Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Some Days I LOVE My Job

Like today. I GOT ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE 2 PREMIUM FOR MY WORK COMPUTER. Oh ho ho....this is going to make my life SO much easier. (In case anyone is wondering, I have been complaining for awhile now about the totally scumminess of the program I've been stuck with....its called Fireworks and it crashes randomly, which random is usually a good thing, but not when its in the middle of my work and won't let me save....dumb, dumb, dumb. I highly recommend that you don't buy it. Okay? Anyways, back to my original topic of photoshop...) Its currently installing. YAY. I wasn't even expecting CS2...I thought I was just getting a premium suite version of 7 since that is what the campus graphics classes currently have....then I opened the box and it was CS2. Dude! This totally rocks. Okay, so it kinda makes up for the beginning of my day, but more on that later since I'm kinda busy installing this lovely lil....well, not lil....really big actually.....program.

Oh, and by the way, yes, I loved Frog and Toad books when I was a kid.....I think it was a happy childhood memory that caused me to click on that blog to start with....just cuz I saw the name. LOL.

Back later.....

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