Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Crazy Little Life

I am absolutely a total nut case. Who in the world would put themselves through this kind of torture willingly?

*Throwing hand up in the air*


For starters, I'm not getting enough sleep. I keep doing dumb things like starting really good books and not being able to put them down after the kids go to bed and then in the middle of the night when the K-man wakes up crying, I have to get up and stumble around to try to get to him and comfort him until he falls back asleep. Knowing this will happen, I really should get to sleep earlier.

Speaking of the sleep thing, I've been having REALLY crazy dreams lately. The kind that leave such deep impressions in your brain that you think about them all day the next day. Last night? A guy I "dated" many, many moons ago who now I guess would be considered a very distant friend was killed tragically in another country and I found out about it through myspace. When I saw the gruesome pictures of his death posted in his pics, along with the details of how he died. I'm not sure if this was due to the suspense in the book I was reading before bed or not, but after I cried my eyes out for him and his family and totally flipped out at the horror of someone I used to know dying in such a way, then I went to some kind of party....I think it was a scrapbook thing or something but I had to walk up this HUGE hill to get to this extremely large house and we (myself and the family members I generally scrapbook with) walked into it through a little bitty windown on the very top floor (the 12th floor) and the party was on the third floor, so we had to go down and then back up a million stairs and they were blue carpet and the staircase was really wide. Then we went to the party and I crushed the desert b/c I thought it was supposed to be melted and it turned out that it was too melted or something and I felt terrible about it, so I went to get some more ice and I ran out of cash and took the elevator down to the ground floor and suddenly the town we were in was Las Vegas and it was one of those gargantuan hotels....only this one was built into some kind of mountain or something since when you went up to the top you could go outside and it was like a different area or something. Ca-RA-ZY!!!!! It is definitely one of the nuttiest dreams I've had in a long time. And all I had for supper was a pb&j sandwich and chips. Not exactly wild dream creating material.

It was one of the kinds of dreams that makes you wonder if there is a meaning behind it.

Anywho, then there is the home visit tonight from DSS for the K-man. Tomorrow is court. Friday is another home visit, this one for Munchkin. Today I had to be at work by seven, which meant I was up at 5:30 and getting the house moving and everyone ready so that KC could take them to daycare. Today I had to work a really long day, I'm still "working" although technically right now I'm blogging. I am waiting for the printer to finish....matter of fact, I should go start the next batch of print. Anyway, by the time I leave today, I will have put in a solid 10 hours of work.

I have GOT to get busy on the homemade gifts. I've got several large projects that need to be done so that I can get them shipped and all in time for Christmas (or the love holiday or the worship of the three-toed tree goddess....or whatever you might celebrate during the month of December). There is like only 3 weeks till Christmas.....AHHHHHHH.

I am going to HAVE to take extra time off before Christmas. I'm just going to HAVE to. Time when the kids will be in daycare and I can wrap EVERYTHING UP.

hold on a minute. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.

OH yeah, and I have put my finger on the exact description of that buzzing that happens in my head kind of like a dizzy feeling that I had at Thanksgiving and again yesterday and today. Have you ever put one of those 9volt batteries on your tongue?? You know that zap it gives you if it's got juice? Well, that is exactly the kind of zap that my head feels whenever I'm experiencing that "dizzy feeling" in my head. It zaps and then takes a couple of minutes to calm down again. VERY WEIRD. I'm about to decide it's time for a visit with my doc. This is creeping me out.


Dear God, HELP! And please could you lay off on the crazy dreams??? That is unless you're planning to send a Joseph to give me an interpretation. And at that, if I recall correctly, Joseph gave some pretty dire interpretations....I'm not sure I even want to know. EEEEEEEK.


  1. You are stressing me out, girl!

    I hope life slows down for you soon. It sounds like you need a break from the fast lane.

  2. Oh me oh my... breathe Faith... you need a break... and how are the dreams since this post?


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