Saturday, November 03, 2007

In Which I Confess My True Evilness

Okay. I'm admitting it. I am TRULY evil. And I have been completely uh....what's that word for when you're like....uh....just remembered total evil genious-ness (guess that's not a word, huh?). I'm having a little trouble with my vocabulary this evening. I burnt all my brain cells on my wicked!!!

Are you dying to know what I'm talking about yet? I hesitate to post this b/c I would hate to ruin this pure devilry by the reading this post before he But alas, I simply MUST share....

Ya'll know, halloween just passed by. Around our place we don't really celebrate halloween...ya know, being the origins from paganism and satanic rituals and all that, however, I'm so not above eating the candy out of the kids treat bags that they came home from school with. I'm just sparing them the dental work, ya know. Isn't that so gracious of me? Yeah. That's what I thought, too. (and as an aside, just b/c we don't celebrate halloween, doesn't make me think bad of anyone who chooses to for whatever reasons.....LOL.)

Anywho, so in the little treat bags from school, some of the parents apparently made up little goody bags for all the kids....and in some of the goody bags.....
were one of these in the color you see here and one in another....MUCH more realistic color. It was also LARGER.

So as I was emptying out the treat bags into the candy basket for the family, I found these little goodies tucked in there and thought....hum. These could be more useful than JUST halloween favors.....wonder what would happen if......hum.........

So I'm sure you're probably getting where I'm going with this, so I'll just end this with a few pictures.

This is KC's side of the bed:

KC's "oh so innocent looking" pillows
but oh, what's that???
eeeeek......a 'pider!!!!
a very LARGE spider.....just WAITING for him to take the pillows off and get ready to crawl in bed......
which should happen in approximately 15 minutes or so.....I wish I could post pictures of the reaction....I hope it doesn't wake the kids....but oh well. I'll risk it. I don't know any way to get a camera in there without raising his suspicions, so ya'll will just have to use your imaginations. *TEEHEHEHEHEHEH*

Oh, and one last funny thing....

little green spider was laying on the floor where it had been thrown by the K-man later in the day after big black spider had been placed.....and KC saw it and was a bit startled and was overheard making this statement: "oh, that could freak a person out a little"

Can I just tell you that this very evil "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" was just RUMBLING around inside me but I didn't DARE let it out???

At this particular moment, he's wondering why I'm not sitting next to him while I'm on the internet....I just didn't want him to see this. I'm going to go ahead and hit post and then go sit next to him so I can make sure he doesn't go read my blog before bed. HAHA.

Oh I'm SOOOOO evil.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

"Honey, you are SICK! Sick, sick, sick!!!!!!"

But I was disappointed....he didn't even scream. My bad, cuz I forgot he takes his contacts all he saw was a black blob on the pillow and he had to get all up on top of it for him to realize what it was....and by that time he realized it was fake cuz obviously it wasn't moving.... LOL. Oh well. It was still funny.


  1. I can't wait to hear how your trick turned out..LOL!

  2. You've won! You've won! The Mommy Wars book, a kitchen scale and that $25 GAP gift certificate from my Fall Y'all giveaway....

    If you could send your address to me, it's on it's way...

    movingmama at bellsouth dot net

  3. Congrats on your winnings faith! Oh and thanks for the giggles! I'm still smiling at his reaction :)

  4. lol...thanks! I'm pretty psyched about winning something!!! And yeah, I'm still cackling over my little prank....and I'm also bracing myself for that spider to reappear on MY side of the bed or in some other place among my things to flip me would be something KC would get me back on. HAHAHA.

  5. Nikki Angels of Heart9:52 AM

    Hi just stopping by after the blog giveaway . This is soo funny to bad you didnt get a scare out of him. I'm a bit evil too. lOL This post alone wants makes me want to come back. lOL I did enjoy your blog today.

    Nikki :)

  6. Oh, that is a good one! I wish he would have still been able to see the spider. That would have rocked!


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