Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Feels like Family

Something about this latest addition feels very right. I'm not going to plan on anything permanent, especially since the K-man's mom is more of a loon-e-tick than Munchkin's and that's saying a LOT. At this point, who knows what could happen or what WILL happen. For sure, there's nothing to feel sure about yet, but I do know that the family feels right, right about now. When the Little Man (previously known as bouncer, who has since calmed down a bit) was with us, we loved him to death, and would have kept him in a heart beat, but it didn't feel as "right" as this new arrangement feels. I think it's because he truly belongs with S&N. He is doing so well with them, and they are really doing a good job with him, and it just feels meant to be. N told me the other day that he is super excited about them adopting him and wants to know when he's going to get their last name. Bless his heart. He is adorable! I just hope it works out for all these guys that they'll get permanently put in the place they're meant to be in.

Speaking of the family, I have to go lay down with the Munchkin for a few minutes now. I'll be back in a bit. =) Hehehe....IF i don't fall asleep in there with her. Ha. Which is exactly what happened a couple of nights ago....or was that last night? Um. Maybe both. HA.

Be right back.

K. I'm back. Didn't fall asleep.....but then, neither did she, judging by that loud thump I just heard. LOL. Ah well. She'll fall asleep before long. *grin*

Anyways, if every night would be like tonight has been so far, I would be a pretty happy camper.....*smiles*

Last night....well, last night wasn't so fun. After supper, I got the K-man and the Munchkin their baths, lotioned them up and got the jammies on, then K-man has a runny smelly diaper again. Bless it, he's having a rough time with it. So I get that diaper changed again and then start rocking him at 7:30. Munchkin plays quietly in her room and occasionally comes out to see what we're doing, but overall, I'm very happy with her behavior. K-man is sleepy, nodding off....but fighting it. No worries, he can't fight it very long, I'm sure. 8 o'clock rolls around. Nothing has changed. 8:30. KC takes the munchkin to her room and tucks her in and lays on the bed beside her while I move in there to THAT rocker with the K-man, to see if THAT will put him to sleep. 8:45....they're out, K-man: no. Figures. Stand up, bounce around a little. No good. Go back to the big rocker.....9:30. Still awake. Now crying as long as I'm sitting down, but laughing when I get up and bounce. Not good. Why do I feel like he's laughing at me???

10:30....he's so falling asleep, but now he's resorted to crying to try to stay awake. I finally sat him down on the floor where he melted into a fit but never opened his eyes. Now I'm worried that he'll wake the Munchkin who has now been asleep for nearly 2 hours. So I pick him up and try to shush him. No good. EEEK. What do I do with this kid? He just screaming and nothing works. No drink, no holding, no bouncing, diaper's clean, nothing wrong. What's the deal. So finally I lay him on my bed where he melts down into another tantrum again b/c I sat him down, and me and KC just stand there looking at him.....this kid who has been fighting sleep for over 3 hours now. What do we do?

KC....my brilliant hubby.....in desperation, reaches beside our bed and gets this old bear that has been decorating one of the beds in our house for as long as we've been married and has spent the last two years on OUR bed during the daytime and discarded with the extra pillows every night. He takes the bear and sits it on the bed about two feet from the K-man.

KC: "Well hello, Mr. Bear, how are you today?"
Mr Bear (KC in a deep voice): "I'm good but I need somebody to hold me."
KC: "K-man, would you like to hold Mr. Bear? He needs somebody to hold him and love him."
Mr Bear (walking with the help of KC across the bed to K-man): "Can I sleep with you tonight?"
K-man opens one eye, looks up at Mr Bear and lifts up an arm and allows Mr Bear to be slipped up underneath it and then is silent and quiet.

KC and I just looked at each other.

Then I moved him down to the toddler bed next to our bed and he snuggled back around Mr. Bear and lay there contentedly until he fell asleep....maybe 10 minutes later.

Alrighty then. I have to confess, I did NOT expect KC's little charade to work at ALL. I mean, he had a couple little stuffed animals, and he's shown very little attachment to them, so I didn't really expect something like that to settle him down.

Well, anyways, tonight I got Mister Bear, collected the K-man, his water, and his new fuzzy blanket and went to the rocker. He cuddled and loved on Mister Bear for a few minutes and then in less than 15 minutes, he'd snuggled up in my arms and let me rock him sound asleep.

Fingers triple crossed that he sleeps through the night. Last night was rough on us all....me and KC are both having sinus fits and were up and down and sleeping in the recliners last night, so neither of us got much sleep. I am looking forward to hitting the hay tonight.

Speaking of hay, I went with the kidlets on a fieldtrip this morning to the apple orchard outside of town. I had no idea it was there....it was a pretty neat little trip. The kids got to taste different kinds of apples and learn about bees and honey and apples.....got to ride behind the tractor in this long trailer through the orchards and then saw how they make the cider. It was pretty neat. Although I have to say, I have a greater appreciation for the teachers of the 2-3 year old class now....*GRIN* It was a little bit crazy to take 17 two and three year old kids with only 2 teachers and 5 parents. Yowz. Maybe I'll post a few pics of that later.

For tonight? I caught up most of the laundry today, only one little load left in the dryer to fold, paid the bills, went on that field trip, tidied the house, and now blogged. My day has been successful....I shall now sleep peacefully.

Well, until one or the other of the kids wakes up screaming.

Till then......


  1. I love to read about this whole process! I'm glad things are feeling like family. :)

  2. LOL....thanks Rochelle, i'm glad you're enjoying reading. *smiles*


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