Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just a bit of fun stuff....

Blog Posts that I read today:

The First Step Is Admitting It - can I just say that this lady makes me laugh out LOUD and I totally feel the same way...only about Dr. Pepper. *G*

Five Reasons I Blog - Actually, she did six. Which makes her a rebel (her words) and which makes me like her all the more. *G* I especially liked this line from her first reason...

"So, I blog. I didn’t even send out a Christmas letter this year. If anyone asked, I told them, “Go to the blog. Everything you want to know is there. Plus a bunch of other stuff you’ll wish you could erase from your head.”"

I think that little tidbit was the final push that made me add her blog to my bloglines. LOL. That and the info she put about herself in the sidebar that cracked me up. Go ahead...see for yourself.

Amazing Grace - this song started playing and I fell in love. It almost made me cry. Except for the fact that I'm sitting here at work...and I don't care to cry in public if it can at all be helped. Anyways, I followed the link and grabbed this song for my blog. Side note here that it made my mother (not in-law) happy that I replaced the previous song, which, in my defense, wasn't BAD. I really liked it for the song, not the video anyways. Oh well. Now it's Amazing Grace. Everybody happy now? LOL

Okay, so that wasn't all the blog posts I read today, but those really stuck out and they're all I have time to mention for now. Catch ya'll.....


Well alrighty then!

Do you have any idea how difficult it is for me to do a Wordless Wednesday? I always have something to say. LOL. Well, not always, but it seems like I do on every Wednesday. Oh well. Welcome to the Not Wordless Wednesday, ya'll.

This is probably going to be a quick post. I say that, then it will end up being one of the longest ever.

First thing...a bloggy welcome to my mother-in-law who was just now lucky enough to get the secret code (aka link) to her favorite (and least I better be the only...hehe) daughter-in-law's blog. Yeah, I know, I keep saying I'm not going to give the link to any more people I know....but she's not feeling good, and you know how laughter is sposed to be the best medicine, right? Anyways.

Next thing....ya know, that mother-in-law I just mentioned? Well, her son made up his side of the bed this morning before he left for work. Somebody CALL THE DR.....CALL THE NEWSPAPERS...CALL SOMEBODY. Something is definitely up. LOL. Just kidding. I think he was just trying to make up for that jacket thrown across the couch yesterday. LOL.

Oh yes, and before I forget, Denise asked about the paint color in mine and KCz living room....isn't it beautiful? We love it. And being the all around nice person that I am, I actually made a special trip into the garage and looked through all the paint cans to find the name of it. *grin* Yes, I know. I'm sweet like that. (HA!) And I know you're all laughing "WITH" me right? Hehehe. So anyways, back to the paint color. Its American Tradition from Lowes and the name of it is Mark Twain House Olive Interior Satin. It's veryyy pretty on the walls. I can say that and not be bragging on myself b/c I didn't pick it out. KC did. Hehehe.

There was one other thing I was going to blog about...what was it? Oh yeah....KC bought me a laptop. Don't I just have the sweetest hubby??? Yes, I know. He's wonderful. I love him! AND I love the laptop, but I'm not happy with the Windows Vista. It makes the computer REALLY slow and it *should* be way faster than my desktop.. Anyways, I'm working on that....

Think that's all the news in my life right now. Happy Hump Day, ya'll.

Okay hang on a sec. this is too funny....I was just now talking on the phone to one of the vendors that I'm in the process of getting some stuff on....checking on the progress of the *stuff*....yes, I was actually doing some work. Anyways, so we're finishing up the conversation and he says, keep smiling and I say always. And then I don't hear anything else. I'm like, thanks for calling me back and all and we'll catch up with ya later and I don't hear any response. So I'm like, "Hello? Are you still there? Um....Okay then. Well......" Then I hang up the phone. He calls back a couple secs later and says, "I accidentally hit the mute button on my phone....i heard you talking to yourself. You were probably thinking...oh this guy is so rude he hung up on me."

ROFL! How embarrassing. After I hung up, I did happen to think to myself, I hope he really hung up b/c it would be embarrassing if he heard me say all that....LOL. Go figure..


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Down Memory Lane

Got a wild hair last night to go diggin in my old picture boxes (ya know, the ones from before I had a digital camera....WAY back when....).

Recently had a chance to catch up with some old friends on myspace....some that I grew up with and lost contact sometime in the last 8 or so years....and I guess that kinda got me feeling a bit I thought I'd go find some old pictures.

Man. I just wanted to cry when I started looking through at all the people who have changed....and not in good ways either. It didn't take me long to remember why I don't dig through those boxes anymore. *sigh*

Here's a picture for ya....
its kinda messy cuz i had to scan it in and it was in a scrapbook
I miss when all of us were close like this.....


and I feel like I'm stuck in some kind of time warp or something. Everybody (mostly) is or at least "seems" drastically changed. Then I have to ask myself....have I changed that much? (above: 1995-7?...below: 2000 -- my senior year)

the only difference between the first two pictures is I got a little older....oh, and my clothes/hair are a little more tasteful....LOL
and this last one was me getting ready to leave the house for work this morning. Took this picture just to record the only other (visible) things that have changed about me since the 90's and my senior hair is a teensy bit shorter but still long....(if I hadn't curled my hair for the senior picture, you would REALLY be able to see the difference)....and I have glasses that I wear when I'm driving (but they're not really strong, they just take the little fuzzies away).....oh and I'm a little weightier than I used to be (although nobody believes me, the scale doesn't lie). The rest of the differences are invisible....and those are pretty minor...but on the inside, I still feel like the geeky kid I used to be. {continued on Private Insanity}

Other things to note from that last picture above....see the jacket thrown over the back of the couch behind me? ahem. That's not mine. (ROFL) (and in case anybody is wondering what I meant by that, KC and I can't decide who is the messiest person in our house....but he did make up the bed yesterday before I got home, so I guess I'll pardon the jacket. LOL)

Anyways. Speaking of funny stuff.....take another look at this picture that I posted, i mean take a CLOSE look. In particular, notice the size of the cats......and remember this was taken 2 days ago, so it's recent.
Did ya get a good look?????

Okay now look at this picture:
and this one.....
Oh my WORD....that just KILLS me. Those two pictures are from about 3 years ago not long after we got Jango....he was still a baby. (I found these last night in those old pictures and had to scan them in....)

And then there was this one.....look at him....AWWWWWWW. He's all ears and tail.....bless it!
this just cracks me up. Look at the size of those honkin daddy ears!!!!!
and he looks a lot like a weasel here....bwhahaha
Its just tooo funny! I want him to be a baby kitty again......*grin* And if I feel this way about my CAT's baby pictures...imagine how its gonna be when I'm looking at my KID's baby pictures way on down the road somewhere.. LOL

Anyways, the last of the walk down memory lane......altogether now: "AWWWWWWWW"


Lord love it....he was soo skinny.
That's it for now.

Monday, February 26, 2007

gotta love those

Sunday afternoon naps. Yesterday's cracked me up. I didn't want to go to sleep but KC wanted me to be near him, so I laid there and petted the cats for a few minutes until KC fell asleep. Then I had to get up and go find my camera.....check out the kit kats laying on KC.....


They NEVER lay this close to each was SO funny. They were just doing it so I could pet soon as I left the room for good, Jango came to find me in the other room and crawled up in my lap there. LOL.


And the view from my side of the bed.....teeehehe. this just makes me laugh!

It was really funny when KC kinda woke up a bit and was like what are you taking a picture of?? I told him I was taking pictures of the cats laying on him and he said....the cats are laying on me? Hehehe...he was obviously out of it otherwise he would have felt the combined weight of approximately 25 pounds sitting on his side. Hehehe.

Other random pictures:


My new favorite thing....lemonade by the glass....unfortunately I haven't been able to find it around I measured how many tsp is in each case anybody cares, its 4.5. So now I'm gonna use the big jars and my little tsp thing. LOL.


Woohoo....halfway through the indesign textbook. Stuck on Color it just me or is this the most boring thing in the book? Somebody please tell me I can skip this chapter.....the perfectionist in me is plodding through it.

Rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. Saturday we went to Asheville and did a little shopping and then went by the hospital to see our friends who just had baby #2. Came back and went to a kid at church's b-day party. Then of course, church on Saturday night and Sunday.

In my opinion, Sunday services at church were some of the best I've ever seen. It was awesome. The message Sunday am was good and Sunday night was a "no preachin" service and it was sa-WEET! I mean, WOW. I don't think there was a dry eye in wasn't all "happy tears" but it kinda felt like there was a comforting peace there and no matter what was going on in your life, it would be okay b/c God was there, and He cared. That is such a great feeling.

Oh yeah, had a Dr. Pepper yesterday....I woke up with a headache on Sunday morning and figured since I already had a headache.....lemme tell ya, the DP was SO yummy. I spread it out over the whole day. Hehehe. Oh yeah, and my headache went away (not sure if it was the Excedrin or the DP that cured it.. LOL)

{this part of this post on the Private Blog}

and in case you missed why I now have a private blog, see here

Think thats about it for now....heading out now....catch ya'll....


Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Funny


Not my cat, but funny anyways. Yeah, my cat wouldn't go near the actual water, he prefers to sit between the cloth and clear shower curtains and watch it run down the curtain. LOL. Got this in a forward this morning, so I don't know the actual source, but I'm assuming its the little website in the corner of the picture. =) Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I got my first hate mail (comment). I deleted it. Thanks anyways.

Maybe I'll just make fun of you on here now....because, really. You say that normal...blah blah blah...women don't go around blogging things I blog about....well, DUH!! Did you read the title of the blog? The whole point is this is where I come to be goofy. Oh, and to vent. And laugh. So sorry if you don't get that.

Guess what?! It's a free country. And it's my blog. Nobody said you had to read OR agree.

I find a lot of blogs that I seriously disagree with (hey, with the number of blogs floating around the blogosphere, there's no way you could agree with all of them!)....but if I don't have something nice to say, I don't leave a comment. Think about that, will ya? And hey, have a nice day.

And to my other, NICE commenters, thank you and thanks for visiting.

Still laughing,
Lil ol' judgemental me

PS Lucky for me, I don't have a lot of traffic here, so it was really simple to look at my statcounter and figure out which one you were based on the pages you visited while you were I've saved a copy of your IP and location and all that stuff just in case I need it. =)

ETA: I've moved my vents that make me appear "extremely full of myself" to my new private blog. Lord knows, I'm definitely not "full of myself" and anyone who knows me knows that. But since ya'll don't know me, I guess I'll keep that stuff to myself. I'll also be posting other private stuff (and when I have foster kids, probably some pictures) over there for me, and the people who love me, to read. I also made my myspace private and I'm seriously considering making my photography links private, too. Guess it kinda makes you realize that there really ARE people out there who can't be nice and then you start thinking about what else they could do if they really wanted. Too bad. But I've still got that IP and location....and the sleuthing abilities/statcounter to find out others if the need arises. Haha. Oh, did that make me sound full of myself? Now I have a complex. LOL.

Thursday Thirteen

The Official TT Retirement Edition.

Thirteen Options to try now that the official TT Meme is going away (not that I was ever "official" that often anyways.....)

1. Tuesday's Tales - A handful of questions each week on different topics....
2. Saturday Six - six questions on a specific topic
3. Sunday Seven - from the same blog as Saturday Six only it appears to be seven answers to one question
4. Wednesday Mind Hump - the blog host is Blogdrive Insanity....three guesses as to why this appeals to me and the first two don't count. LOL! Appears to be 3-4 questions on a specific topic.
5. Randomness - again, should be no doubt there about the appeal.
6. Booking Through Thursday - a weekly question on reading habits, tastes, etc. Looks interestinig to a bookworm like me.
7. Friday's Feast - a buffet for your brain....five topics of discussion: an appetizer, soup, salad, main course, and dessert.
8. Unconscious Mutterings - yeah...sounds like my kinda thing alright!

And a couple that are NOT an option for me....
9. TMI Tuesday - these questions are a little too personal for my taste
10. W& E& T Wednesday - YUCK. Nuff said.

Other options:
11. Make up one of my Freaky Friday....a random "out of the blue" question each week. Rules: take question, find someone you don't know (and not one that is a dirty old --or young-- man) and ask them said random question and blog the results. HEHEHE.
12. Continue doing Thursday Thirteen (un-officially....since that's mostly what I've been doing anyways)
13. Skip it altogether... In researching "memes" I found a few statements on the "safety" issue of blogging personal information like is on some of these "personal question" memes. It's really pathetic that a few predators/idiots ruin everything for the innocent rest of us. *sigh* Yeah. I think its a good thing that I'm fixing the security breaks on my lovely little blog. *sigh* It's too bad it's gotta be that way.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


{missing post on the idiotic male species moved to Private Insanity}


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Scattered thoughts

truth be told, most of my posts should probably be titled that.....

stayed busy at work today....kinda got a bit aggravated at some lack of communication issues at work. I won't go into detail, but its kinda sad, given the type of business I work in, that we have so many "communication" issues. Anyways, I had a misunderstanding of some mail deadline requirements that is causing our mail drops to be sent later than I had originally thought. Had I known that the files needed to be there earlier in order to be completed by the date I thought they were supposed to go, I would have made sure to get them there in time. Now, it doesn't all hinge on my files, but without ALL the parts, things just don't work. I really don't want to be the gear that causes the breakdown though. *sigh*

Oh, the good news is that I'm almost halfway through the InDesign textbook. I only slammed my fist on the desk in frustration a couple of times today. LOL. I just am having problems with the graphics and moving the graphics around inside the frames and resizing using selection and direct selection. I just can't seem to get it to work like the textbook says it's supposed to. Anyways, I finally got it done right (although doing it again later without the textbook is slightly "iffy") and moved on. Now I'm working on the text and styles. I like THAT stuff. Totally cool, all the things that InDesign will do with text and paths and that jazzy stuff. It's almost tempting to start using ID instead of PS, for all the cool things you can do with the text AND graphics...not to mention how you can import PS files into ID documents. Pretty nifty. I wonder if you can save .idd files as .jpgs?? Maybe it will get into that later in the textbook.

On the foster parenting front, I ran into our social worker at the grocery store last night and got to talking to her for a few minutes. She said that our original licensing worker (C) has been promoted and they're in the process of hiring someone to replace her, but for now, she (RK) is our worker. She also said that out of the MAPP class we were in, we were the first ones to be officially licensed...actually, only one other couple so far (besides us) has been officially licensed, and theirs was in the last couple of weeks. I was really surprised. I asked about the others and apparently one couple will definitely be approved (this is the one that surprised me to find out they weren't licensed yet) but they couldn't read the mom's fingerprints, so they had to redo those, which is their only hold up. The one other couple apparently hasn't finished the paper work. One guy was taking the class but he was from a different county, he'll be licensed in his own county. And last....the ones that DIDN'T surprise me.....remember the four individuals I talked about in this post??? Well, they wanted to be licensed apparently, for their "related child" AND to be foster parents. According to R, she "didn't see that happening....either for the relative or other." Interesting. I laughed when she said that. She also said that they have hardly taken ANY kids this year and actually the judges have sent some back home that probably shouldn't have gone home. Apparently this is election year. I have an opinion about that, but not today. But anyways, so she said to just hang in there even though its slow right now. Guess slow in that business is a good thing, right?

Well, need to get to bed. Later....

Monday, February 19, 2007

It's definitely Monday.

*sigh* I'm exhausted. KC and I went down to Charlotte last night to spend some quality time together and spent the night. Did a little shopping, a little relaxing, went to dinner at the Cracker Barrel (yummy) was nice. The time away, that is. The Cracker Barrel was a little strange. The food was terrific....KC had the homestyle chicken dinner and I had a plate of country vegetables. We both even agreed on the restaurant choice (LOL). But the company was a little strange......

{missing paragraph on the idiotic male species moved to Private Insanity}

But then, we're sitting there, our waitress had either just brought our drinks or had just left with our drink order or something and this other waitress walks by and stops and says, "that gentleman back there wants to know if either of you know who won the Daytona. He saw you had just came in and thought you might know." UHHMM.... HUH? Isn't that like a place in Florida? LOL. Just kidding...I know what the Daytona is...I live in the south. BUT. I don't know who won. So waitress number two says that's okay and walks away. KC and I look at each other and we're like....okay, this is getting REALLY strange.

InDesign is getting on my nerves again. It really bugs me how it will tell you to put the graphic or frame all the way to the edges and show it in that illustration and then on the illustrations after that, it shows the graphic or frame not going all the way to the edge. Weird. Oh, and I'm almost halfway through chapter three now. Whoohoo.

Anyways. I'm ready to go home now. I got up at 4 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. *sigh*

Well...back to lovely "driving me crazy" InDesign.
Later, ya'll!

Oh and yes, KC's blog is all about work. He said he wasn't comfortable posting anything more personal, but I'm hoping now that it's private, invitation only, that he'll start posting more personal. I like to see inside his head. Course, inside his head isn't as skeery as inside mine. But ya know. =)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Okay, ya'll....

My dear hubby is a very private person. Unlike his wifey who blathers all kinds of stuff over the airwaves from humiliated kitkats to personal drama...etc. Anyways, I fixed him up with a statcounter like mine for his blog so he could see who was visiting his blog. I think it flipped him out a bit....since about 8 of his...8 visitors (lol....actually, it was about 16, although I'm sure some of the other 8 also found the link from my site and returned directly instead of through my blog) came from my site. Teeheheh....and at least two of them are ones that I think might know both of from here in town and my lurker from Newark. Anyways, I think that's the part that skeered him. He told me he wants the freedom to put his thoughts down and know they're not going to get him in trouble with...ahem....people....or offend said....ahem....people. Not that the....ahem...people who have been to his blog already are on that list, but OTHER people who read my blog..... *GRIN* So he told me to take down my links to his page. I was like...aww.....come on.....why don't you just make your blog by invitation only, that way people have to tell you who they are and ask to read it. *grin* EEK. Don't hit me, ya'll, but he JUMPED on that hesitation whatsoever. I know he's a very interesting and witty fellow and I know you want to go see, but you're just going to have to ask him to invite you if you want to read it. And yes, I know it's a pain in the neck, but you'll have to get over it. *grin* Anyways, you have to have a Google account (even if you don't have a blogger blog) and you will have to email him at his blogger email and then he can go invite you (oh, I just figured out that you don't have to have a google account for him to invite can view as a guest for a few days if he does, but then you have to sign up for a google account).....IF he wants to give you access. LOL. You might want to ask first before you go to the trouble of signing up for a Google account....he's a very private person. *grin* I love that boy. Oh, and don't none of ya'll get offended if he says no....that just means he's talking about you on there and doesn't want you to see it. BWAHAHAH. JUST KIDDING!!!! It doesn't mean don't get offended...

I'm on his invite list. Course, I invited myself whenever I set it to "invite only"....BWAHHAHAHA. Yes. I'm crazy. I'm also taking bribes for unauthorized invitations....since I have access to his blogger account....ROFL. I'm kidding again, ya'll. Sorry. *GRIN*

Okay. I'm off again. (are you kidding? I'm ALWAYS "OFF"...hehehehe)

Ooh la la.

And so passes another exciting Saturday.

Friday was very busy. I'm still trying to learn InDesign (one of the new programs in the Creative Suite) and I'm using the InDesign Classroom in a Book and it is definitely a textbook. *sigh* I spent almost two days trying to get through Lesson 2 around the rest of my job. Right now its definitely not sunk in yet. I don't have any problem (well, not much anyways) following the book but when it comes to figuring out on my own for work projects, I'm not sure I'll be able to do it without the step by step: Place the graphic from this file in the box between the two gridlines you just placed at X60p3 and Y16p5 by clicking View > Fit Spread in Window and then File > Place.........or something like that. But you get what I'm saying. Plus, I keep finding inconsistencies in the when it said now that you've used the rectangle FRAME button, we're going to place the next graphic using the plain rectangle and then it goes on to say okay choose the rectangle FRAME button.....and shows the process using the frame for that step. Do huh? No wonder I keep having to go back and read it again. That drives me crazy! LOL. Anyways.

So today we went and picked up the recliner we ordered back in uh....January...the beGINNING of January. So much for 2 weeks. It's nice.

Then we got the wild hair to give both cats a bath. I read in this scrapbooking idea book (yeah I know, strange. But let me explain...) anyways, so it was an idea book for pet pages and I am the kind of person who likes to read the journalling on scrapbook pages that other people have submitted (as opposed to someone who just looks at the pages in general for ideas) and there was this one about this lady who gave her cat a bath and took pictures and scrapbooked it. LOL. The pictures were funny, (and so was the writing) but in the journalling she explained that one of their family members was somewhat allergic to the cat in the house, so every three months they gave the cat a bath and it improved the allergy problem....especially in the weeks right after the bath. So I told KC about it, and we decided maybe that would cut down on our hair problem and possibly prevent us from having to get our long haired cat (Snowball) shaved every few months or so (which costs around $60 each time since she's very uncooperative and they have to give her anesthesia).

Snowball whined a little bit and was generally unhappy, but suffered in silence for the most part through her bath. Then we dried her off and she went to hide under the bed to sulk and lick her wounds (i mean fur). Hehe. Next up was Jango. He was a different story altogether. He is definitely the more vocal of the two. He has got one crazy set of lungs and he wanted the WORLD to know the injustice that was being done. Have you ever heard a cat howl? ROFL! His meows were literally like this: MEEEEEEOOOWWWWRRRRRRRRRRRRWWWWWWW. KC held and I washed and a couple of times we were laughing so hard we could hardly keep working. He's also bigger than Snowball (aka FAT), stronger, and squirmier. *GRIN* Not to mention, when he's mad, his tail whips back and forth and his tail holds a lot of water.....there was water all over the kitchen and we were both soaked by the time we were done. Then KC went and got the camera while I held him. ROFL! It was SOO funny.


Ooooh....he looks kinda irritated....LOL





The frenzied cleaning that went on for hours.....poor baby! Bet his tongue is tired.

Oh and by the way....I called the neighbor yesterday afternoon. The cat is a "she," she made it home, and yes, it was theirs. When I got up Friday morning, the cat wasn't on my back porch anymore, so sometime in the night, she realized she was at the wrong house. Teeehehehe....the funny thing is, she came back to my back porch Friday night and was sleeping in the little cave thing I made when I got home (and she has a house over at the neighbors that has warm bedding in it). *grin* Oh, and my cats were fascinated. They were glued to the back door....especially Jango. I think he's in LUV. Hehehee. She came to the door like she wanted to come in and her and Jango were kissing through the window. Unfortunately they quit by the time I got the camera, but I did get one of him peering out at her. LOL.


Okay this post has been a lot about the kitkats. *sigh* Guess they are the only excitement in my life right now. Although I'm definitely not complaining. Life is good.

I'm outa here for now.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I'm totally not thinkin straight today. I finally realized it after I read the same line in this InDesign Textbook 5 times in a row and then actually READ the line and realized it wasn't something that was hard to understand and there was no justification for my reading it 5 times straight.

Then my computer was attacked by the blue screen of death (ya know the one that says, "sorry, your computer has encountered a serious error. You just lost all your work. Please try again later. Have a nice day!"), making my efforts on that particular line of the textbook completely wasted. I booted back up and looked at the clock and there is only a few minutes left before quittin time. Certainly not enough time to finish that chapter (at the rate of 5x each line, it will take me at least a month of Sundays). Yes. I will be much more productive when I am operating on more than 5 hours of sleep. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm just ready to go home and see my honey. He arrived back in NC safe and sound. YAY! I missed him. Imagine that. Wasn't like he was gone for Valentine's Day or anything. LOL. Oh least he'll think his card is just late b/c he wasn't here for me to give it to him, not b/c I procrastinated to the very last hours of V-Day. Hehehe.

I forgot to call the neighbor today to see if that was her cat on my back porch. Oh well. The cat was gone this morning when I got up, so maybe they found him. Or her. It.

I had a duh moment today. (act surprised, will ya?) I got to work and Wally mentioned to me that the Flickr account that I've been using for my blog pics is linked to my main yahoo mail, not my blog yahoo mail....the main yahoo mail has my name on it. Ooops. I've created a flickr under my blog yahoo now, so all I have to do is go back and figure out which ones are where in my blog and re-upload them all under the new name. URGH. What a pain. I can't believe I missed that.

Well....time to go see my honey.
Later, ya'll!


This blog is now And its time for me to go to bed now. Just a few more quick things and I'm on my way.

The Valentines Card for KC was finished about 20 minutes after Valentine's day was over. LOL. Oops. I kinda got sidetracked when I got off of here to go make it. I went to the kitchen to get a drink and saw one of my cats peering ever-so intently out the back door. So I go look b/c surely there are no birds out at this time of night for her to watch....and I see this strange cat sitting on the back porch rail.

Hmmmm. It is mighty cold outside tonight. I feel bad for it. So I'm thinking....hmmm....I can't bring it inside. Do I have something to put out there for it to lay on that might be warmer? Okay...some old towels from the garage. How bout some food and water, case it's hungry. Okay...check, check. Now let's see if it's friendly. So I open the door very carefully (b/c my cats are wanting out all of a sudden. Dumb cats. Don't they know how good they have it in this warm cozy house? Anyways, so I peer out and the cat isn't in sight anymore. Hmm....I go on out and the cat is beelining down the rail to come see me. Yep...guess it's friendly. So I put the food down and it can't decide whether to come let me pet it or to it walks rapidly back and forth between me and the food. So I pet it for a minute and then go back to get the towels before I freeze my rear off. I opened one of the lawn chairs, draped a foam exercise mat over the chair and then laid the towels inside the cave I just created, and scurried back inside the house. Last I saw, the cat was eating...checked a few minutes ago and don't see it anywhere...but I can't see inside the "cave" so it might be in there.

And that is why I didn't get the Valentine's card completely finished before the day was officially over.

Now. Normally I would not feed a stray b/c we all know how strays are when you feed them. They never go away. However, my neighbor told me the other night that her daughter (who is temporarily living with her) had a cat when she moved in a couple weeks ago, but it ran away and they haven't seen it since. So, I'm thinking, this might be the neighbor's cat since it is definitely not wild and appeared to be very hungry, so hopefully by giving it a little food and shelter, it will hang around long enough for me to notify the neighbor (or for them to look down on my back porch from theirs and see it themselves). Yes. I am such a nice person. That was my good deed for the day. Now if that cat is not theirs, I may have created a problem. But we'll deal with that later. LOL

Okay. I'm going to bed. Getting up for work in the morning is going to KILL me. LOL.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm happy to announce that my cavity is now filled. And with quite a bit LESS pain than I expected....woohoo. I'd take a picture of my tooth and show you, but it would really be quite ordinary since my tooth looks normal again and there is really nothing to show now. I shoulda taken a picture before...and then you'd be able to see the difference. Aww...never doesn't matter that there's a difference to anyone except me b/c I was the one who had to look at it in the mirror every time I brushed my teeth. LOL. And this is a waste of a perfectly good paragraph. Moving right along.

Church tonight was.....good. you didn't think I was going to say that, did you? Sorry...I know I've got a bad track record for being negative. Honestly, it's not that I'm being negative. I'm just stating facts here, people! Anyways, the facts tonight were that there was only about 15 minutes of the doom and gloom: everybody's got cancer and we're all gonna die and ain't that just wonderful.....and then we moved along and the rest of the service (mainly) was great. *grin* The message was on "Resisting the Devil." In a nutshell, you can't just quote scripture and expect to defeat him, the only way to defeat him is to have God's spirit in you and THEN use your ammunition (the Bible). The other part is that you have to submit to God before you can resist the devil. If you're not submitting to God...well, duh. Nuff said.

So I was going to watch a movie last night on the laptop....I got all comfy and started the movie and realized there was no sound. GRRRR. I was using KC's laptop and the best I could figure, he must have it set up for his I-cush and when you don't have the I-cush plugged in, apparently there is something you have to do in order to get the sound to come back through the laptop speakers. Something that obviously WASN'T done. I tried to figure it out on my own so I wouldn't have to bother KC....and I fiddled around with all his settings. LOL. I finally decided I didn't want to watch a movie after all. I hope I didn't royally goof all his sound stuff....hehehe. I honestly have no clue about all that. Give me a manual and I might figure it out....but otherwise....I know where to plug in the main stuff to get what I need out of a computer, but go to messing with multiple cables and extra features....not my thang. Sorry hon...don't kill me. =)

Well. I guess I need to get off of here now....I need to go make KC's valentine's day card. LOL...there is still 1 hour and 20 minutes before V-Day is officially over, so I think I have procrastinated long enough. Hahah. Oh, and speaking of the FOURTEENTH being officially over, that also means that the 15th is beginning in 1 hour and 20 minutes. And I'm changing the link (if I can prop my eyelids open long enough, that is) in approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes...give or take a few minutes. So this is your LAST CHANCE!!!

Back in an hour and....16 minutes. =P

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well....finished it. Yay for me. LOL.
(Click on it and choose "all sizes" to see it larger)

Just a little reminder....only one day left to change your links to

Tomorrow I'm taking the day off. I have to go get a cavity filled and I'm treating myself to a little time off to make up for it. LOL. I absolutely HATE dentist drills. ARGH.

Okay...well...I'm getting off here...internet is really slow tonight and i hate dialup. *grin*
Later, ya'll!

ROFL! This is TOO funny...

Here's a little humor for you from yesterday.....

Okay...first off....I get this email yesterday afternoon. Subject: gaston college? busted....

LOL! I never expected to get a response to my query about the identity of my visitor from gaston college (particularly since "Newark" has yet to let me know who they are). So ya'll will be happy to know that my gaston college visitor is not a stalker.....just another blogger who found my blog originally by searching for *the place i work* back when I had posted a specific name b/c he was interested in blogs referencing *the place where I work*. *smiles* Mystery solved.

And then, ya know how yesterday was my 12 picture on the 12th day thing? So I was taking pictures all day. I got home and was cuddlin on my kitkat and thought....I'll just take a picture of me lovin on him. Teeeehehehehehehe. It took about 5 or 6 tries to get the ones I wanted, but....the "trying" part....well....I'll just let you see for yourself....

Ugh....not a great takes serious coordination to keep the kitkat from wriggling out of the picture and holding the honkin' daddy camera AND snappin the picture....LOL.


Okay....this is almost there....except the fact that I look like I'm holding the cat like a gun and getting ready to shoot myself....BWAHAHA.

kitkat2 he looks like he's being tortured....and I'm cracking up......but that ain't nothing.....check out the NEXT shot.


ROFL!!!!!! I promise I'm not choking him. He looks like he's in SERIOUS misery. I pulled this picture up on my computer last night and I thought I was going to DIE laughing. I love my kitkat. =) (yeah, even though he didn't think so in these pictures....BWAHAHA)

So anywho.....I'm going to try to get my 12-12 page finished tonight and I might post it if I get a chance. =)

Later, ya'll!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Just another Monday

(have I ever mentioned how much I hate titling my blog entries? Well...if I haven't, consider it mentioned. LOL)

The good news is my headache from yesterday FINALLY went away. The bad news is it took a little over 24 hours to disappear (despite the painkillers I took....I thought those things were supposed to kill pain....grrr). I have a neck-ache. It hurts right behind my shoulder blades and when I breathe, it REALLY hurts. I tried to quit breathing but....well...that only works well for dead people and I really don't want to join those ranks JUST yet. LOL.

You know, its kinda funny how my headaches always happen on Sundays, which only makes it that much more frustrating and painful to sit through a 2 hour sermon. Argh! Which, I have....on a rare occasion.....listened to a message that was so interesting and thought provoking, that when I looked at the time, I couldn't believe it had really been two hours. But...I DO stress the RARE occasion bit. Also the interesting bit. But come on....if at the end of two hours, I have yet to figure out what the point of the message is....then guess what?! That's two hours wasted. He's a wonderful person and all....BUT....I'm having a bit of a time getting through those services. *oops...I did it again* LOL. Look. I'm sorry, I know it didn't even last for a single post, but I can't help it. I have to vent. And while I'm on a roll......

I'm really sick of people constantly talking about "those who don't have children." Good grief. Like those who don't have children aren't already aware of that fact. Yes, we know. Thank you for pointing that out ONCE AGAIN! Oh and let's not forget the "flowers for those who don't have children" episode.....I have never been so humiliated in my life. Let me briefly elaborate on that little event before I get on to my point.

We had a fall church event last year (fall to be exact...LOL) in which they used live potted mums to make the church decor a little "perkier." So after the event, at the end of the Sunday morning service, they decide to give the flowers out to people in the congregation. Problem: There are a lot more people than there are flowers, which has a great potential for hurt feelings. Solution: select certain "sets of people" to give the flowers to. Now had I known what was to come, I would have "conveniently" disappeared before the end of service...possibly to *luck* would have it....I was blissfully ignorant....until the moment when I was standing up front with the other "sets of people" and they announced what quality each group was being given flowers for. Now if that wasn't bad enough....besides the fact that there were other, way more deserving women, that should have been given the flowers that were given to us, but the "groups" were something like: "Seasoned Sisters" (the three or four that are over 50), the ones that were helping with the food and organization for the event, the pastor's wife, the two mothers who have four and five children.....and.....the two who have none. Yes, thank you. Thank you very much. Somebody obviously had more heart than common sense. Anyways, then I'm lugging this pretty decent sized flower through the church, making a beeline for the car to ditch the thing (I tried to give it away a couple of times, but nobody would take it) which announces to all who aren't aware, that I have no children....and that was about as humiliating as standing up front to receive it...kinda like appearing in public in your pajamas or walking through a crowded walmart with "extremely personal" items. Yeah. Embarrassing. I took it home and sat it on the table where I could enjoy my "mother's without children" flowers until they died. Yes. I killed them. And put them on my back porch where I could occasionally look out the back door and go, "HA. You're dead, my lovely little "not a mom" mums. BWAHAHAHAH"

Back to my original rant. So what was I talking about? Oh yeah. It really bugs me when people make comments like "if you don't have children, you have no right to an opinion on how others are parenting" and various other statements which virtually have the same meaning. Okay first off, it doesn't take a parent to realize when a kid is a brat, and it doesn't take a genious to watch someone parenting said brat and realize that the reason for brattiness is got something to do with the parenting (or lack thereof). Not to mention that everyone was a kid once and we pretty much have an idea of our parents parenting styles and the methods they used that did or didn't work. don't have to be a mechanic to know there's something wrong with the car.... Give me a break. It just burns me up to hear someone say that your opinion is incorrect based only on the fact that you are not a parent. And it only makes it double the burn when it's put in the form of "those of you who don't have children will understand someday/shouldn't judge those who do...." or other some such.....Argh. That is such a turn-off.

Okay. I'm really going to try to stop now.

Anyways. I'm really negative today. Last night's message must have rubbed off on that wasn't positive either was it? Tehehehehe.

Today is 12-12.....i think my life is boring though b/c I'm having a really hard time coming up with things to take pictures of that will show my day.....*sigh*

Well....I'm going away now....
Later, ya'll!

Saturday, February 10, 2007


It's getting seriously close to February 15th. And if you're wondering (like my dear little hubby, who just asked me....) what that means....well. It's when I am going to be changing this blog name to So. Don't forget to change your links. K? Good.

Know what else Feb. 15th means? Well....I can't tell that on here....until Feb 15th. (Just in case my paranoia is real and "they really are out to get me" -HAH-) So anyways, I'll tell you what it means....later.

Oh and I can tell you means that Feb 12th will have already passed. Know what Feb 12th is? Yep, that's right...its another 12-12 day. The 12 pictures on day 12. I'm saying all this for my benefit. I'm afraid I'll forget and I already bought the album for all my 12-12 pages to go in, so I don't want to forget a month. LOL.

Yes, we already know that I'm a nut. So get over it.

The church newsletter meeting was last night. It was *slightly* better than the first ever newsletter meeting that I attended awhile back. I'm trying to keep myself from getting too involved. At this point, I can still not care how un-organized it is....the more involved I get, the more it's going to bug me. Actually, the more I think about it, the more it bugs me, so maybe I should move on without further commenting. Speaking of refraining from more in-depth griping, I think I'm going to lay off a bit on the church end of my life....particularly since more and more people that go to my church are picking up on the fact that I have a blog (and not necessarily b/c I have mentioned it.....) and that could be bad. Cuz. You know.... Some people might get on my nerves, but....they ain't stupid.....well....on second thought....hehehe....nah. Just kidding. Anyways. I'm sure there is no way I'll be able to curb it completely, but ya know.....well....I'll try. *grin*

Ya desk/chair situation is getting on my nerves again. (Just thought I'd throw that in there for the fun of it...LOL)

I took a picture of my fat fat fat cat tonight....I thought about posting it, but I didn't feel like retrieving it from the camera and resizing it and uploading and all that. Ya know....I'm lazy, remember? Speaking of lazy...I went to the monthly crop group at my cousin's again today....I got one page done. I had a good time....some of the girls got new Right. TOOLS. (LOL) Anyways, one got the Cricut and the other got the the Cuddlebug. Ooh. FUN. Now where was I going with this? Oh yeah....I'm feeling lazy what I was going to say, is that I thought about taking a picture of my page and posting it. Refer to the end of the first sentence in this paragraph. LOL. See....I'm too lazy to post the reason again. *grin*

I went through my pictures tonight and picked out and edited a whole bunch of pictures to get printed. At the scrapbook thing today, I really didn't have a whole lot of pictures in my 2006 album...(that weren't scrapped). Which means that I've been really bad. See, a couple of months ago, I went through all my printed pictures and sorted them into the pages of my chronological albums. Then I went through and started working on getting them scrapped. So I finished the loose picture pages in 2005 and started on the loose picture pages in 2006. Only problem is that when I started on the loose picture pages of 2006 today, I realized that there weren't very many of them. And not because they'd already been scrapped either. Not good. And it's also not because I didn't take any in 2006. REALLY not good. LOL. So now, I'm going to get these printed and then I'll have quite a few loose picture pages that will need to be worked on. I seriously need to get busy b/c....guess what?!?! It's already almost middle of February. 2007 (Only 10.5 months til Christmas ....give or take a few weeks....LOL) and I haven't even gotten a BOOK for 2007 yet...much less any pictures or scrapped pages to go in it. =O

Yes. I know. I'm rambling. Sorry.

I guess I should go now. I'm really getting rather tired. (story of my life). *SIGHHHHH* If I were a really dedicated person, I'd go check my work webmail about now and see if the stuff I was waiting for came through so I could pass it on before Monday. But I'm feeling neither dedicated or motivated right at this particular moment (as evidenced by the wet laundry that has been waiting to be put in the currently empty dryer for the last two hours)....specially since this is Saturday and Monday is going to be here soon enough. (AND Monday is the 12th.....heheheh)

Argh. I'm gone now. Maybe I'll get the laundry in the dryer before tomorrow. Or not. Later.

Friday, February 09, 2007

some Friday Funnies

Some of these I've seen before, but they're still cute. Enjoy! marriage.....from a kid point of view: (and my comments in of charge...LOL)

You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep the chips and dip coming. -- Alan, age 10 (ooh....such a boy! argh! i'd say that this also means that if she likes shopping he should keep supplying the money, too, right? haha)

No person really decides before they grow up who they're going to marry. God decides it all way before, and you get to find out later who you're stuck with. -- Kristen, age 10 (stuck...HA!)

Twenty-three is the best age because you know the person FOREVER by then. -- Camille, age 10 (guess that means I've already lived forever and day then....LOL)

You might have to guess, based on whether they seem to be yelling at the same kids. -- Derrick, age 8 (BWAHAHAHA!!!)

Both don't want any more kids. -- Lori, age 8 (oh, thats kinda sad....poor Lori)

Dates are for having fun, and people should use them to get to know each other. Even boys have something to say if you listen long enough. -- Lynnette, age 8 (they do? LOL....I mean, they DO!....haha)

On the first date, they just tell each other lies and that usually gets them interested enough to go for a second date. -- Martin, age 10 (ROFL!!! Guess the second date is to find out how good their memory is....haha!)

I'd run home and play dead. The next day I would call all the newspapers and make sure they wrote about me in all the dead columns -- Craig, age 9 (dead columns! Tehehehehe)

When they're rich. -- Pam, age 7 (smart kid!!!)

The law says you have to be eighteen, so I wouldn't want to mess with that. -- Curt, age 7 (maybe not so smart....eighteen to kiss? ROFL!!)

The rule goes like this: If you kiss someone, then you should marry them and have kids with them. It's the right thing to do. -- Howard, age 8 (sheesh....i'm glad this isn't a strict rule....I sure wouldn't want to be married to the first guy I kissed. ROFL)

It's better for girls to be single but not for boys. Boys need someone to clean up after them. -- Anita, age 9 ( got THAT right, sista....although in all fairness, some girls need someone to clean up after THEM, too.....LOL)

There sure would be a lot of kids to explain, wouldn't there? -- Kelvin, age 8 (LOL)

And finally.....
Tell your wife that she looks pretty, even if she looks like a truck. --Ricky, age 10 (now THERE is an intelligent man....I forsee an extremely happy marriage in his future....ROFL!)

BWAHAHAHAHAHA....Happy Friday, ya'll!!!!

Good gravy!

I'm SO busy. Work is really crazy right now for me....I'm trying to get all of it done and on time, too. LOL. It just seems right now that everything is "behind" and I can't seem to get caught up. But I can only do what I can do. I had to take a break for a sec though, since I haven't had time to blog in a couple of days.

That's not to say I haven't been ON blogger in a few days...cuz I have, but I've been doing some other things. Like what? Well, I'm so glad you asked. (LOL) My dear hubby now has a blog. Actually, he has had it for a few weeks now. We were talking the other night about some of my interesting blog traffic (more on that in a minute) and he mentioned that he needed to start blogging. I was like..."hey, should...want me to help you set it up?" And he says...."oh I've already picked out a name and got it saved, so when I get ready, I can use it." No he set up a blog with the name he wanted, and its on blogspot....but thats as far as he got. Literally. So his loving little wifey made his little space a bit more personalized. Now if I can just get him to go in there and post to it. Oh yeah, if you want to see it, its Horizon of Chaos and the banner is a picture of the Mustafar planet from starwars....very appropriate.....and don't you think KC even looks a bit like Obi-Wan Kenobi??? *GRIN*

Anyways, I've got a lot to do, so I need to hurry off here...but before I forget, my blog stats say that someone from Madrid, Spain came to my site for like THREE whole minutes. Usually the out of the country clicks are only for 0 seconds. LOL. Oh yeah, and upon investigation, from what I can tell, it appears that someone from Dallas (that isn't my KC) is reading my blog. Very interesting indeed, as it appears that they are connecting from Gaston College. I'm in the dark on who this could be, too....especially since one day they came to my blog by using google blogsearch for "faith dr. pepper kc". So....anyways. Whoever ya'll are, just don't be stalkin me or anything. As long as you're not doing that, then you can lurk all you want. LOL. Course, if ya'll ever decide to un-lurk long enough to let me know you're there, I won't be complainin about that, either. haha.

Okay. I'm gone now.
Later, ya'll!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Awgk.....I survived. I made it through my Tuesday. Thank God for small favors....choir was cancelled, so after the funeral, we came home. It could have been much worse. Could have been better.....dummy me caught the sun in the lens and had a serious flare issue....had to photoshop that set. Duh. Oops.

And the campus-wide "long session of complete boredom"??? Well, it lived up to all expectations. Was kinda funny actually, when everyone went back to their own buildings for the morning session: part three.....which was lockdown drill and bomb threat/fire evacuation drill (part of campus safety)....anyways, so nobody ever notified us that the lockdown drill was over, we just suddenly heard that now we were i head outside.....thinking that everyone was on their way out....ooops. Good thing it was a drill....three coworkers missed the evacuation notification and were still locked in their respective offices. BWAHahaha. I can wouldn't have been funny if it hadn't been a drill, of course. LOL.

Funeral was....slightly depressing....but pretty much what you'd expect at a funeral, I guess. If there's one thing I want, its to live my life so that when it ends, there are no question marks.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. I'd gripe about the fact that my stomach is very unsettled, but thats an unhappy thought, too. LOL. Trying to get away from that. I'm going to watch Cheaper by the Dozen II now....that movie is full of funny happy-thought creating moments..........

I'm gone for now.

Monday, February 05, 2007


Today was a crazy busy day. And its not looking like its going to get any better ANYWHERE in the near future. Or even the not so near. *sigh*

Tomorrow....oh.....lets so not even go there. I don't want to think about it. I want to go to sleep and wake up on Wednesday. Have to be at work at least thirty minutes early, for some campus-wide "long session of absolute boredom" (for lack of better description.) THEN: I have to leave that little thing at lunchtime and drive about 45 minutes to a funeral home and take pictures of the family of a lady that goes to my church. Her husband passed away yesterday and she wants a picture of the family while everyone's together. I've really got some reservations about that....mostly (and I say this with all due respect) having to do with the fact that I'll be attempting to take a picture and it's not exactly a happy time for them. What do you say? Ya know? Smile? Look happy? Honestly, if a photographer had the nerve to say that to me if it were my husband or dad's funeral, there would probably have to be a second casket brought around for the offending camera holder, cuz I'd have to choke somebody. Okay, I'm moving off this subject before I get in trouble.

Anyways, after the picture is the viewing and funeral and then we've got choir practice, so I'm going to be DEAD tomorrow night. I mean "really tired", not never mind.

Found this little fella at the salvation army today for .25. He's really cute. My friend has one of these for her little boy. He's called Tickle Toes and if you press his foot (the one that says tickle toes) he has this really, really cute and funny little giggle. Ya know, like his feet are ticklish? Anyways, he's in perfect condition except his tickle box didn't work. Well, that's no big deal, he's only .25, right? I can just open his little tickle toes and slide that box out and replace the batteries. So, I pull out my seam ripper and very carefully pull the fuzz out from between his toes....(teeheheh) and the giggle box, of course. SO I pull it out. And carefully open it up. Conclusion: methinks somebody tickled his toes a little TOO hard.....the pieces have come apart and I don't think its a battery issue. Good thing it was only twenty five, he's cute. So I'll just sew up those cute little toesies and consider it .25 well spent. He's very cheerful, after all. Plus, I like finding cute things at thrift stores. It makes me happy. And these days, a person can use all the happy they can get. Trust me!

Oh and while I'm busy and not being lazy about pictures, this is a shot I got on our way to church the other night. I composed the shot, but I had it on {P} setting so it chose what to do with the settings. Note to self: camera takes funky pictures when pointed directly at sun. Although, in this case, I kinda like it.

This first one is straight out of camera. The true results.


Second one is me flipping up the curves (majorly). I kinda like the funkified funky look. LOL


Oh, and notice my extra step of UN-laziness tonight....I created a new brush stamp for my Always Faith Photography to start changing the name over.

Speaking of changing over names, DON'T FORGET!!!! You've got until February 15th (that's ten more days) to change your links to b/c this random insanity blog will found at that link after the 15th.

Oh, and on the topic of people looking at my blog.....yep, I did it again. I gave my link away to another person that knows me. LOL.....or thought he knew me. If he actually reads this very long, he's probably going to wonder....hahaha. I'm okay with this one though....he's my out of state uncle (Hi, Uncle M!!!) and I have yet to feel a need to vent or gripe about him, so I think I'm safe if he reads it....Bwahahaha. He, on the other hand, may decide he cannot possibly be related to me. ROFL!!!!


I think that's all I've got for now. (actually, it's not, but some things I better not talk about before I get a grip on my attitude about it, or else I really will get into trouble....LOL. By the time I get a grip on it though, I'll probably forget about it. That's usually how it happens. *grin*)

So, later ya'll. Hope ya'll's Tuesday is better than mine. (yes, yes, I know, I should be positive. I can't help that I'm a realist...Ha.)

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Like I've been a very boring person for the last couple of days. Nothing exciting to report in my life right now. I guess thats a good thing, but it is kinda strange not to have anything to vent about or poke fun at....hahah. Guess I'll have to be good.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately. Mostly books, but I'm working on catching up my bloglines, so to make up for my complete boring-ness (is that a word?) I'll just link ya a few of the posts that made me let out a few heehaws. Maybe I'll be an interesting person again soon. LOL....

And without further ado......(hehehe..i've always wanted to say that. Hah)
well.....maybe I won't appears that I'm not the only one suffering from a lack of funny/interesting things to post. LOL...I'm down to the "F" blogs (that is the LETTER know) and have yet to find something new that I want to link.....but I'll keep going....I still have the rest of the alphabet....
Okay here is a HILARIOUS one! White Picket Fences like Nancy Kerrigan's Teeth and other equally amusing analogies and metaphors (my personal favs were #5, #11, #12, #20, and #23....bwahahahah!)
.okay i'm in the "S"s and nothing else yet...I may be forced to go find some older posts that struck my funny bone. hhehehe
.Oh this one is pretty funny....its the post titled Wimps (2/2/07) over at So The Fish Said
back to some older posts.....this two thursday thirteens from Rochelle at Dream Bigger were pretty funny....
Thirteen Random Thoughts About My First Week Back On Campus
Thirteen (More) Things About Biology

Okay....its like 11:00pm now so thats all you get for now.

Later, ya'll.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Friday

Yay for weekends. I've been busy today. And now its time to go home. So have a happy friday everybody! And a great weekend, too.


Thursday, February 01, 2007


I feel like I have had a very, VERY productive day. I'd post pictures, but I'm too lazy....besides....I put enough pictures on here this morning to last for at least a week of posts. Hah. Anyways, I'm just sitting here enjoying a rasberry lemonade (powdered drink mix, but its just as good as Sonic's, and a WHOLE lot cheaper. LOL. $4.00 for a can that makes 2 gallons which equals who knows how many cups.....vs.....$1.54 for a cup at Sonic. Uh.....hey, I have a brilliant idea.....I think I'll just take some of this powder to work. As long as its not the kind you sniff, nobody should care, right? LOL. FYI, I have never understood the whole sniffing powder thing anyways. Wouldn't that make you sneeze or something? Kinda seems dumb to did I get off on this?

Back to my productive day. I have started and finished two novels (yeah, I know, thats not exactly productive, but it was fun). I'm still not finished with my "happy list tin album" but I'm planning to finish it tonight. I'm very close to being done. At this point, I just need to start glueing it all down and adding the journalling and the final touches.

The really productive thing of my day is that I COOKED supper. I tried two new recipes....baked manicotti and stuffed shells. Yes, that is a lot for one supper. Actually, I made three pans (2 person supper sized) of baked manicotti and fixed one of those for tonight with the lovely frozen texas toast (that wasn't homemade). And then there are about three trays of stuffed shells that are in the freezer now along with the other two pans of freezer is slightly full. BUT.....I've got homemade suppers for at least 6 or 7 meals (if its just me and KC) that won't spoil for at least a few months. YAY! That took me two hours and a lot of messy dishes. Thank God for automatic dishwashers. =) But now I can pull them out of the freezer and have supper on the table in about 30 minutes once we get home from work. WOOHOO. And because I never do anything without messing something up, I'll just insert here that I did forget to cook the veggies in the stuffed shells like the recipe said before I mixed them in with the cheese concoction, so I'm not sure how that will turn out.....but I guess we'll see. But overall....I think I'm happy with myself tonight.

Speaking of happy, I'm going to go finish that "happy list album" now.

Oh yeah, and right after I posted that last post, it started snowing like crazy....I it going to prove me wrong? Yeah....and then it stopped. And the little bit of ice that had piled up (maybe 1/4 inch) melted. The roads were even dry by this afternoon. How dumb. So its back to work tomorrow. =)


Cavities, Winter Weather, and Snow Days....

So yeah, yesterday before my day turned around and my lovely CS2 arrived, I had a dentist appointment to get my teeth cleaned.....the good news is that most of the cavities I thought I had, weren't cavities, just a little tooth sensitivity. The bad news is that one of them WAS a cavity. But still. One. One time I went to the dentist, after the x-rays and all that stuff, I left with multiple appointments to get ONE ONE cavities filled. Thats 11 in case you didn't get that. I think ONE is MUCH better than ONE ONE. LOL.

salttruckThen on the way into work....I got behind the salt truck salting the roads. YUCK. So besides the fact that there were no clear passing zones and I had to stay way back and they were doing a top speed of 50 (if I was lucky), I had to go through the carwash once I got to town so that I could see out my windows again. YUCK.saltbuildup

Anyways, my day got better yesterday afternoon. I was actually in a good mood going home. Then of course I got to church and good mood went bye bye. Besides the fact that my abdomen was hurting in ways that only girls would understand....we got to listen to the lovely, encouraging, 45 minutes of prayer requests/gloom and doom/ exhortation. I appreciate the man very much outside of service, but I had to get up and walk out of prayer request time. I couldn't listen anymore about how everyone is getting cancer/heart trouble/fatal diseases and we're all gonna die. Yeah, so what. Everybody is going to die. We know that already. Could we please be a little more uplifting and appreciative of the life we currently still have????? Thank you. I'll get off my soapbox now.

My mood is improving again now though....its a snow day. They predicted 4 in of snow. Yeah, right. Then they predicted that several inches of ice would come on top of the snow. Yeah, right. So I'm sitting at home b/c school is cancelled and about 2 hours AFTER the snow was supposed to start, it spits a little dusting of snow. So much so, that you can barely see it in the picture. spittnsnow Which is all we four inches. Now the sleet has started, but its just spittin on and off, too..... I might be surprised yet, but I don't think its gonna be all that. I coulda probably got in at least half a day today. And I really wanted to play with the CS2. *sigh*

The happy news is that I've had time to work on my happy list tin album. I'll take a picture when I'm finished. I'm making a little accordian tin that I'm going to stick in my office at work so when people are getting on my nerves and making me grumpy, I can go look at my happy album and get happy again. LOL. We'll see how well that works.

So we'll just do a thursday thirteen really quick.....
1. Capturing an awesome photo like the one above
2. Road trips
3. Strawberries
4. Porch swings
5. Camping Trips.
6. Cookies & Cream Shakes from Chick-Fil-A
7. People commenting on my blog
8. Layin' out in the sunshine at the beach
9. Fresh sheets
10. Cute Puppies
11. Trying a new recipe and liking it...or better yet...KC liking it. Haha.
12. Having a quick witty comeback ready and waiting
13. Finishing a scrapbook page or album