Tuesday, March 06, 2007

You have got to be kidding me!!!!

I just hit submit on this super long post and got an error message from blogger. Came back and the post was gone. Every last letter of of it. ARGGHHHHHH

Now I'm aggravated. I don't want to retype all that! Not to mention I'll have to go back and get the pictures again. PHOOEY. I can NOT believe this.

Okay. I guess we'll see how good my memory is.



Not very, I guess.

Maybe if I go get the pictures first. But first, I'm going to post this and see if it will work before I lose it all for a second time. *SIGH* Be right back.

Okay I'm back.

See these shoes? These lovely beautiful shoes?


Well, the best thing about them is their cuteness. Today they were my downfall. Quite literally.

It hurt. Boy, did it ever hurt. Tomorrow, I'm sure I'll be sore. And bruised.

On the positive "glass is half full" side of things....at least my mom was the only witness to my dumb clutziness. It coulda been worse. I could have done tripped and fell in front of...say....the entire church.....and then have to sing a solo. Don't ask me how I know that. LOL. Just trust me when I say I'm glad I had a small audience for this minor catastrophe.

I'm not quite sure how it happened. I was leaving mom's after I dropped her off and I was going down the front steps and next thing I know....I'm thinking. Um. This is not going to be pretty. I tried to catch myself and although I didn't quite succeed in that, it did at least keep me from breaking my neck by going down the stairs headfirst. Unfortunately, I couldn't regain my footing and instead, I pretty much collapsed on the stairs and bounced down the six or so steps, landing on my knees at the bottom on the concrete blocks. Wasn't pretty. The handrail took a good inch of skin off my forearm, I have two skinned knees (complete with knots), and I'm now the proud owner of a complete step imprint all the way across my shin. Hey, it's a new kind of tattoo....HA! I didn't think I hit my rear, but apparently I must have. OW. OWWW. Yeah.

On my way home after leaving there, I busted out laughing (that is after my arm had finally quit stinging so bad). I mean, hearing mom coming down the steps behind me going, "oh. Oh. Faith. OH." LOL. There wasn't anything she could have done..... It's really too bad there was no camera. I keep cracking up at the mental video of my little ski trip down the stairs. Smooth move, "Grace." Way to go!

I'm such a clutz. *sigh*

Yeah, and I'm apparently not a princess either. Does anyone remember the fairy tale of the princess and the pea? Ya know, the gist of it being a princess goes somewhere and sleeps in a bed and the owner of the bed wants to see if she's a real princess, so they hide a pea down under the mattress and the next morning she says the bed had a terrible lump in it and she couldn't sleep so they knew she was a real princess.....or something like that.....

Anyways. Last night. I'm enjoying that little thing people generally do when they're tired...ya know, sleep? And then I'm rudely awakened by a very (and I do mean VERY) high pitched beep. More like a continuous shrill whine (not quite in the range of those newfangled cellphone rings...but somewhat similar). I was totally confused. So when I finally wake up to realize that I'm hearing something strange, I try to figure out where it's coming from. It's not that loud, just loud enough to keep a person from sleeping....so I start going through the objects on the nightstand and holding them next to my ear to figure out what's making the noise.

Cell phone: No. Digital thermometer.....Yep. Okay. Press the button that generally turns it off. Nothing happens. Noise continues. Okay. Fine. I'll take the battery out. Fiddle with it a sec. Turn the light on. Fiddle with it some more. Do you think they coulda made the battery easily accessible. Nah.....of course not. Do I really want to get up and go find some kind of tool to pry this thing apart? Oh and did I mention that it was three am? Yeah. It was. And no, I didn't want to get up.

Next option. Okay, shove it under the covers. Some better, but still too loud to sleep. Cover it with my hand. Almost, but then when I fall asleep and move, it will be loud again. What to do, what to do... I know. So I stick it back under the covers and lay on it. Perfect. Can't hear it anymore. Go back to sleep. Wake up a little while later and roll over. Yep, it's still going off....EEEEEEEEE.....so have to re-adjust it underneath me since I moved and un-muffled it. LOL.

Oh yeah, and this ain't no little bitty thermometer....think: really fat ink pen-sized thermometer. In a hard plastic case. Yeah. And I'm sleeping on it. So I go back to sleep. Finally morning and I get up. Oh, and you guessed it, it's STILL going off. I grab the stinkin little thing and walk out of the bedroom to find something to make it shut up....I walk out the door.........and bingo. It shuts up. Dumb. Stupid. Thing.

So what was the point of the whole story? Oh yeah, forget pea, I slept on a THERMOMETER. Guess that just proves what I knew all along. I am not a princess. *GRIN* Go figure.


Anyways. This was on my way home. My favorite little "tree in a pasture" only this time I caught it at sunset since I was a little later going home than usual. Ya know, since I stopped at mom's after work and I was kinda busy falling down stairs and all. LOL.

I'll leave ya with this picture of the kitkats tonight. Jango just can't stand not being part of the action. I'm using my new portable computer and sitting in bed (it's softer for my poor aching rear end) and he's laying across the briefcase I'm using as a mouse pad holder thingy.....can't stand using the laptop mouse for any length of time. *grin*


Other thing to note is Miss Spooky Stare over there in the doorway. How would you like to sleep with that staring at you. Yeah. Tell me about it. She does. It's really hard to sleep when a cat is sitting mere inches from your head and just staring. But better that than what she did a couple weeks ago. Walked up to my pillow. Turned around and laid down. Big fluffy rear end right smack in my face. KC laughed. LOL. Course I did, too, but still.

Okay, so there was more that I said on the other post, but maybe it just wasn't meant to be said. Cuz. I'm. really. tired. Ya know, those 3am thermometer incidents are rather exhausting. I know, I know....wait till I have kids. So.....on that note, I'm going to bed.

Later, ya'll!

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