Saturday, June 02, 2007


Sweet heavens. He's a great kid, but I'm beginning to understand why they can't find anybody to keep him.

Conclusion: I don't think we have what it takes.

That's a tough conclusion. Especially after he's asked so pitifully if we'll adopt him. Several times. Man alive. The thing is, he doesn't have any idea that we were even considering the idea. All he knows is that a girl that is in his current foster home had surgery and the foster parents needed someone to keep him so they could give her extra care for the weekend. So it's not like he knows. He just keeps asking if he can stay with us forever. Oh man, it's breaking my heart.

He's not driving me crazy, and I think we could handle all his energy, but it's the lack of social skills that we can't deal with. I never even imagined needing to deal with social skills. Delayed reading, delayed speech....not a problem. But this kid is super quick. Too quick. For instance....we went to a previously planned birthday party of a kid at church and took both of "our kids" and right after we finished eating, the kid goes up to a group of the people who cooked the food and told them that it tasted terrible. I missed it. KC caught it and was terribly embarrassed and we decided that it was time to leave. I just don't know that that is something we are capable of dealing with.

And that's hard. Cuz he's a great kid other than that....that and his super energy and lack of focus. And for the most part, he and the munchkin are getting along good.....except she gets really jealous over us giving him any kind of attention. Like when I was putting him to bed last night.....she's acted out a little bit more than has been the norm of late.

Oh and we won't even talk about the pile of green mushy stuff in her boom-booms while she was sitting at the table not 25 steps from the bathroom. ARGH! It was SOOO stinky and nasty. I thought I was going to puke!!!

Oh well. I'm sad. I really wanted it to work. Well. I have to get off here....I need to get all our baths and stuff tonight and it's time to give him his knock out medicine that will make him fall asleep in approximately one hour.


PS Mix, he hasn't sneezed any more since this morning, so maybe he is allergic to mornings....HAHA! I know I am!!!

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  1. Ughhh..I know what you mean about the embarrassing things that kids tend to say especially to others. My oldest is famous for it. I try to catch him before he says anything but sometimes I'm too slow. Hes getting older too which makes it harder to hide his behaviour behind his babyness...LOL. Plus hes autistic and this tends to be a part of the disorder but we are still working at it. Although there are times when I praise him for his forthrightness especially when he is maintaining his boundaries with others but there are other times where he is just rude and he can't seem to fathom how this hurts other people...good luck!
    P.S Sounds like your doing a great job.


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