Thursday, June 22, 2006

Back To My List

Only 99 things left.....

2. I took a nerd test today.
3. I'm not a nerd...not even close.
4. I lost the link to the little scoring box that showed I wasn't a nerd.
5. I'm almost always sleepy and I love naps.
6. Caffeine is not helping my sleeping problem today.
7. I quit caffeine in December.
8. I kicked the habit for 5 months.
9. I drank one Dr. Pepper in May and now I'm back to two sodas a day.
10. I need to quit again.
11. My favorite drink in the whole world is Dr. Pepper.
12. Only 87 things to go....I think....
13. I'm not good with numbers.
14. I made an A in the Fundamentals of Algebraic Modeling (one of the only two college classes I took)
15. Then they asked me to tutor the supplemental instruction sessions for the next semester of that class.
16. The students who came all passed.
17. I did that for 2 semesters.
18. I love Sudoku.
19. I'm really good at random. (You probably figured that out at about #12...LOL)
20. I sucked my thumb until I was....dare I say it out loud....10.
21. I used to hate pink. Now its one of my favorite colors.
22. My other favorites are green, blue, and brown.
23. I love earth tones.
24. I have an olive complexion.
25. I have only been really sunburned maybe twice in my life.
26. I hardly ever wear sunscreen.
27. My favorite food is Italian.
28. Second favorite is Mexican.
29. I don't like people staring at me.
30. It gives me a complex.
31. I get stared at a lot. Hence my huge complex.
32. I get claustrophobic in large crowds.
33. I can be surrounded by people and still feel lonely.
34. I would rather read a book than do my chores.
35. I would rather do anything than do my chores.
36. My house is usually messy.
37. My husband hates that.
38. I'm not very domestic.
39. I have always been a bit of a tomboy.
40. I sing in the shower, car, and church.
41. I've always wanted to sing karaoke but I'm afraid I'd get up and embarrass myself. And did I mention I don't like crowds?
42. I hate rejection.
43. I love sunshine.
44. I only love rain if I can be home curled up in bed because it makes me sleepy.
45. I almost drowned in a friend of a friend's pool one summer when I was about a kid because I jumped in the deep end thinking I knew how to swim.
46. I almost drowned the girl who tried to rescue me.
47. My dad jumped in the pool to save us both -- fully clothed and didn't even stop to take off his glasses, watch, or wallet. That's love.
48. I still can't swim very well.
49. But now I can dive off the diving board, and paddle across the deep end without endangering either my life or the lives of others.
50. Jennifer wasn't kidding. 100 IS a lot. Only she said that at about 93. I'm only at 50.
51. I can type around 60 wpm. Maybe more now....that figure is from a test I took when I was sixteen.
52. I know people who can type 90 wpm.
53. My brother is musically gifted.
54. He got the charm and looks, too.
55. He's younger than me and my only sibling.
56. He makes me sick, but I love him anyways.
57. He's about 6 inches taller than me and I'm 5'8"
58. His height is the one thing I'm not envious of.
59. People used to think we were twins because we're only 15 months apart.
60. We are 50% Italian. Our dad is 100% Italian.
61. None of us speak any Italian.
62. My first car was a white honda civic.
63. My second car was a white honda civic.
64. I love a manual transmission. That was my favorite thing about my second car.
65. I met KC when I was 13 and he was 20.
66. I had a crush on him forever, but he pretty much ignored me until I was 18.
67. He told me after we were married that he thought I was pretty the whole time.
68. He said he never showed it then because I was "jail-bait."
69. When I turned 18, he asked me out.
70. He dumped me twice and the third time I said forget it.
71. Then he said "Hindsight's 20/20" and "Please??"
72. This is a good place to say that I'm a very forgiving and soft-hearted person.
73. We got married 4 months after that.
74. We've been married for 4 1/2 years.
75. He's a great hubby.
76. He lets me spend money on scrapbooking supplies that I don't really need.
77. I never have time to use the supplies I have but I still keep buying them.
78. It's one of my addictions.
79. I want to stay at home instead of working so that I can scrapbook.
80. I want to have kids so I'll have some new topics for scrapbooking. (ROFL)
81. Actually, I just want kids.
82. I am usually optomistic.
83. I'm having a hard time being optomistic about the chances of our having kids.
84. I hate to cry.
85. I REALLY hate to cry in public.
86. I don't cry very often.
87. I save it all up until something triggers an explosion. Then I will cry for at least 3 hours straight.
88. I don't like getting hit on.
89. It's flattering to be found attractive but
90. I never know how to handle it politely. It's always awkward.
91. I need a sign that says, "I'm NOT interested"
92. I'm getting better at it. Practice.
93. I'm too impatient.
94. I'm a perfectionist, I have a hard time not concentrating on flaws.
95. I have to work to focus on the positive.
96. I love my house. Even though its messy.
97. I'm addicted to reading blogs.
98. I'm coordinationally-challenged (that's a positive way of saying I'm a clutz).
99. My favorite cds at this moment are church choirs.
100. I love finishing a project.

Yay! I finished it...if only all my projects were that easy. By the way, thanks, Rebecca for the comment. You gave me the push to just DO it....b/c you're one a day....that might take a while. And hey, 100 wasn't as bad as I thought. =) You can do it, too!

Speaking of comments....thanks to you guys that are leaving comments. I love hearing from you and knowing who's out there reading this. The comments usually make me smile and a couple made me laugh out loud. Much appreciated. =)

I'm out for now....


  1. how fun! 100 is a lot, so i'm gonna have to think on this one...

    and i hate being hit on too... it makes me feel all wierd, and frankly, kinda gross....

  2. I love stuff like this!
    I feel like I now know so much more about you!
    Thanks for sharing!



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