Thursday, February 22, 2007


I got my first hate mail (comment). I deleted it. Thanks anyways.

Maybe I'll just make fun of you on here now....because, really. You say that normal...blah blah blah...women don't go around blogging things I blog about....well, DUH!! Did you read the title of the blog? The whole point is this is where I come to be goofy. Oh, and to vent. And laugh. So sorry if you don't get that.

Guess what?! It's a free country. And it's my blog. Nobody said you had to read OR agree.

I find a lot of blogs that I seriously disagree with (hey, with the number of blogs floating around the blogosphere, there's no way you could agree with all of them!)....but if I don't have something nice to say, I don't leave a comment. Think about that, will ya? And hey, have a nice day.

And to my other, NICE commenters, thank you and thanks for visiting.

Still laughing,
Lil ol' judgemental me

PS Lucky for me, I don't have a lot of traffic here, so it was really simple to look at my statcounter and figure out which one you were based on the pages you visited while you were I've saved a copy of your IP and location and all that stuff just in case I need it. =)

ETA: I've moved my vents that make me appear "extremely full of myself" to my new private blog. Lord knows, I'm definitely not "full of myself" and anyone who knows me knows that. But since ya'll don't know me, I guess I'll keep that stuff to myself. I'll also be posting other private stuff (and when I have foster kids, probably some pictures) over there for me, and the people who love me, to read. I also made my myspace private and I'm seriously considering making my photography links private, too. Guess it kinda makes you realize that there really ARE people out there who can't be nice and then you start thinking about what else they could do if they really wanted. Too bad. But I've still got that IP and location....and the sleuthing abilities/statcounter to find out others if the need arises. Haha. Oh, did that make me sound full of myself? Now I have a complex. LOL.


  1. Staci7:34 AM

    This was funny! You can be the Nancy Drew of the millineum! Nancy Drew of the blogosphere. I love your new site!

  2. Well... I am glad to be one of your "nice commenters" and I agree with Staci! Nancy "Faith" Drew of blogoshere!!!

  3. Ok I TOTALLY missed the private blog part!
    How do I get invited to read it??


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