Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sept. Photo Hunt – The Pictures

This month’s challenge hosted by Melli @ Insanity Prevails.

  1. Something in flight
    Part of a flock of geese flyin overhead…

  2. A gas pump
    Gas pumps in the rain…

  3. Graffiti ... or street art
    IMG_4150 (2)web
    Oddly enough, I couldn’t find any graffiti.  Either I don’t have the street smarts to know where to look or we don’t have any vandals in my town.  I dare say it’s NOT the latter.  Anyway, this is art and it was kinda on a street so I figured it’d work.

  4. Soap or soapy
    Spiffin up the kiddie car to get it ready to sell. 

  5. An herb
    Mmmm…my favorite.  This is in my little herb bucket outside the garage…love it!

  6. Something vinyl
    K-man’s bike seat. 

  7. A bottle of perfume/cologne
    My latest scent…I still prefer Addidas Moves…*sigh*

  8. Snazzy Shoes
    No, I don’t own these…they were just about the snazziest shoes I saw on display at the shoe store.  And yes, I went in the shoe store with my camera on a mission.  And yes again, I did get weird looks from the store associates.  LOL!

  9. A worm
    IMG_4147 (2)web 
    So I go buy a pack of gummy worms and this is what they looked like BEFORE I left them in the hot car. 

  10. A city bus
    Yep…that’s one…

  11. Something curly
    Curly fries from Arby’s.  You cannot tell me your mouth didn’t just water!

  12. A key
    Of course, this isn’t LITERALLY a key, but as a symbol, I think it qualifies…the cross is the key to the life of a Christian and Jesus’ death on a cross unlocked heaven…

  13. Something cold
    Ice water

  14. Sports Memorabilia
    I don’t have anything for this one, but would you like a couple of the shots that made me laugh but I didn’t use?  Okay, great, I thought so…(HAHA)

    IMG_0038webFirst we have Mr. Duck whose nose feathers are out of control…need some clippers, Mr. Duck?

    IMG_0039webAnd then there’s duck bum…don’t ask me why these make me laugh. 

    Something is wrong with me, I know! 

    Ya don’t have to tell me.

  15. A feather/feathers
    I decided to do both.  LOL.  A feather.  And LOTS of feathers…with feet, eyes, and quacker attached. 

  16. Something twisted
    A duck pickin’ a duck wedgie.  Bwahahahaha!  Also twisted: my sense of humor…

  17. A hole
    This hole never closes!  Evidence of the last ketchup covered cheeseburger consumption is still on the cheek even!

  18. A leprechaun
    Not a very ATTRACTIVE leprechaun, but a leprechaun just the same…

  19. Something lacy
    The lace tablecloth underneath the candle…from this past weekend’s wedding…

  20. Something nutty
    Yep.  That would be nuts.

  21. Sheet music
    What I was playin today…

  22. A splash
    Water Landing…Ameri-Duck Airways

  23. An apple/apples/apple something

  24. A shovel
    An archived shot from our August beach trip…

  25. Something empty.
    the cupcake tins after I finished baking cupcakes for K-man’s birthday snack at pre-school

  26. A triangle
    A small pot I picked up at a thrift store for our Egyptian themed VBS…I bought it myself so I could keep it after VBS cuz I liked the way it looked…lol

  27. Something purple
    Somebody’s shoelaces…heh.

  28. Juicy

  29. Noisy
    IMG_4145 (2)web
    Twenty kids eating snack at preschool!

  30. Something sad
    Bro. Melvin was taken by cancer several years ago and this memorial was put out by the lake.  This little boy is the grandson he never got to meet.

Alright…that’s it…the end.  =)  Fun again!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Woohoo! SALE!

Check out this deal from the designer of the creative team I’m on -- for those of you interested in a whole bunch of digital scrappy goodness!!!


Click on the image to go to her store at Faithsisters.

Monday, September 28, 2009



In the middle of the crazy, hectic, rainy Saturday, my friend’s dad was standing off to the side completely lost in thought.  I don’t even know if he was aware of me taking his picture or not. 

I’m not sure what was going through his mind on the day that his daughter was getting ready to get married, not even sure I could imagine, being that I’ve never been on the dad’s side of things, but I am guessing that his daughter was probably in the front of his mind.  IMG_0430eweb

Judging from the look on his face as the bride and groom were introduced as Mr. & Mrs., I’d say he was having a bit of a time with it…

The word “bittersweet” comes to mind.  

Anyway.  I’m still in the middle of picture editing, but just felt like posting these today. 

I’m beat, I spent the day painting up at the church and then ran around like crazy, picked up kids and whatnot, and then went back up to the church and worked this evening.  Topped it off with coming home and working on more pics and now I’m so ready for bed.  *sigh* 

Later, gators!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I’m Drowning!

In wedding pictures!  LOL! 

IMG_0267ewebSpeaking of getting a little rained on….


Welllll anyway. 

IMG_0394ewebMore pictures posted over on the Photography Blog…or click here.

There are a bunch of pictures.  Sheesh.  

I really hope Tosh loves them…especially since this is my last wedding.  (lol) 

Really.  Probably.  Um.  Anyway!

I do think I’m gonna invest in some rain gear though because taking pictures in the rain was actually quite entertaining!  *grin*  And my redneck camera raincoat (aka Ziploc baggie) was…well…whatever.  It worked.  And umbrellas will be a good investment also…*grin*

I don’t think they will keep me from drowning, though. 

Alright…bedtime for this girl…later, ya’ll!

Sunshine’s Back

IMG_4143webGo figure. 

The weather today???


Not that I’m complaining because I like the sunshine, but it would have been nice if it had gotten here a bit sooner! 


Well, my Sunday afternoon nap calleth me…and after that, some picture processing….SOOOO. 


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rain Rain….

IMG_0494ewebIt didn’t go away. 

I photographed a wedding today.  Yeah, I know, my last one was supposed to be my “LAST” one…

something keeps happening. 


IMG_0177eweb We tried to work with what we had.  It was almost fun.  And now we’re going to go hang out with some old friends and have some more fun so I have to run. 

Life is so busy.  Gotta go before KC leaves me.  LOL!

PS I forgot to mention that the four shots I had time to edit before I left earlier are posted here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Already?

Where does time go?  I am such a slacker these days. 

Monday was my volunteer shift at the consignment sale, so it was a busy day…

Tuesday I went back and shopped a little more at the consignment sale, had lunch with some of the girls I used to know from work, then came back home to get ready for dinner (my neighbor is moving away and we had them over on their last night)…so anyway….another busy day. 

Today has just been a day.  Got stuff that needs to be done but don’t really feel like doing it.  Almost time to go get the kids and I’m really tempted to go get a Dr. Pepper.  *sigh* 

Nothing really to blog about but I’m still alive and still busy. 

To answer the questions on the last post, about the camera:
E: Go for the rebel xsi.  I got the camera and a lens plus a few little extra goodies for a little over $600.  You can get the XS or XT for cheaper but there aren’t as many options with the lens kits and stuff I don’t think.  It’s worth it though. 
J: Yep, it’s 12.2 megapix although I haven’t printed or really compared from my last camera to see much difference yet.  And yes, all the canon lenses work with both cameras.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sleepy Week

Well, I haven’t been up to much this week…well, at least nothing much that I feel like blogging about.  LOL.  I did a couple more pages…working on knocking out this month’s creative team assignments as well as trying to catch up on the photo backlog…

They’re posted here.

I need to get to the backlog that includes the rest of the beach trip pictures but I don’t know when that’s gonna happen.  Got too much else going on.  September and October are CRAZY months for us.  This is the only weekend we’ve had free so far and it’s only free because with Ryan being sick, they cancelled the choir recording this weekend.  Not only that, but it IS the only free weekend we have from now until November.  HOW CRAZY IS THAT?

Yeah, I know.  Crazy.  And somewhere in there I have a ton of things that I need to “fit” in…like a kid’s birthday, helpin at the church, photo editing a couple sessions….the list goes on forever

And all the things I should be doing to stay on top of things have totally fell by the wayside this week because of all the sleepy and blah days.  *sigh* 

So much to do.  It’s overwhelming.  I just want to crawl back in bed and sleep forever.  The rain isn’t helping that, but at least I haven’t had to water any of the outside plants this week.  LOL! 

Oh, and I got my new camera.  Upgraded the ol’ Rebel and though I’m still in the Rebel family, this Xsi is Fayun-ceee!  I might even have to break out the manual…yikes.  A lot is the same, but the settings are a little different.  So far I like it a lot though!  Can’t wait to use it on some portraits and see what kind of difference it makes.  Oh and did I mention that I had the old Rebel cleaned and it did help…but I’m still happy to have this new one.  The new lens is a Canon IS (image stabilizer) lens which I really wanted, but I haven’t been able to tell the difference yet.  Course, I guess I won’t really be able to tell until I start uploading some of the new pics……but anyway.  Merry Christmas to me.  ;-)  I’m saving the box to wrap for myself at Christmas.  HAHA.  Unless I can get enough gigs to pay it off before then…in which case I’ll tell the honey he’s back on the hook for my Christmas present.  LOL!  Just kidding around. 

Welp, this concludes my ramblings.  I had to get on and say something cuz it’s been several days and that’s naughty of me…so now I have.  Said something, that is. 


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mammaw.

JSpragueTemp - Mammaw LG web 
grandma - old picfamily - old picSecond photo: L-R: Mammaw, Aunt Jean, Great Grandma Ader S., Aunt Eva, Mom (the baby), Joe S. (I'm not sure which relation he was), and Aunt Betty

(all deceased except Aunt Eva, Aunt Betty, and my mom)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear Me.

Dear Me,
Next time you tell someone how Mondays aren’t nearly as rough on you now that you’re staying home and thereby removing the urge to write Monday Messages quite so often…..well…just knock on wood or somethin, okay?  Cuz today?  WAS MONDAY!  Yuck.  And you’re not even PMS’ing so you have absolutely no excuse for your rotten Monday mood.  Well, unless you count the fact that you cut WAYYYY back on your Dr Peppers and only drank a tiny glass today.  Nope, that’s no excuse!  Get a grip and get out of that funk. 
Dr. Jekkyl

Dear Creativitity,
Come back, ya hear?  Cuz I really missed you this past weekend.  We went on that little excursion to Ohio for KC’s cousin’s wedding and left the kids at home, so I had plenty of free moments and not an ounce of creativity.  Proof?  Well…IMG_0429ewebhow bout that I only took 37 pictures all weekend long and only 11 were even close to being decent.  YUCK!  Course, the camera problems I’ve had recently might have a bit to do with it, too, but hey…for me to have to MAKE myself get my camera out and take pictures?  That’s not me. 
Missing the Creative Streak

IMG_0416ewebDear Camera, 
You are totally getting replaced.  This relationship is not working for me anymore.  You are becoming entirely too finicky and difficult.  See, these wedding pictures should have been GREAT…instead, they have issues…issues that you caused.  I’m not happy, BOB!  NOT HAPPY!
Moving On

Dear Laundry,
Do you ever go away?
Tired Mom

Dear Kids,
I’m not going to be negative, so I’ll just say that it makes me so happy when you don’t whine.  Unfortunately, I can think of no positive way to say this next part…I have not been so happy today.  But thank you for both having a good day at school…I’ll take that and try to ignore the whines. 
Love you but not the whining,

Dear Blog,
Well, that’s it for today…oh and if you click on the words “only 11” in the letter to Creativity, it may or may not let you see all 11 pictures I took over the weekend.  If it doesn’t and you are dying to see more (although, I can’t imagine why that would be the case considering the aforementioned camera issues) just let me know.  LOL!

On a more serious note, remember Brother in prayer, he’s in the hospital with pneumonia and not doing very well. 
Thanks for dropping by!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


These guys are hilarious! they are watchin the buckeyes bad i cant post sound...haha

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I'm sitting here waiting on the wedding to start and waiting while kc practices his songs and i am so bored without having any kids to keep up with!! What does one do with oneself when ur waiting when u dont have any kids to entertain?? lol

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KC is practicing...

Thursday, September 10, 2009


IMG_0385webWhat do you get when you take (well, I didn’t TAKE them, I bought them, actually) two mini skirts from the thrift store + one tall church of God girl? 

Well, if that’s all you take, you have two cute skirts that I wouldn’t show my face (or knees…or…um…anyway…lol) in public with…


If you also throw into that equation, a smart mom (who suggested the idea), a pair of scissors, a sewing machine, and 15 minutes…

You get this: IMG_0397web


And then if you try it on, try to take a picture of yourself in it, and throw in some terrible lighting, you get this:


For what it’s worth, I think I’m getting better at this redoing skirts thing…cuz this one was a breeze!  KNOCK ON WOOD!  LOL!

So now I have a Gap miniskirt -- that I can wear in public. 


Now I need to go shopping to find a shirt to go with it.  Teehehe!

Moving on, got more pictures to work on and stuff to create, so I need to run.  I just posted a couple shots of a cute kid that I took pics of over the weekend.  They are on Always Faith Photography

I just stopped for a second to think about all that I still need to get done…and whoa.  Can’t think about it.  Just gotta keep moving.  *wide-eyed glazed look*

2weeksoffreebiepromoSSG500Oh, also, here’s a tip for you digital scrappers out there: the designer for the creative team that I’m on has a promo going on starting Sunday. 

Click on the ad to check it out.    

While I’m thinking about the digital scrapping stuff, LeAnn, the website I was telling you about this past weekend, that has the best tutorials and classes on the whole digital thing is  She’s got lots and lots of stuff and it’s awesome!  And your name doesn’t have to be LeAnn --if that sort of thing interests you, check it out.  LOL!