Saturday, November 10, 2007

Munchkin Funny

In the car on Friday night in the big town half an hour from home, heading back toward the interstate after an evening of shopping (that was an experience in itself...haha).....

Kids weren't really ready to go home yet....they were having too much fun (as a side note here, we didn't do anything really out of the ordinary or expensive, other than shopping, we just had a good time with them--like racing down the sidewalk in the two little strollers and making a short stop in the play area in the mall so they could play a little while....)

"Me want to go THERE, mommy daddy!!!!!!" Munchkin points out the window.... a store with windows full of mannequins that were very scantily clad. Very. A store with the word 'adult' in the description.

I looked at KC. KC looked at me.

"I don't think so," I say to munchkin.

Under my breath to KC, "But of course she wants to go there....that fits right in with her stripper alter ego." (see paragraph eight of that link)

To which he responded, "You ain't right, honey."

And then we both cracked up.

Oh yeah, and we've also been having issues at school this past week where she apparently wants to get on tables (and under tables) and pull her dress up and show her boomboom-badabooms to other children and also (according to her teacher) will randomly pull up her shirt if she doesn't have a jumper or something on to prevent her from doing that. LOVELY. I hope this is just a phase. Anywho, that plus the previously linked incident was the root of my under the breath comment to KC. Better to laugh than cry, I say! LOL. Around here we have to do a lot of laughing. But this is also one of those times when it comes in REALLY handy to be able to say....hey, those aren't MY genes that she's getting THAT from....hahaha. That's my kid, but that behavior isn't my fault. LOL!

Speaking of around here, things have been extremely busy. We've made several trips to the big town....would have only been one trip except the first trip I bought a sewing machine from Tar-jay and opened it up this afternoon during the kids' naptime and was going to play but I didn't even get it out of the box before I realized that a plastic piece of it was already broken off and the thing was bent up. So trip number two was to return that and do a couple more errands that we didn't have time to run the first time. LOL. Okay so THAT was a long sentence. If I really cared, I'd go back and fix that, but it's like 12:18 on a saturday sunday morning and I really need to get off here and go to bed. I wouldn't be up this late except that I was playing with my sewing machine and actually completed....yes, COMPLETED....a couple of projects. WOW! Yay, me. I am so impressed with this machine. It does all kinds of cool stitches and I put a panel insert into a jean skirt split AND sewed a little project for a christmas gift in less than 3 hours....and that was LEARNING to use it! Now that I know how to use it, I should be able to whip out stuff in no time at all! Okay, so maybe it wasn't the SMARTEST thing to do to use a gift for the test project since I'm really an amateur at sewing, but it did turn out pretty good (if i do say so myself), so maybe the gift'ee won't mind. *GRIN*

Okay. I've rambled long enough.


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