Friday, November 23, 2007

HA! Pictures!

Just to prove I'm still capable of posting pictures....hehehe......
here are the leaves in our backyard....well, now of course all these are on the ground. This was taken before they fell off the trees a few weeks ago. LOL.
And this is me and the honey at my cousin's sweet sixteen birthday party. I finally got those pictures wrapped up today. I am SO close to getting the pictures that have been hanging over my head all caught up, but not quite there yet. *sigh*
I look strange. eh, well, looks aren't deceiving in this case. BWAHAHA.

So....let's see...what's new?

The kids are good....well, I think. We let Munchkin go visit her little bio aunt (who is really more like a sissy in their ages) this morning and she seemed to enjoy that. Did a little shopping while she was playing with BioA and then went back and picked her up and got the kids home and down for naps....then woke them up and went to KC's parents for dinner. It was yummy. Kids did fairly well considering they were both tired. K-man upchucked on himself and Munchkin while Pawpaw was swinging them out on the porch swing....oops. Not sure where that came from, but changed everyone's clothes and then Munchkin didn't make it to the bathroom in time and we still ended up without enough changes of clothes. Lovely thing, having kids. Amazing at how much 'stuff' you carry around with you and STILL end up feeling unprepared. *sigh* I love it. Really. Haha.

I think the K-man may not be feeling good....he doesn't feel warm at all, but he cried himself to sleep and keeps on crying every now and then in his sleep. This could be a very long night.

Mawmaw had a teddy bear that Munchkin discovered a switch on the back of tonight. The bear makes heartbeat sounds.....very sleep inducing....even for adults. KC fell asleep rocking munchkin and heartbeat bear tonight (b/c of course Mawmaw sent it home with us) and both him an the munchkin were soundly sleeping an hour later when I went and carried Munchkin to bed. *GRIN* Now we have to find another heartbeat bear for K-man since they cried all the way home b/c they both wanted it and there was only one. *sigh* *again* =)

Well, it does not feel like we've been off for two days already. It feels like we have a million things left to do and not enough time left to do it all in. ARGH. YIKES. It also feels strange to have this many "Saturdays" in a row. I'm getting all turned around. It doesn't take much, you know.

Tomorrow, I think we're going to try to do our Christmas pictures. I asked a friend to come over to be my extended arm to take pictures with me in them....LOL. My arm isn't quite long enough to hold two kids still and snap the picture of us, too. *smiles* We'll see how they turn out. I've got my fingers crossed....I feel slightly unprepared in that I haven't gotten Munchkin's dress altered yet, nor do I have the adult portion of the coordinating outfits picked out. Not to mention the fact that I really wanted to get more done on the house during the time off and....well....let's put it this way....the Flylady isn't happy with me these days. *sigh*

Has anyone besides me noticed that all my paragraphs are ending in *sighs*? Hum. This is maybe not good.

That's one of the munchkin's favorite sayings lately: "MAYbe not"

Geesh. My memory is getting AWFUL. Munchkin is saying all kinds of hilarious things that I'm just totally forgetting by the midnight when I get to finally sit down and post. *SIGH* See there I go to stop!

Let's see. This is very random isn't it? Well, that's exactly what is going on in my head these days.....

Oh, random KC quote today:
riding in the car to his parents for dinner (phones are in my purse)
Interrupts himself midsentence with: "HONEY, the phone."
I dig around in the purse and find the phone and check the screen. No calls. Check mine, same calls. "Uh, no, honey....they're not ringing."
"Oh. Sorry. Must have been the voices in my head."
"LOL, don't say that too loud, hon, somebody might put you in the place where all the people go who hear voices."

Anyways, guess that's it for today....I'm reading a new favorite book (God Is Closer Than You Think) which I will probably talk about later....since it's pretty deep for just a shallow post such as this....anyways...and I'm gonna see if I can figure out how to start a book list over in the sidebar of stuff I'm reading.....we'll see. Anywho.....happy Black Friday.



  1. Great pictures, my friend! I love your autumn colors (before they hit the ground!)

    You and your honey are quite the cute couple.

    I hope your Christmas pictures go well. It is a challenge not for the weak.

  2. I don't supppose, our big group will be included today. Just can't seem to get it together! The matching thing throws me, especially with the boys!! Yikes!! we really do need to make some progress with that don't we? I think your session will go well today. I happen to know your helper and she is really good at children and taking pictures!! :) She is cute too. Takes after her mother. Hey, there is a funny!!!

  3. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Hey girl, just let me know when you want to get together to look at those pics. Name a day that is good for you and I'll take a look at our schedule here. Wow, you must be wonder-mom to be able to get all of this stuff done. *lol* I think I just barely made it through grad school to become wonder-wife, not sure how I'll make it through mommy school yet. *lol* :o) Husband says we defiantly need 2 computers. He's been working on some DVDs off and on this morning and now I'm taking a turn and he says it is his turn again. Sure will be glad to get a laptop soon. :o) -j


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