Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Aww dear.

For some reason, I feel very....um....behind right now. I'm not sure if it's just because I missed a day of work by being sick the week before a really huge work week, or if it's just the fact that everything seems to be coming down on me at once, but anyways.

I feel a dreadful urge to blog right about now. I hate the devil. I really do. I hate that it's such a fight not to doubt myself or second guess decisions or even to wonder if I said the right things or if I said too much, or even if I didn't say enough. I hate that. I'm so not a confrontational person. I will walk miles out of my way just to avoid a confrontation that is not 100% neccessary. And the devil? Well, he just loves confrontation. I hate that. Ugh. God, help me, I will not listen to that stinkin devil. Nuff about that. I feel better just saying that. Specially since that's about all I CAN say on that on this blog. LOL. Well.

There have been an awful lot of funny random conversations lately, but I have been so out of it, that I have lost track of them. I do know that there must have been a lot of me telling her that she was funny after I cracked up laughing at something she said, cuz tonight, right before her five minutes of cuddle time was over at bedtime, she whispered, "me funny, right, mommy?"

"Yes, sweetie, you are VERY funny, and I love my funny girl!"

"Love you, too, mommy."

I'm trying to think if there were any other really funny conversations around lately, but I'm pulling a blank. I know she was highly upset when she walked into the oddly rug-less bathroom the morning after I was so sick. I base that on the screeches I heard while she was standing in the bathroom door pointing at the floor below the toilet. And I'm pretty sure that's what it was, not that she'd found some kind of remainder of the indescribable gunk I might have missed, b/c once I explained to her that mommy had gotten really sick last night and I had to wash the rugs, she was terribly relieved. Then she asked me if my "bewwy hurt?" To which I said, yep, I ate bugs and now I have the stomach bug. LOL. And then she ever so sweetly said, "mere mommy, me kiss it" and proceeded to kiss my bathrobed belly. ROFL. Tonight she came home with a paper talking about the tools dr's use and on it was a bandaid....so she took it off the paper and made me sit down and said, "me gaguh you, mommy, here" and then pulled my shirt up and stuck the bandaid over my belly button. Then she was like, "there. feew betta now, mommy?" ROFL. I was cracking up. (Very quietly of course, while I tried to be serious) And then I got up and said, "Yes, thank you doctor, please send me a bill, alright?"

"Alright, mommy."

(by the way, gaguh is how she says doctor. It took me awhile to learn that one....she has some weird letter substitutions. She's making much improvement now, though! We're understanding her about 90% of the time versus the 30% we were working with before.)

So that's the munchkin. Other stuff? Well, for other fun stuff, KC and I are sitting here on the couch watching the worst american idol auditions on youtube. ROFL. I would DIE if my audition made their worst audition list. It's bad enough not to win, but to think you have a good voice and sound like THAT....and then I don't see how some of them kept singing while the judges were just outright laughing in their faces....absolutely hysterical. I'm multitasking, of course....bloggin with my fingers, watching that with one eye and one headphone earpiece, and trying to sound normal with the rest of my brain. It's a difficult task, but someone has to do it. LOL!

I've stumbled across some fun websites lately, I need to link up so ya'll can explore, too, but I don't feel like doing that tonight.

Oh speaking of linking though, another fa-re-und has been bitten by the bloggin bug...pardon me while I cheer. Also some other of my friends that have been bitten already have gotten a bit slack....ya'll need to get moving....I keep checking in, and I miss you!!! Post already! That goes for you, too, huney! I did link my newly blogging friend, but she's another one in the private links section. I'm sure if you guys email her and ask her to read, she might let you in. Tell ya one thing, she's got one stinkin cute kid!!!!

Oh and let's add to the multi-tasking list, eat a double chocolate chunk cookie without getting crumbs in the laptop. Yum. It's nice and chocolatey-gooey, too....just the way I like'm. Am I making anyone hungry yet? If I am, just go read my last post and that should cure you. BWAHAHAHA. Sorry. Couldn't resist that. Oh, and also you guys should read the comments on the last post. Couple of them just cracked me up!!!! LOL!!!! Particularly the popsicle one. Hahahaha. And also, thanks to all the well wishes, I am feeling quite a bit better now, and the dizzy head has finally subsided as well, so hopefully, if the tummy will stop being rumbly, then I should be on the mend.

Fergus has gone home now. *sigh* I miss the little stinker. And I do mean that in a literal scents....er....I mean sense. HAHAHA. Ah. I can't help it. I just crack myself up. Anyways, I took a picture of him on Sunday afternoon before he left, but I'm too lazy to go round up the camera and post it, so maybe I'll add that to this post later.

*so for the record, we're just going to insert Fergus picture here* *mischievous grin*
***Edited to add....wonder of wonders....there they are!!!! Pictures of ferguses....LOL. First one I'm trying to hold the wiggly feller without squeezing him to death AND take a picture of us....didn't work out too well, but it's the closest....next one is of tha kit kat's reaction to tha fergus....and last, tha fergus sittin on my lap. Ain't he cute? End Edit***

Until it's actually there, just use your imagination....or go google ferguses....I mean ferrets. ROFL. It's obviously time for me to go to bed.

Speaking of.....I slept like the dead last night....and had MORE crazy stupid dreams!!! And all day today, people would say stuff that would bring some kind of crazy flashback from my dreams. It was NUTS. Here's a random assortment of the things I dreamed last night:
someone was trying to break in the house while we were sleeping, but we woke up and I got a gun out from under the bed (for the record, I'm perfectly aware of the safety issues of having loaded guns in an unsecured location, so I can tell you that I would never leave a loaded gun under the bed and in reach of a three year old) checked to make sure it was loaded and we went around to check all the entryways and found that someone had tried to break in the front door but there was a lockbox from a realtor on it, and that made it impossible to break in and when we got up because we heard them trying, they ran away........i was driving to work and there were lots of volunteer groups on the sides of the road spreading poisoned apples to try to keep the deer from getting in the road.....i was trying to do something with my cell phone and they were going to charge me this crazy fine b/c I had downloaded illegal music onto my phone and now in order to upgrade, I had to pay this fee first......i was in some kind of internet chat room and accidently mistyped some words and it ended up being a bad word although I tried to explain that it was accidental and they kicked me out immediately and banned me from ever coming back.....we were having a yard sale in somebody elses garage and it was super dark and weird people kept showing up.....I was literally up in a tree trying to "witness" to this friend that I grew up with who isn't even in church or around anymore.....let's see, what else.......um, that's all that I'm remembering right now. I just know I woke up feeling seriously freaked out until I realized it was all in my sleep and I hadn't downloaded illegal songs, and I hadn't gotten kicked out of a chatroom for accidentally using a bad word.......ROFL.

I'm a nut. A teetotal supersized nut. Segues...all about the segues.....

Remember Looney Lady? Guess who waltzed in the studio where we were working today, asking one of the managers for a play by play of the music on a radio show last night.....

Yep. The one and only. I should so draw a stick figure for you to get the full effect. Let me see if I can give you some visuals (although like the puke story, I'm sure you really would rather not know). BUT, no such luck, I'm going to tell you anyways. (LOL) Picture LL as an elderly female with bleached blond hair....and salt&pepper roots. (Yes, the bottle apparently got lost since the last dye) White button down shirt that only buttoned down about three buttons before her 4x6inch belt buckle started, then the oddly plain, but full and flowing, khaki skirt which went from the 4x6 inch belt buckle down to somewhere around her knees (and picture this as a meant to be midcalf or below skirt), and I was skeered to look lower....there could be anything down there....fishnet stockings, lace up boots, orange toenails....who knows!!

Anyways, after spewing out her wild and completely berserk question, she looked around at all of us (who were wearing the identical expression of.....blank/duh/is she expecting an answer to this question.....look on our faces), she says, in all seriousness.....and I QUOTE.....

"I know, I'm really crazy."

To which all of us had the identical response. A "wow, that is the most accurate statement to ever have came out of your mouth" moment/outburst of hysterical laughter.

And she laughed with us, so we technically weren't laughing AT her. ROFL!!! I can't help it, ya'll, I know I sound terribly mean, but ya'll, you just have to meet this woman to understand. Ask CV!!!! She totally knows what I mean!!!! Anyone who makes ME look NORMAL should NOT be outside the cell unsupervised! Seriously.

Anyways, I think that's enough fun for one night, I'm going to bed. Hopefully tonight, it will not be the sleep of the dead in which I dream more nutty and insane stuff. Knowing my luck (if you'll allow me to use that term) the Looney Lady will haunt my dreams. *another mischievous grin here*


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  1. Lol! "Anyone who makes ME look NORMAL should NOT be outside the cell unsupervised!" Too funny! I can totally relate!

    Oh and btw, Keilani and I were driving down the road yesterday and I turned on the radio and the song that you have on your blog was on. Within the first few notes, Keilani said, "Hey!! That's on your friend's blog!"


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