But ah well…dreaming is fun, too. It just makes it difficult to get blogs posted. Hahah.

Other things keeping me busy:

English: Terribly disgusting business, that grammar stuff. On the bright side though, the teacher is allowing us to work at our own pace, which means I’ve already finished all but the last unit plus the final exam…and the class isn’t supposed to end until July 20-something. I wanted to get the entire thing including the last unit (which is a horrible research paper) finished before the kids get out of school this week, but I’m going to have to settle because I’m not going to have the time to finish that unit this week. It requires some pretty heavy thought and research (How does globalization affect photography?), and I can’t do any more this week. Some people are brilliant at this stuff, but even these comparatively lightweight assignments just kill me!

Summer planning: OH my word…the kids are swimming again this year, plus taikwando, plus band camp for my rising middle schooler (GASP…MIDDLE SCHOOLER!), plus basketball camp for my rising 4th grader, plus hopefully a vacation somewhere in there, plus mission team work week, plus photographing an event, plus….well, there’s the idea anyway.

Home maintenance and gardening: Well, that pretty much says it all, but to be more specific, we finally finished the destruction, cleaning, painting, and re-screening of the screen porch. Besides that, the basement clean-out, while slower than before, has still continued. We tore down the old mailbox (a job and a half) and replaced that, and added a nice little flower bed around it. It’s adorable. Then there’s the garden…it’s growing splendiforously, but has yet to produce anything major. Just a bit of lettuce so far, and a small crop of basil. The stinkin’ cuke plant has climbed its stick teepee and is almost taller than the house now, but still only has flower blooms…no cukes. Is there such a thing as too much fertilizer?

Back to the basil, the most wonderful herb ever invented. I have a little food processor now. I found it at TJ Maxx on clearance for $10. Best $10 I’ve ever spent. I’ve made homemade pesto 3 or 4 times now I think. It’s fantastico! I adore homemade pesto. Did I say ADORE? YES. SOOOOO good. Not even kidding. I got the general recipe from pinterest (of course) but I always add or leave out stuff, so it’s never exactly the same…but always brilliantly yummy!

Also in the subject of brilliant inventions: CONTACTS! YES! I finally have eye insurance, so I went back to get the contact fitting. Three samples and lots of trying again and again to put in and remove said contacts without stabbing my eyes out…I am a happy contact wearer! I love seeing without having to wear glasses!

So yeah. I’ve been a busy little beaver. Because you see, everything above is just the tiny tip of a huge Titanic sized iceberg.

That’s just a few little things. I haven’t even gone into half the stuff that goes on in my poor little absent minded brain.

I would apologize for that, but I think that deserves a “you’re welcome” instead! LOL

So I’m sorry for being gone so long, but you’re welcome for not un-loading all my crazy. ;-)

Have a lovely day…night…daynightdaynight….or however long it is until I make another appearance. =)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Holy Sha-Moly

Okay, so I haven’t blogged in forever. I have been slammed with a thousand things…mostly just trying to wrap up this semester and keep everything else from falling apart at the same time. You know how it is, trying to get semester projects wrapped up while staying on top of regular, weekly assignments.

Bragging for a sec though, I am so on top of it that I’m all but cruising through the next two weeks. No panicking, no stressing, all but the finishing touches on my last semester project to go…and I have a week to do it. I am SOOOO happy. I’m skipping Friday (a workday in Digital Imaging and I’m finished with that final project already—see the huge matted print over there to the right with my hand holding it for scale?), and I might even skip next Monday (the last workday in Documentary Photography) if I get the finishing touches on my Doc project finished tomorrow. I’m an overachiever and a perfectionist…I probably should be ashamed of myself.

But I’m not.

Because I’m usually a procrastinator and this time I worked really hard EARLY.

So I’m going to kick the guilt to the curb.

And then take a nice two week break between Spring & Summer semesters before I get slammed with horrid English. Because I’ve procrastinated as long as possible on taking that class and now it’s time to get it behind me.

Ah well.

Life is good.

God is good-er.

And my grammar better be better than that this summer or I will totally fail horrid English.

Have a lovely night. =))

Tuesday, April 07, 2015


Here’s to all the projects that seem like they should be easy. But then they’re not.

My world is FILLED with these projects. But back to that in a minute…

So Easter was nice. The one family picture I managed to get had major glasses glare which bugs the snot out of me, but at least the moment is captured.


Then back to projects that should be simple but then are overwhelmingly not….my last project in Documentary Photography was to get six images that document yourself. I thought…yeah, simple. But then…how do I narrow it down to six?

fdavis_1 fdavis_2 fdavis_3   fdavis_6blurred fdavis_5 fdavis_4

Amazingly NOT simple.

Also not simple, my stinkin semester project in digital. I’ve reshot the thing twice now and still don’t have usable pics. I don’t know why it doesn’t seem to be working. So now I’m flat out refusing to reshoot it again, I’m going to do the same idea but with different stuff that I can shoot in a different location. We’ll see if that fixes it. It should be so simple. Ten images composited into one final image.

I’m not complaining…just noticing how there are so many things that SHOULD be easy.

Oil-based primer is another prime example. (LOL…I crack myself up)

“Just use this Mineral Oil to clean your brushes,” the Lowes lady says.

Thirty minutes and every surface covered in slimy gook later….NOTHING is clean.

Plus, I have windows open and all kinds of fans running and I’m about to pass out on fumes. All I can say is, THIS BETTER BE WORTH IT! If I have paint the PTDQ’s bathroom one more time, I’m going to be tempted to just gut the thing and put a whole new bathroom in there. :) Since that’s not in the budget right now, this crazy sticks to everything primer better do its job and keep the paint on the wall.


On that note, I need to get back to work…if I can uncross my eyes long enough to photoshop my project.

Later, mater!

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

My Achy (but not breaky) Hands

These two hands.....are so tired they can barely move.

They've vacuumed a car, sprayed and wiped the car interior, washed and dried car exterior,  scrubbed/dried/trimmed nails on two giant dogs, painted a concrete wall with dryloc (thick as molasses and equally difficult to spread), washed 4 loads of laundry, chemically treated a concrete floor to prep for paint, mopped those chemicals back up (×3), used a caulk gun to repair 8 miles of concrete crack (FELT LIKE 8 miles anyway--do you know how much hand strength a caulk gun requires?!?!), and cooked supper (so these hands could stuff my face)

.....and that's just the major bits.

My hands--and the rest of me--is ready to collapse right about now. :)

but first...i have to go change the laundry again. 


Where's the Advil?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hallelujah!!! (with a small side of Bummer)

So for starters…last night I had the normal kind of crazy dreams. You know, your everyday, basic, “the Russian’s are coming,” I’m eating apples in a tree house with some random kid from your childhood while someone you used to work with is mowing the grass, and I’m going to be late for something but I haven’t figured out what….kind of crazy dream.

No, I didn’t have that dream last night….it’s actually a compilation of several crazy dreams I (or someone I’ve known---hello KC’s Mom) has had, but it’s an example of the kind of dream I had last night.

COMPLETELY a welcome change from the, Oh My WORD, my heart is breaking, I can’t escape from this horrifying nightmare because it just keeps coming back in new ways, and I wake up exhausted even though I know it was just a dream, kind of dreams I’ve been having.

Yep. So hallelujah! Hopefully it is a trend that will continue. =)

Also another little hallelujah, I HAVE WINDOWS LIVE WRITER AGAIN! Blogging on my phone (while functional), just didn’t have the same ease of use!

And now for the small side of bummer…I noticed a class meeting today (in which a college BigWig, a cop, students, and our department instructors attended), and afterwards, heard from one of our friends in that class….Mr. Shows Up Late with Half-baked Work Who Threatened Students & Instructor…..

a. is going to be allowed to come back
b. will be searched before entering campus before every class
c. is required to be on time for all future classes (oh, duh, and here I thought that was the requirement all along!~)
d. is not allowed to threaten or verbally abuse any other students (again…a given, right?)


Yeah, and I looked him up on the Public Records…it’s not hearsay that he is out on prob/parole. Sheesh! If I missed half as many days and came in late half as many times, I’d have already been kicked out of the program….without even threatening anyone! It’s unbelievable that he’s going to get to stay in the program (even on a probabationary status!) Mercy is great…free passes that infringe on everyone else’s rights are not.

Okay, it’s a LARGE side of Bummer.

Anyway, a short list of other recent work:

  • designing for a bloggy friend some of you may know
  • my semester project piece (which had to be inspired by the historical photographer we researched and wrote our paper about…I used this image by Hansel Mieth as my inspiration)DogOnMyBed (1 of 1)
  • and my inadvertent photo pun….from my advertisement project. Get it? Film ad…photo lab? LOL. Totally unintentional, but I went with it. =) I love my beautiful puppies. =)davis_magazine 

There’s obviously way more I could talk about (it happens when one avoids blogging), but I’ll quit there and go find me some lunch.

Have a very, VERY lovely day. =)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Mental UN-healthy Month

This month has been the craziest ever. I've avoided the blog like the plague, because I'm worried about what might happen if I get on here and spill what's in my nutty head these days.

I've had the worst dreams...over and's been years since I've had horrible recurring dreams haunting me for weeks on end. It's making me crazy. And I can't seem to shake them. So weird.

The last time I had this problem, I was like 12 and had this one dream about my whole family being hospitalized that would come back night after night. This male nurse had given the rest of my family lethal injections, and was coming for me and I couldn't get away. It came in different variations, but same person and same general theme. I'm talking cray-cray dreams. So vivid and freaky that I remember the feeling this many years later. What made it freakier is that one day after I'd been having those dreams, I was in Walmart with my mom (cause I was a kid and that's what kids do), and I saw the male nurse from my dream. He was working in the pharmacy. White coat and everything. Scarred for life, I'm telling ya!

These new awful dreams are too fresh and horrible to talk about though, so I'll try to contain it and keep to mundane topics...

I'd sure like some peaceful sweet dreams  again though...these are driving me batty.

Anyway, mundane topics. :)

KC changed jobs, starts his new one on Monday.

We're getting back into house maintenance and upgrade mode again now that we know we're gonna be staying in this one for awhile longer. We weren't too certain there for a short time. Lol. 

Homework is going OK. I used spring break to get a little bit caught up and even a tad bit ahead, so now I've got a tiny window of breathing space before I feel it creeping up and threatening to strangle the life out of me again.

Nah, I'm not dramatic at all.

Although speaking of drama, remember that one dude that annoyed the snot out of me a couple of posts ago because he was too lazy to find a cologne bottle and wanted to use mine? I'm thinking his college days may be ending. There was extra security in the building today, and dude wasn't in class. Apparently, dude threatened a couple students after he blessed them out for disagreeing with him, then also threatened to shoot a teacher. I wasn't there, so it's hearsay, but I heard it from witnesses, so it's pretty solid hearsay. So yeah. Drama!

In other news, kids are still doing Taikwando. They tested for their yellow belts on Thursday and I think they did really well. I think I know almost enough to get my own yellow belt after drilling them and helping them practice for the test. Lol.

Any-ka-whoo. April is gonna be better. I can feel it. :) And today I woke up in a cheerful mood at 5 am (which never ever happens), in SPITE of having more variations of this latest terrible, awful, horrible, no good, very bad dream.

Of course, I later realized that March 20th is International Day Of Happiness, so I'm thinking my subconscious was somehow aware of this and decided to give me a little boost.

The boost has just about worn off now and the lack of sleep is kicking in. I think I'll go around the house and set all the clocks an hour ahead while the kids and KC are working/playing outside so that when they come in, we can all go straight to bed. As long as I change them all back before breakfast in the morning, no one will ever notice. And if they do notice, I'll just tell them it was an early April fools. ;)

Ahhh....sleep.....won't you be my friend again so I won't have to plot evil tricks in order to get some of you?

And there you have it. The state of my union address. Now you know (and probably wish you didn't--haha). Oh and yes, mother, I'm still taking my vitamins. :) is there a vitamin for sweet dreams?

Till next time....

Friday, March 06, 2015

Got The Blues

That would be the homework blues. It's not just mine either. What is up with third graders having to make a shoebox diorama of a land form with a checklist of requirements as long as some of my college homework checklists?

Don't they know that sending this homework home means that it's mostly gonna be the parent's homework? I prepped the shoebox, I mixed the modeling paste, I formed the Gulf of Mexico (and what was he thinking--choosing a gulf?!--why not an island or something simple? !), I showed him how to dig up moss for covering parts of the US, I told him which colors of paint to use to make it look more realistic, I helped him paint it. Now to be quite honest, he did a lot, but it was with major parental guidance.

I'm so tired of homework. My own homework is enough to drive me over the edge. Lol. But we're getting through it. Next week is spring break, so I'm hoping I'll have a chance to get caught back up again. Might be a long shot, but I like to dream big. Haha.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day

Finally a real snow day. And thankfully is one on my off day from school so I don't have an extra makeup assignment. Lol. The joys of student life. If I were smart, I'd totally be using today to catch up on everything.

Unfortunately, lazy is totally trumping smart today.

Too bad, so sad. And now that I've guilted myself into it, I guess I'll go do some laundry. :)

Stay warm. :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Skinny Person Problems

Random thought of the day:
It's a little unfair that skinny people get laughed at when they gain a few pounds and talk about trying to get it back off. "Aw, you need to eat a few more  cheeseburgers," or "no, you really should GAIN a few pounds."

But nobody ever laughs when a large person complains about being so hungry they're "starving." Nobody ever says to them that it wouldn't hurt them to lose a few pounds anyway. Grr.
#notfair #nofilters

Better Days

So....not perfect days, but at least I'm not as close to spending too much time in orange jumpsuits.

Of course, now I have snow days and makeup assignments to drive me up the wall, so better days may not last long.

Speaking of assignments, here's the one I've gotten ready to turn in for Friday. And hey's my bottle the other person wanted to hijack....

Alrighty then.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Moody Blues

Argh. I am all out of sorts today and nothing is helping. The kids are not helping. Crazy people are definitely not helping. I am so grouchy and it feels like a baby elephant is sitting on my chest, which makes me even more irritable.

Therefore, I blog. Probably not the smartest idea I've ever had, but I don't feel like ironing or doing laundry or cleaning house, so here I am. 

My problem is, I never know who might ever be reading this, so I hate to gripe about the certain people who make me mad on a regular basis because I would feel bad if they ever read it and way down deep inside, I really am a nice person and wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

However, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and bet that there's a few who will never stumble across this, and if they do, they can be like what's her face in The Help and deny that the story is about them. So I'm gonna rant for a few seconds and let the grumpy fly.

I get that people are at different levels of learning, but it bugs the fire out of me when people are lazy idiots and think they're geniuses that everyone should bend over backwards to accommodate. One of my friends and I were working on a sweep in the school open one had signed up for it. But this person wanted it. Dude, no one signed up for it and we were there first. Get over it. I don't know everything, for sure, but if I ask to butt into someone else's studio space and time, I'm gonna do my best to not just be a taker. Then to top it all off, the person had the nerve to ask if they could use my cologne bottle that I brought in to use for my advertisement project--for their the same class. Are you kidding me? If you don't have your own bottle to use for the ad, make it an ad about the clothing the model is wearing. Make it an ad for shaving cream. Make it an ad for anything! Seriously, there's thousands of ideas without using the cologne bottle I just shot. Except that would be work. I almost forgot. I don't even care that you are going to do an ad for the same cologne as I'm doing....but for Pete's sake, get your own bottle!

Ok, I'll stop now. That was just one of the little things that set me off today. Most of the other things weren't quite as easily definable. A third grader with a clearly definable 8's times table who is determined to push my every last button, however, isn't one of the undefinable things. Grrrr.

Also, I just want to eat lots and lots of junk food and I'm trying to resist and it's making me very hangry. That's angry hungry for anyone who hasn't seen the ecard on pinterest.

Now I said I'd quit so I better leave before this venting gets too out of control.

And i know I'm supposed to finish blogging about the imaging conference, but I don't know if I'll get back around to it or not. I'm so over school this semester. I don't know how I'm going to get through another three semesters. *sigh*

Yes yes I'm leaving now. :/ deep will all be okay.


Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Back Home

And hallelujah, am I ever happy to be home.

It was a fantastic conference, but it's great to be back in NC again.

I'll have to come back and post the pics of the last couple days before I forget, hopefully. I tried to do it every night, but I would get through the days pics and then run out of steam because I was so tired by bedtime and the days were way too busy to fit it in during the day.

According to my step counter, over the last five days, I've walked around 30 miles. It's no wonder my feet hurt and I'm exhausted. Lol.

Anyway, I'm home, and it's great. :) hopefully more on the trip tomorrow. :)