Saturday, May 02, 2009

Photo Scavenger Hunt


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I'm a bit late, I thought they were supposed to be POSTED on May 1, but anyways.  oh except now it's May 2 because it's after 12am...LOL.  Better late than never, I guess.  Oh yeah, and April was more of a killer month than I thought it was going to be, so there are a few missing shots because I didn't have time to go back and check the list, I just went from memory.  Oh well.  It is what it is.  And it was fun to look for the ones I remembered. 

1. Cool or interesting architecture
Building we passed when we were exploring Greenville last weekend.  Don't have a clue what it was, but thought it was funky enough to snap a picture as we drove by...*grin*

2. A sign of Spring:
Rose of Sharon getting green leaves on it.  This came from my grandma's house in NY.  And hallelujah.  It liveth.  I didn't kill it after all.

3. Something musical
The Gaither Vocal Band - last weekend at their concert...

4. Something sweet
My kids.  *smiles*  That counts, right?  Even though you can't eat them?

5. Something metallic
The chimes my dad made for me that I spray-painted a couple of weeks ago...

6. A landscape
A view of Table Rock as we were driving up to the Blue Ridge Parkway a few weeks ago

7. An interesting doorway
This was on a very cool looking old church.  Another snap from our day exploring in Greenville. =)

8. A reflection
Side mirrors...reflecting the trees in the window

9. A cemetery - Didn't get this one

10. A pair of shoes
Munchkin's Easter Shoes from Mawmaw...she was tickled...PINK.

11. A body of water
A river that runs through the town we live in....

12. A drink a Coca-cola Glass

13. A mosaic or mural - didn't get this one either

14. Rain
Okay, I know this isn't rain, but it is water and it's on the windshield...and it looks cool...LOL.  So what if it is just us coming out of the car wash. 

15. Classic car (1970 or older)
No clue what kind of car that little red thing is, but it looks older than 1970 to me...passed it on the highway.

16. A work of art
Munchkin's dollhouse...LOL.  This is the kitchen...scrapbook paper for wallpaper, ribbon for a border, paint on the bottom half, and wood contact paper for hardwood floors.  Yes, a work of art...LOL!
17. A church
Actually, this is an old church campground...the white building is the church.  Doesn't really LOOK like a church, but this is the only church I happened to get a picture of this month...*smiles*

18. A statue - Another miss

19. An interesting sky
I love the blue and how it changes...this photo is straight out of camera.

20. Something in motion
Sittin in the car wash...K-man is FASCINATED!

21. Lights at night - Missed again

22. A silhouette
TALLLLL KC and TALLLL Faith, walking down the road....eee...KC's touching my...ahem.  No, actually he wasn't.  I'm kidding.  It just looked like it.  LOL

23. Something historical (pre-1900) - I had a cool idea for this one but never got around to getting it done.  OH WELL.

24. A shot from an unusual perspective
Munchkin's Kindergarten registration paperworkIMG_3493web

25. Flowers
Cut flowers from the neighbor's yard....*grin*  And no, I didn't just help myself....she told me to come cut some.  *smiles*  Did you know that purple irises leave purple stains on things as they start wilting up?  I'm not sure how I would know that...except maybe for the fact that my fingers may still yet contain a hint of purple.

26. Self-Portrait
What is there to say....this ain't nothin special, just chopped myself out of a pic that I snapped in the month of April....*grin*


  1. #3, #12 and #20 are my favourites. :) You'll find my photos by clicking my nick-name.

  2. nice work... your sky is amazing and beautiful!!

  3. carman ghia,...karman ghia... can't spell it, but dad said that was the type of car.... Volkswagen.....

  4. Hey - very cool post! #7 is my favorite. ;-)

  5. the doll house is for sure a work of art! Great idea using scrapbook paper and ribbon! Love it!

    What a fun challenge, hey?

  6. 10 and 12 are my favourite pics!

  7. Very cool photos! I like the unusual perspective...gonna have to give a shot like that a try!

  8. loved your car wash pictures :) and the shooes, so pretty.

  9. I love your shot inside the car wash. And the red thingie is a VW Karmann Ghia... possibly pre-1970, but judging from the bumper I'd guess early 70's. It looks like the 5mph impact bumper mandated in 1973 or 74 (I think). The Ghia was VW's entry into the "sporty" models, though it was the same chassis, drivetrain, and rolling stock as the Beetle. Only the sheet metal was different.

  10. I love this collection.
    A bunch of creativity and Beauty!
    I really like your smile too :D

  11. These are ALL great, but my faves are #8 and #11. Great job!

  12. I love the architecture and the pink shoes! You could have fooled me with the carwash - but I am tired right now. :)

  13. These are all wonderful shots. love your portrait.
    Thanks for the comment.


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