Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another attempt at catchup

I'm so tired. I kant keep up.


But I will not whine right now. I'm going to get this post done so I can go turn off my brain (and hopefully body) for awhile.

Court today was short. Yay! Plan moved to A. D. O. P. T. I. O. N.!!!!! WHOOHOO! Course, still a long process, but no more visits with BioM!!!!! God willing, she'll be ours forever by this time next year. HOWEVER, until it's through the court and all the papers are signed, we can't get TOO excited b/c technically, anything could still happen. BUT, it's progress, and that's good.

I took the day off b/c we didn't know how long court would be and I also had to get munchkin's teeth cleaned this afternoon at the dentist (which went really well, by the way), so I had a few good hours to work on pulling out more stuff for ye old yardsale and also working more out in the garage. I SO didn't realize how MUCH stuff we have to get rid of. YIKES!

A couple of pictures from the company picnic where KC works that we went to on Saturday:

Munchin was so funny with the bowling ball. It was about bigger than she was, and she'd pick it up in her arms and just stagger around the lanes till she got down to the right lane and then she'd just lay it on the floor and give it a push. I had to help her when she pushed it, so it would have enough momentum to actually get all the way down. ROFL. And then a couple of times, she wanted to stick her ball in the gutter to roll it down....hahaha. She just wanted to be like mommy, I guess. I really stunk. Mostly b/c I was distracted by her. We'll stick with that excuse...hahah.

Oh and we saw an interesting little personality pop out of the munchkin when they turned the blacklights and the loud music/disco ball on about halfway through the afternoon.....

I turn to tell her it's her turn, and she's standing there doing some moves. It was a little cute/funny to see a three year old with better rhythm than I've got in my pinky finger breaking it down, but I was more disturbed by her comfort level with the loud music and lights and....even more disturbed at the dance moves she was doing. Makes me want to ask BioM exactly where she was taking her two year old!!! I mean, to put it mildly, we were doing a little bit of flipping out over it.

Anywho, they also had facepainting there....LOL. Munchkin (the pink tiger) wanted me to be Spiderman or a tribal dude, but I nixed that idea really quick. The snow fairy or ice princess or whatever was much less of a full face paint. Haha. She was really cute as the pink tiger though. I put some more pictures on the private blog. If you want access to that and you know us, just email me and ask.

I really should take a pic of Fergus while he's here. You should see him and the cats. LOL...I should say cat, since Jango (aka Fatboy) is the only one with the nerve to go near him. I have to supervise them closely though, I really don't want fatboy to decide he's hungry and take a kachunk out of Fergie. I don't think he would, except I think Fergus flips him out....Fergie will just take off and playfully run up at him and Jango just starts batting at him. Fergs doesn't have a mean bone in his body, and I'm afraid that by the time he would actually let Jango know that he's got claws and teeth, my ol fatboy would have done ended it for good. SO. Anywho. Being that it's not my ferret, not to mention ferrets are slightly costly, I don't let them get too near each other without my very close attention. Anywho, Fergs is really sweet. I like him. I've been letting him out to play when I feed him and clean his bathroom, and then I'll cuddle him a few minutes before sticking him back in there. He's a cutie.

Anywho, I think that's pretty much it for now. I'll try to do better about keeping up and then I won't be so likely to put off posting. *grin* I know how much all 2 of you people get upset when I miss a few days. LOL. Rrrrright. *grin*

So. Well.....



  1. Very cool face painting!

    Yay for adoption progress!

  2. I hope the adoption process goes smoothly! Congrats and prayers!

  3. "All two of you people" LOL!!

    I haven't posting as often either. I shouldn't even be in blogville now!! And congrats on the short court and the adoption plans!! YAY! And the pics are TOO cool!


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