Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

The lazy edition since I'm extremely tired and ready for bed, but feeling guilty for not posting at all the last few days....*Sigh*

Thirteen things on my current wish list. (Dedicated to my hubby who was recently heard asking me for my list for shopping purposes....LOL)

1. This book
2. This digi scrappin special edition by my digi-hero, Jessica Sprague
3. A sewing box (although I think this one may be covered since I gave this hint to my mother....heheh)
4. a new point and shoot digi camera
5. Any one of these special publications....this one, this one, or this one
6. This digi scrappin kit
7. a gift certificate to shutterfly (my new favorite addiction)
8. a sewing gift basket (cuz pretty much anything to do with sewing? I don't have decent tools or supplies yet since my history of fabric use has consisted of that no sew fabric glue...hehehe)
9. a good pair of those zig zaggy scissors that you use for cutting fabric. uh...i think they look like this???
10. this....times 2.....for my sanity when buggies aren't feasible
11. some fun digi products
12. this is a pretty neat magazine that I don't currently have a subscription to.....
13. this, this, or even this one....ROFL (okay, so #13 is pretty much a joke in case you didn't figure that out.) actually, THIS is what I REALLY want

So....i'm off to do that now.



  1. Oh, I hope all your dreams come true with this list!

    Especially the last one.

    It sounds dreamy!

  2. oh oh oh... I so need to make a list like this... LOL!! But I think I would be better off getting a mag and circling things cuz I don't think my hubby has checked out my blog in a while! What's up with that!!

  3. BTW - you can get #13 (what you really want) in a pill form! LOL!!


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