Monday, March 05, 2007


Sometimes it sure is good to be my daddy's daughter. *G* I had dinner at mom and dad's tonight and mom and I came in and dad had fixed a special dinner for mom and me....for our birthdays. (Mom's was today and mine is Thursday.) Anyways, we walk in....I'm like....hmmm...smells good in I grab my camera and go take a peek.....


mmmmmmm......a bowl of s'getti sauce....and....what's that swimming in there....Ohh. Looks like GNOCCHIS!!! For the non Italian, that's pronounced Nyonkis....for the southern italian like me, its pronounced yawnkis....and for the true italian, if I mis-spelled gnocchis....then I'm terribly sorry. I'm only half italian and we'll use that as my excuse.


What is a yawnki??? Well. It's kinda like the italian version of potato dumplings. AND. It's ever so tasty. Specially when my daddio (the real italian) makes it. Speaking of the daddio....


that would be him there...and mum is the one that is only half in the picture over to the side. They are both "humoring" me with the camera, in case you couldn't tell that in their expressions. Anyways. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Oh, one last thing on the birthday stuff....this was hilarious. Mom made me a card for my birthday. I made Mom a card for her birthday. I gave Mom her card today at work and Mom gave me mine tonight since I was here....I open the card that Mom gave the verse....and crack up laughing. Mom used the exact same verse in my card that I used in the one I made her. How odd is that? I started reading it and was like....hey, this sounds familiar. LOL. It was too funny. We all had a good laugh about that.

I got an email from my blogging buddy, Denise, telling me that some folks on scrapjazz (my favorite scrapbooking website/message board) were asking about me and missing me b/c I haven't been posting on there in awhile. That totally made my day. I can't believe I was missed. That is really sweet! I didn't leave for any reason, I just have been so busy, that all I have time to do is keep this thing up and sometimes barely that. Especially with the slow internet at home. But hopefully THAT will change soon. Anyways, I didn't leave SJ completely, I have tried to keep checking in, I just hadn't had the time to post anything. But it was really sweet.

Oh. Almost forgot. I got a phone call today from Social Services....they wanted us to keep a seven year old boy for a weekend respite care while his foster parents were out of town. Not this weekend, but the next. I was so disappointed. I had to say no. We had some plans for one of the days that can't be rescheduled and we wouldn't have been able to take the boy with us. I was bummed. That's the second time in two weeks that we've been called for respite care and it hasn't worked out. The first time we could have done it (it would have been for this past weekend) but when KC called back, I guess they'd already found somebody. That was for a three and seven year old. I was kinda bummed about that, too. Oh well. It's gotta work out sometime. I hope. =)

Think that's it for now. I'm gonna go say a few things over on Private Insanity.

Later, ya'll.


  1. Faith,
    I have been enjoying reading your blog for some time now. It is nice to sit down at the computer in the evening and browse the blogs of those I know, those I know of and some I don't know but find interesting to read. Keep blogging (venting, etc...)-that's what blogs are for-and I'll keep reading and browsing.
    Becky (from Springfield)

  2. YUM. That dinner looks good.


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