Friday, October 31, 2008

Busy Week

Wow. As tired as I am right this minute, I have to hand it to the other girls at church (especially K) who worked sooo hard. I helped as much as I could, but I know they put much more into it than I did, so I can only imagine how exhausted they are. But hallelujah...fall festival is done. And K did an awesome job putting it together...I thought it was one of the best ones so far and I think everyone had a blast!!!!

I helped yesterday and some today, and frankly, if I don't see any popcorn or peanut butter for at least a few weeks, I will be perfectly happy. And yesterday, I also had my fill of candy corn for at least 2 years. I don't know why I never remember that I can't stop until I get nauseated on those things. UGH. I counted them for the guessing jar and I ate a few...okay...a lot....of the broken ones. Do you know how many broken pieces of candy corn there are out of 718 pieces???

Enough to make me sick. And then some. *gag*

Anywho, speaking of sicknesses, something is wrong with my computer....I am so aggravated...I think it might have some virus or something...I guess it's gonna have to be cleaned off...which means i'll have to get on the backup work. *SIGH*

As far as the rest of this day I helped the neighbor dig up and move some of her mature grass that she needed to get rid of and put it in our yard on some of the bare patches. Do you know how heavy a rolled up square of grass sod with four inches of rooted dirt is? And all those grass squares least 15 or 20. Yeah...well, it's enough to make a girl sore for a few days. Thank God for wheelbarrows and wonderful neighbors!!!

I don't remember Wednesday....I think I was busy but I don't remember. I do know that I've spent a lot of time this week on trying to get everything lined up that we need for our foster parent license renewal that has to be all turned in in less than 2 - 3 weeks. Pet vaccination papers from the vet, physicals to schedule, fire inspections that didn't pass and had to have a few things corrected and fixed in order to get that approved, the training hours that needed to be completed to make the yearly minimum hours.....I think I must have worked on that on Wednesday...

It's just been a crazy crazy week.

And for the record. I HATE HALLOWEEN. We had FINALLY gotten all the holiday candy stash cleared out from the last year...either giving it away or eating it or whatever. And now? NOW? Dear heavenly father. It is filled to overflowing again.

I'm tired. I am going to zone out with a book now until bedtime. Just wanted to get on here and post something since I've been so busy the last few days.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I just really don't understand why a parent can not even show up in court for the termination of parental rights hearing, yet still have the right to appeal at the state level.

I also don't understand what she's hoping to gain by it. All she's doing is tormenting her child by dragging his permanency out a whole nother year because as her lawyer even told her, "It doesn't matter if you appeal, you aren't going to get him back. If you win, all that will happen is the case plan starts over again."

And in my opinion, if you couldn't work it the first time and your child couldn't even handle visits so they were ceased, what makes you think that after ANOTHER year, he will suddenly want to see you again and you'll be able to do the work you weren't able to do for the last 3 years?? Well, not counting the years involving the other child you gave birth to that was also taken away several years before this one.....

I am so aggravated.

I'm all for reunification, but only if the parents will actually do what they need to do. And it's been plain for the last year, that this is not the case here. And it's not like they're asking for the impossible....I can't go into detail, you'll just have to take my word for it.

Anywho, it's time to get the kids packed in the car for church....


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Okay. Here's The Deal.

The Pumpkin Patch.

You know, when I found out this field trip was to the pumpkin patch, I was thinking something that might look like this...

click on the photo to go to the flickr page cuz this AINT my photo

But instead what we saw was:

Yeah. That was the patch. All in all, the trip was fun, but I wouldn't tout it as a pumpkin patch....more like a farm with gorgeous scenery, animals to pet, a hayride, couple of mazes, and a few pumpkins sitting on the ground. Oh well. It was still worth it. *grin*

And now....while the cool shots are on Always Faith Photography....the average everyday shots compiled from the two days shall follow.

It is crazy late now though, so I'm going to bed. =) Ya'll have a good LOL!

Monday, October 27, 2008


I am tired. I am not in the mood to post. I hate high risk investments.
But I still love photoshop. That is one thing I can control. Mostly.

Today was the first pumpkin patch trip. Tomorrow I get to go again with Munchkin. I got some interesting pictures.

More details after tomorrow's trip because it's late tonight and I need to hop off here, but I did post a few of today's decent shots on the Photography Blog.

Oh, and I'll just include this shot b/c for some reason I want to laugh every time I look at it....and heaven knows I could use a good laugh tonight.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life Is Funny

Yesterday life was it's funny. Funny, as in "twisted." LOL.

You know, when you're a kid playing freeze tag with all your friends (especially the big kids b/c that makes you feel important), the last thing in the world you want is to be tagged (unless you're being tagged to become un-frozen, that is).

But then you grow up and become a blogger and you live for the day when somebody tags you. And you're it. LOL!!!

And yes. The talk of playing freeze tag in the dark with the older kids is the voice of experience. *grin*

Anywho, Melissa tagged me and although I've actually been tagged for this one before, being on the total high that comes from getting another real tag (not the --hey, if you're reading this and want to do it, then tag, you're it-- kind of tag), I decided to come up with seven NEW weird and random facts about myself.

Cuz you know, I have a never ending supply of those things.

  1. I used to think guacamole was discusting (think baby poo) but then my uncle Mark made some homemade and it was incredible. I still don't particularly care for it when we go out to eat, but I could eat my weight in my uncle's version. If I ever decide to try it, I'll have to post the recipe...he tried to show me, but I do not remember all the amounts and it seems like there were some unusual ingredients in it that I never would have imagined. Maybe I can google it and get close enough to jog my memory.
  2. I can pop my third thumb joint (the one next to my wrist). That goes back to the days in SC when us kids used to sit together in church and try to come up with new ways to get in trouble. LOL.
  3. Speaking of food and the past, I remember my aunt Betty used to make us peanut butter and banana sandwiches when I was a kid that I L-O-V-E-D, but I googled it and googled it and other than the fact that Elvis liked pb & b, I could not find anything resembling what she used to make. I remember it was mashed together and had an ungodly amount of sugar in it and tasted more like candy than a sandwich. It wasn't toasted either, which was apparently the way Elvis liked it. Aunt B made it for us one day and my brother (the child genius in the cooking department....I think that will be my next strange thing) watched her do it and figured it out at home and he and I had peanut butter and banana sandwiches Aunt Betty style for MONTHS on end. Until we figured out that it was a lot faster to just smear pb on a bread and stick half a banana on it. I'm sure mom was happy about that, too, since there was much less sugar on that version. LOL!
  4. Okay, on the cooking thing....when I was a kid, my reputation as a cook was pretty pathetic. My dad always said I was the only person he knew who could burn a pot of boiling water. (In my defense, I only did that once or twice and that was because I was an avid --read distracted-- reader...hey, I was a stellar reader...that counts for something, right? Maybe I should have read cookbooks.) Anywho, as an adult, I have come to the conclusion that it wasn't really my cooking, since I do pretty good now. Okay. Decent. Alright? My point is, it wasn't my brother was just a culinary mastermind and the fact that he could bake biscuits that tasted like grandma's at the age of 8 when my MOM couldn't even get them to taste just like grandma's HAD to be what made me look like such an awful cook. I'm sure that's it. LOL!
  5. I think I must be far 3 out of 5 of my strange things have to do with food. Why break the trend now? Okay, maybe this is not a weird fact, but I cannot grocery shop if I'm not at least a little bit hungry. If I go after I eat, I MIGHT be able to make myself buy one or two things, but I end up passing up things I know we'll need for meals the next week just because I'm not hungry for it at the time. I know it's a common thing not to grocery shop when you're hungry cuz you spend more, but if I don't, I don't get even the necessities....and that means I just have to go out again, which actually costs more. Haha.
  6. Okay...let's get off the food. I spend at least an hour at the beginning of every trip, mentally going over what I packed to make sure I didn't forget anything. I don't know why, since, by the time we're on the road, it's too late to pack whatever little item that was forgotten. I guess it's probably so that I'll have the rest of the trip to mourn and worry over the forgotten item. It is in my favor that I have not yet left behind any little PEOPLE, which is the most important thing.
  7. My great grandparents imigrated to the US from Italy but none of my family speaks Italian. They came over in a time when immigrants learned to speak English when they came to this country (haha), but I do wish they would have handed down Italian as a second language. Other than Nonna and Poppa, which is what my kids call my parents (thanks to google), I don't know any of it.

Okay. That's seven.

I've also decided I'm going to go out and find seven random blogs to tag. Maybe I'll even get adventurous and pick blogs that are totally new on my blog-scouting-radar! *grin*

So....tag, you're it:

Stacy, never mind the rest.

And with the exception of the first one, which is a recent find, the rest of these I bloghopped to find and randomly chose because they looked interesting. *GRIN* Not that my google reader isn't already packed to the gills, but it's probably going to get a few more added. EEK. *EDITED: NEVER MIND....*

So now to hit post and go leave all my tag-ees a comment. =)

And of course, as always...anybody else who reads and needs some blog fodder...feel free to consider yourself tagged.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Life Is Full Of Suprises

And that pretty much says it all.

Some of them good....some of them...(like certain downward spiralling investments) not so good.

And some of them just plain interesting. Like the fact that I found out a couple people that I never, in a million years, would have guessed would be reading my blog - DO...zoieks!

Actually, on the guessing game, I never did guess who my mysterious person was....despite several good clues. (That settles it, I am officially clueless! Haha.) Anywho, they finally told me who they were, but they prefer to remain anonymous, so ya'll will just be forever wondering. *grin*

Before I found out who they were, I thought maybe there was some wild reason they needed a secret maybe they were undercover spies in a foreign country using my blog comment section to pass messages back and forth...but then that didn't work b/c I don't generally have comments with unfamiliar identities, so I pretty much scratched that idea pretty quick. Anyways. They're just everyday ya'll don't have to worry about the possibility of my blog comment section getting hijacked by spies sending messages...LOL. Not that anyone but me would ever even consider that possiblity....hahah!

A shoutout to the kind folks who were so kind as to leave a comment or email me...
MixMonk, Anonymous, Teresa, Nikki, Amanda, Melissa, Amy, Rebekah, Kelly, Stacy, & Jules.

Thanks, you guys....ya'll totally rock!

And one more thing on surprises...

*warning...possible spoiler ahead -- although I think we're behind on watching it since we have to wait until it comes out on the internet*

Heroes is driving me nuts. What's up with all that? Peter goes bad. Then his dead father shows up again and I think he's pretty much evil and he steals all of Peter's powers so Peter isn't a Hero anymore. And Siler turned to the good? I am getting confused on who is good and who is bad now....or for that matter, what dimension they're in...past, present, or keeps changing up. Sheeesh. One surprise after another. At least what's his face that reads minds is still good. I like him...his personality reminds me of KC. He's cute like KC, too. He needs to stay a good guy. But who am I? Not the writer, that's for sure.

Well, all this blah blah blah....another random post full and it's much past my bedtime. Revival this week at church....everyone's tired and I've paid for a spot in a gym to be part of a huge yardsale on saturday so I've got all that I'm trying to get together, too. Cleaning out all the kids summer clothes that are too small or need to be packed away and pulling out the winter stuff to go through and weed it out.....CRA-ZYY.

all that to say I'm tired and going to bed now.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ho Hum

I have gotten some really nice responses to the shameless plea for comments in my last post (LOL), both in email and the comments section....however, the one I got in my email is making me play a guessing game.

So far my clues are:
  • I have met them but they just happened upon my blog and decided to keep hanging around.
  • I'm guessing it's a she based on the email address (which I don't recognize) and the fact that they want more recipes (and no, I'm not sexist, its just more common for that to come from a girl). I could totally be wrong on that, but unless they correct me (yes, that might be a challenge) I shall use the feminine pronoun.
  • She's in my state.
  • She's really nice.

Now I'm waiting for more clues.

Oh and by the way....thank you all that were so kind as to comment and make my day. Trust me...I needed it today. I also ate lunch with my friend, Jules, today and that was another much needed (and much appreciated) bright spot in my day.

Aside from those previously mentioned bright spots, it's been a rather frustrating day. So before I start complaining, I'm just going to go away.

Later! =)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Messages: Classic

Dear Monday,
Wow, you sure were a classic Monday today. All you needed was rain and you would have been JUST RIGHT. Or wrong, as the case may be.
Thinks Like Garfield

Dear K-man's Doctor,
I really, REALLY hope you're right that the K-man does not have chicken pox. Even though it LOOKS like chicken pox and I'm not the only one who thought so. Sorry if I seemed overly skeptical about your diagnosis of bug bites being the cause of his (chicken pox-like) rash. I hope you're right that he is absolutely NOT contagious. I'm going to take your word for it, since you are the doctor and all...but if all the kids at school and church get exposed after you promised it wasn't chicken pox, I'm going to be a little more than aggravated.
Happy It (Hopefully) Isn't Chicken Pox

Dear KC,
I'm am SO not mad about you backing into the SUV with your car this morning. And I really woudn't have even been mad if it HAD made a dent instead of just scratching the paint on the SUV....because you can't give ME a hard time about backing into other vehicles....teehehehe. Not that you would EVER do a thing like that. EVER.
Love you even more now....
Your Car Bumping Wife

Dear Self,
Perhaps Monday is not the day to make high risk investments. Chances are good that you won't come out ahead. UGH.
Feeling Rather Lossed

Dear K-man,
Really. You should totally stop being defiant. I totally liked it better when you were sweet and listened 85% of the time. I'm having a real problem with you only listening and being sweet 15% of the time like you have been doing the last few weeks. When I say stop it, or hands off, that means STOP and HANDS OFF. That does NOT mean look at me and touch it anyways or keep doing it and laugh. I still love you and you are still stinkin cute, but really, I am NOT liking this defiant streak. Oh yeah, and one more thing, when I ask you very nicely to do something, the answer is NOT "I don't WANT to." "Yes, ma'am" or "Okay, mom" would be MUCH more appropriate.
Still love you,
Your "Pulling Her Hair Out" Mom
PS While I'm writing, this would also be a good time to start doing your thing in the potty without me having to harrass you about it, too. Could ya maybe work on that? I'd really appreciate it.

Dear Munchkin,
You are so cute. Sheesh, I love you. You really need to stop fighting the whole nap thing at school, but I still love you. You are growing up on us...I'm feeling kinda sad about that, but I am loving how helpful you are becoming. You have always WANTED and TRIED to be helpful and you're really sweet about that, but now you're actually getting to the point where you ARE helpful and I am loving it.

Dear Morgan,
Do your homework. And stop daydreaming - 1447. (HEHEHEHEHE)
Your Tutor

Dear People Who Read My Blog,
While I enjoy guessing at who all you people could be by looking at the links you came from and the general location of your IP, it would really be great if you people that come quite regularly would leave a comment every now and then. Now would be PERFECT. LOL!
Besides the fact that every blogger loves comments, I would also love to know how accurate my guesses are/were. *smiles* Like the person from somewhere around Atlanta, Georgia...the last few times I have checked, it looks like they are stopping by around once a day. And the person from somewhere in India (i think) that came to my blog after it appears that they randomly found me by googling some strange term, but then they used the same search term and came back again 24 hours later? What's up with that? Clue me in here!
Seriously, I'm okay with lurkers, but it would be so very cool if you tell me who you are and then go back to lurkdom. LOL.
And just a little (nice) note for those people who read my blog looking for reasons to think I'm awful: really....I'm no worse than you....I'm just more honest about it. If you really faced the facts of it, you probably have opinions and ideas, yourself, that some would think YOU were terrible for having. So if you're only here to find fault, I'm sure you won't have to look far to find it...after all, I'm as human as you are (at least, I hope you're But seriously...I hope, while you're here, you can overlook minor differences of opinion and find something good here. If you can't, well...I love ya, bless your heart and all, but move on. And I'm being as nice as I can possibly be. *smiles*
Very sincerely,

Dear Blog,
It's late, my hubby's already asleep, it took a LOT of effort to word the previous letter nicely during this time of Perfectly Monstrous Spirits in which I find myself right now, and I'm tired and all my nice is used up for the goodnight.

Friday, October 17, 2008

New Photos

Finally got around to editing the photo session from earlier this week with my friend, Morgan. I like the way some of them turned out...and it's always fun with her b/c we play and explore new places and even when they don't turn out the way I wanted, it's still fun.

They are all posted on Always Faith Photography.

Plus we turned things around a little and she took a couple of me...and while I would much rather be on the back side of the lens, I try not to stay back there all the time. She did good considering what she had to work with...LOL...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Things I Love Thursday: Salad Shooter

And no, by "Salad Shooter," I'm not talking about target practice on bits of lettuce.

I'm actually talking about one of these things that grates/shreds cheese, nuts, veggies, or a charm. I picked mine up at a thrift store (I might'a paid two dollars--yay!) by recommendation of a good friend who was with me at the time (bless you, Sis T.), and this thing is wonderful.

When I first got it, I used it a few times to make salads and it sure beats the fire out of hand grating (I should know, that was on our chore list when I was a kid...we had salad almost every night, so I was a professional hand grater....and I grated a few salad fixin's each night, too....LOL).

Then for awhile, it sat on my shelf unused (just because I didn't cook a whole lot and what I DID cook was convenience foods that were already mostly prepared), but now that food prices have gone up and I'm looking for every way to be frugal, this baby comes out several times a week. Usually for cheese, since the block cheese is much cheaper than the shredded version and it only takes a couple extra minutes to shred it myself with this handy dandy little gadget. And the best part is that with this tool, I don't shred my hands anymore. LOL!

It's made by Presto and mine is an older version but I LOVE IT!

You can go to the official Presto website for more information and where to buy it, and don't worry...they're not paying me anything to tell you this either. This is a lousy deal and I get nothing out of it. Oh well. Life's a bummer. =)

I've never done one of these Things I Love Thursdays, but I've seen the posts on several blogs and today when I got it out to shred some cheese to go in the hashbrown casserole, I thought...MAN, I LOVE this thing. And hey, this is Thursday, to boot. I could do a blog post on it! LOL.

So there it is. This may be the only TILT I wind up doing, but then again, I was looking for something to get me going on the ends of the weeks that seem to get stuck, so this would take care of one of those days. We'll see.

Anyways, go forth and grate. Or shred. Just do it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So I Disappeared

I could say that the apple dish was soooo good that I've been passed out from the sheer delight of it for the last two days.

But reality says that while the apples were incredibly delicious, the real story is that I have been running all over the place and actually DOING stuff for the last couple of days, which hasn't left me much free time for bloggin. Oh well.

Picture one is the little slice of heaven in a bowl....picture two is what was left in the crock after we ate. I was in too much of a hurry to try it out, to take a picture before I started digging in....LOL!!!

Anywho, definitely a thumbs up on this one...just don't get the bottom part too done (I think my crock cooks a little faster, b/c I cooked it the amount of time it said to cook and it ended up being stuck on the turned the mixture into caramel rock in the back bottom part. My pan is STILL soaking. UGH. LOL).

Monday, October 13, 2008

Rainy Days Don't Last Forever

Thank GOODNESS! I get so much more done when the weather is nice and I am not operating under a cloud...either in the weather or in my brain. LOL.

So I finished a project on Friday that has been sitting up on one of my cabinets for nearly six months. (YIKES) I was really glad to finally have it finished and be happy with it. And better yet, since it was a gift for one of my dear friends, I was able to give it to her and SHE liked it. Yay! It was originally supposed to be a wedding gift (wincing...why do I tell on myself like this?) but it ended up being a late anniversary gift...LOL! Better late than never, I guess. (Products Used: flowers: Close to My Heart; gold ribbon: generic variety from Walmart; Husband & Wife rub-on: hobby-lobby; brads: some booth at last year's Scrapbook Convention)

Let's see...what else...oh, in the rainy weather category, the last couple of days have had a few deaths that have been a little rough.

We had to go up to the town where KC works on Friday night to a receiving of friends for his ex-boss's son. That was a tough one. Tough in the cause of death and tough because the family had a LOT of friends and we had to stand in line for over an hour with our two small kids. Especially since our friendly little munchkin befriended everyone in line around us. And you know, when you get her going, it's hard to get her stopped. She can say a LOT in an hour when she's got a captive audience of people that she's never met before. LOL! EEEK. Nuff about that.

Today's major projects: clipped coupons (I HATE that chore, but it saved me about $15 at the grocery store this afternoon), got a couple of books ready to mail for paperbackswap and took them to the post office (only to discover that today is Columbus Day....and I got to bring my packages back home--better luck next time), took some shots of Morgan (more on that as I get some edited), went grocery shopping (saved approximately $30 between coupons and my store savings card), came back and had a sandwich with Morgan while we worked on her math....

THEN...after I got the kids, I made this yummy-licious creation (at least I hope it turns out as yummy as it sounded here (although she originally got it here - which was the non-crockpot version - and can I just say that I have yet to see anything that Pioneer Woman does that I do not just LOVE....*huge sigh*)

I do not know what the final picture will look like yet, as it is just in the cooking stage at this point, but all I know is that me and the vanilla ice cream in the freezer are anxiously awaiting 7:30pm.

The second picture is the dumplings swimming in Mountain Dew, just because I had so much fun with the bubblicious way that it foamed all over the place when I poured the Mt Dew over it.

will you ever get here????

Oops....I guess I should hop off here and get supper cooked before 5:30 gets here, b/c it's coming a lot quicker than 7:30......


Saturday, October 11, 2008


I don't know if every blogger gets hit with this unsettling feeling at least once or twice in the history of their blog, but I get it rather frequently.

Typically after checking out blogs like Year of Crockpotting, which are SO purposed-filled and interesting and steady that when she did a crockpot giveaway earlier this week, there were 1050 + comments within a day of the post. I haven't even been back to the comment section on that post to see how many there are in FOUR days.

Maybe I'd be better off if I didn't read so many wonderful blogs that have a definite subject for the basis of the blog and they do so well at staying on topic....because then I come back to my very random blog and I feel very....well....not in the mood for posting.

Too bad there isn't a category for rambling on about anything under the sun. Then maybe I'd finally be on target. LOL.

I've read the articles about growing your blog and getting more readers, but frankly I just can't make myself fit in "their" guidelines. Yet, as much as I color outside the lines, and as much as I know that my writing is for myself, I am thankful for the people (all 5 of them) who do take the time to stop by...I'm pretty sure most of them are here just because they love me. LOL.

I couldn't tell ya why. But it's not cuz of my mad writing skilz...I can tell ya that! *grin*

This is like a (somewhat censored) version of a journal for me, so I wouldn't be deleting it, but some days I'd love to find a decent topic to blog about and start over.

Oh well.

Blah, blah, blah. That's my current purpose.

So be it.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

What To Title This?

Hum. How bout a verse from the book of Faith....

"A quick blog post to cover a multitude of topics should have a catchy title, else thou shalt be in danger of....." oh never mind.

This post beginning is not working out well. I should go back and erase this whole thing and start over.

No, really. I should. But since I occasionally don't do what I should, perhaps I'll just leave that there so you can have a lovely glimpse into the typical start of an average post in which I really don't know what I want to talk about, but feel the urge to say something.

So in the spirit of keeping it real, hang on a second while I regroup and start over (without erasing the beginning...heh).

Anykachoo, I think the best idea would be to do one of them thar (unofficial) Thursday Thirteen things and just make a list. Cuz, that is really what I like to do. Make lists. I particularly like lists in which the things are already done, and not ones in which I have many things to do....cuz those lists are....well....a lot of WORK. And we all know -- no wait, I don't want to go there either. Back to the list of things that happened today.

1. Early start this morning -- Munchkin was crying about 3am. Not really sure what the deal was, but I stumbled in there and talked to her for a minute. I'm not sure what all the conversation consisted of, but I seem to recall me singing a Veggie Tales song about God being bigger than the boogey man, and then praying with her. I think that was after she said she had a bad dream or was scared or something. I'm not really coherent at 3am, so I'm not positive about any of those events.

2. Got up at 7 (that's AM) and started supper. LOL. That sounds so weird. Anyhow, I have gotten into the crockpot dinners recently and I totally did a double whammy this morning. I am so proud of me. LOL. I made crockpot lasagna using a combination of this recipe and this recipe and not only that, but I used the leftover meatballs from Monday night's meatball sub dinner for the meat. Get that. I USED LEFTOVERS! (Did you see that, Mom? Leftover hater me!!! Bet you thought you'd never see the day, huh?) So I got up this morning and chopped the meatballs up and added more sauce to them and used that for the meat sauce in the recipe instead of using ground beef. I also used the ricotta/egg/milk version from the first recipe and the extra liquid on top/6-7 hours on low cook time from the second recipe. It turned out great except that it was done a little too early so I had to keep it on warm a little longer than I would have liked, and the very bottom got a little too done. Next time, I'll definitely shorten the cook time. The kids are loving the crockpot meals. They have asked for seconds or ate every bite of the dishes I've tried so far (and that's huge for mister picky K-man). Oh the other thing that makes me so happy with myself? I'm actually cooking with ingredients and it's turning out yummy (as opposed to cooking with pre-cooked freezer foods and it turning out yummy....LOL).

3. After I finished fixing supper, it was time to get the kids up and ready for school...Munchkin got up and was crying first thing....said her stomach hurt. (Maybe from my cooking? LOL....hope not...haha) But she seemed better after that and she wasn't running a temp or anything so I went ahead and took her to school.

4. Speaking of sick, it's going around at their school, so it's highly possible and perhaps even probable that the kids are going to (or already have) it, so I'm bracing myself.

5. After I dropped the kids off at school, I took the cats to the vet to be shaved....oh my. We've never had Jango shaved, but he was getting to be shedding more than Snowball and the hair problem was getting out of control, so we decided to see if it would help. Boy, they were NOT happy about it either. Both of them had to be sedated (ouch on the pocketbook) in order for the groomers to shave them.

6. Next stop was Burger King for a 3 piece french toast sticks (and they gave me like six...on purpose...cuz they were all, "there's more than three, have a nice day" about it) so my stomach wouldn't be growling in court.

7. Court started at 9. I was exceedingly happy that K-man's case was heard early, since generally I've found that the termination hearings tend to be put off to the end of the day so they can get the quicker cases out of the way and clear the courtroom early. Thankfully, it appeared to be a light day as far as cases go.

8. Was a little confused as to why they made his next date three months away instead of the (what I thought was) typical 30 days after termination hearing. I'm kinda guessing it's because they think she will appeal, in which case a 30 day hearing would be a waste of time since adoption can't go forward until any appeals (if they're filed) are completed. I personally think that any mom who can't even show up to the court date in which she would have a chance to testify for herself as to what was being done (or not done) toward her case plan should not have the right to appeal. I have other thoughts on the whole thing, but I won't share them here.

9. Got out of court and called Kel so we could meet up and work on Morgie's math, decided to meet at the library during G's storytime, so I hit a thrift store to kill about 15 minutes before meeting them...that was interesting. I went to the one in town that is part of a ministry or something that runs a soup kitchen, and apparently I got there about the time that all the "down on their luck" folks were showing up for lunch. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking being in hard times. But for the grace of God, I could be in their shoes. So with that said, I do have a problem with walking through a small group of folks that can't afford to feed themselves, yet magically have the money to loiter on the sidewalk puffing on their cigarettes, and the whole time, feeling a need to button up my jacket (which wasn't revealing anything anyways) and hold my purse a little tighter. That's the last time I go there by myself when the soup kitchen next door to the thrift shop is open.

10. Met Kel & Morgan at the library and got the tutoring out of the way (until Monday or Tuesday anyways)...we keep getting farther behind. It seemed like we were making much better progress over the summer, but then during the summer she was only doing math, not the other subjects. Oh well...we'll get there. Today's session seemed to go much better. Only a moment or two where I felt like we were on totally different wavelengths. LOL. (LOVE YA MORGAN)

11. Went to Subway for lunch (they have a new $5 footlong -- the Chicken Pizziola or something like's yummy)

12. Came home and took a nap (I had one of those sinus headaches, you know the ones that make your eyes felt much better to close them. LOL) I slept away the afternoon (bummer) and had this really weird dream in the process. I think I've dreamed it before, b/c it seemed really familiar...nutzoid. At least it wasn't the nightmare that K-man's mom got him back though. I don't like those dreams. This one was a happy sort of dream, but don't ask me about it, b/c what I remember is very vague.

13. Got woke up, then hauled off the trash, paid a bill, picked up the kitties and paid that whoppin bill (oh the price of less hair), picked up the kids, came home, and set the lasagna on the table and had supper. Now THAT was sweet! I could totally get used to that. LOL!

So there it is. My day in thirteen tiny (or not so tiny) pieces. *goofy grin*

And for Kelly's benefit, the potato crockpot dish that I fixed Tuesday night. This was in the Fix it and Forget it cookbook (I think).

They called it Scalloped Taters but I don't really think of them as scalloped since it uses frozen hashbrown potatoes. Anywho, for what it's worth, they were good, no matter the name. And i have two other variations to try, along with the fact that I need to attempt to spice it up a little more since KC thought they were a little on the bland side. (I didn't think so, but he likes his food to kick him on the way down, so I guess I'll play a little with spices on the next go around).

Nuff said, I have to post this before the length of this post goes into overdrive (if it's not already there).

(Makes 6-8 servings)

1/2 cup melted margarine (I used butter cuz I didn't have any margarine)
1/4 cup dried onions
16 oz pkg frozen hashbrown potatoes (I used the southern style chunks versus the shredded style, not sure if it makes a difference or not)
10.75 oz cream of chicken soup
1.5 cups milk
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese (next time I'm using more...I didn't think this was enough)
1/8 tsp black pepper
1 cup crushed cornflakes - divided (I used a little more than this...I like more crunchy stuff)

Stir together all ingredients except 1/2 cup of the cornflakes and pour into greased slow cooker (I forgot to grease it...cleanup was a little tough) and then top with the rest of the cornflakes.

Cover. Cook on high for 3-4 hours.

I heated the leftovers in a glass dish in the oven the next night and it tasted as good as the first night. (OOH, MOM....didja see that? the LEFTOVER stuff AGAIN!!! Heh! *grin*)

Okay. For those of you who stuck it out this far....Wow. I'm impressed and I love you, too! *grin*

till next time...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


It is a rainy day. I am all warm and fuzzy from the hot shower....or perhaps the warm fuzzy feeling is mainly seeping out of the damp hair wrapped up in the sheik-like turban on my head. Regardless....I feel like taking a nap. If it wasn't about 25 minutes from the time I need to go get the kids, I might just do that.

Daze (I mean days) like this just shoot a great big hole in my motivation to do anything spectacular.

Or to do anything at all. (eeek, you didn't see that part, dear hubby)

This is not good. (nor will be the length of the "honey-do" list that is sure to appear when my hubby sees my lack of


I think I'll go dust or something. Or maybe I'll dust the back of my eyelids....heh.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Madness

Remember that stray cat I mentioned....? Well, I decided to try again to see if I can find any takers, since there were no takers on the original plea for a home. So here's the revision:

Anyone have a good home for an adorable outside cat that has occupied our front porch for several weeks now? We have two inside cats and can't keep it, but look at these pictures and tell me you don't want it....go ahead tell me. If you can tell me that without lying, then go away, you have a heart of stone. LOL!!!

Okay, so now I'm resorting to manipulation and guilt, but whatever works. LOL!!

As far as the "madness" of this Monday....well, I woke up this morning from a nightmare that K-man's mom somehow got another chance at her plan (which she did not work, even though she was given plenty of opportunity) and somehow did one of the things that she was supposed to do, and now there was a good possibility that K-man was going to be going back to her and when he saw her, he was flipping out and they were still going to make us give him back even though it was obvious that he was terrified. It was terrible.

Then I got up and was getting the K-man dressed for school and he was (as usual) being so not helpful and I didn't realize what he was doing, but he reached over to his shelf and pulled off the truck case full of matchbox cars (which is very heavy, by the way) and dropped it on my foot. I almost had a cow. It made a massive knot that is now red surrounded by blue. He was clueless. "What, mommy? What's the matter?" LOL.

Tried multiple times to get the mud stain out of the success....but it is now a CLEAN mud stain.

When I went to get the bleach in the first effort of cleaning the bathtub, I pulled the plastic tub out and knocked a container of cleaning wipes off the shelf. Three guesses as to which foot it fell on and the first two don't count.

The best part? It's the same foot that was hanging out the car door last week as I was mostly in the back seat trying to get the K-man buckled in......when the door shut on it.

Yes, I'm doing my best to cripple myself.

And now I told the kids I'd take them to the park for a little bit to ride their bikes. If I was a gamblin woman, I'd bet ya anything I'll figure out a way to further damage my foot....I'm sure at least one bike will roll over it....or they'll wreck on top of it....or SOMETHING. LOL.

So I'm Melancholy today....but instead of continuing to be negative, I'll just go away. LOL.


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Pictures from This Weekend

All Day Meeting weekend at church....I dressed the kids up and just HAD to snag the (protesting) husband and kids to get a picture together. LOL.
Scott is soo going to kill me for this...hehehehehe.
Tiff might just be next in line to slay me...hahaha.
This was at the end of the day...cuz I was a little late getting out the camera...hahaha.
Beautiful princess
Do you think she might be just a TEENY part "HAM????"
And then the pictures showing K-man's face are here.............and one more cute one of Munchkin is on the photography blog.

Speaking of the photography blog, it has had a makeover in the last few days...I deleted all the old blogs that I created for the different categories -- now that blogger has "labels" I just posted the pictures on the main site and labeled them so that all the pictures are easily located. AND I don't have to maintain 12 blogs...hopefully the photography blog will be less neglected now.

Get a Life

*begin drama queen tone*
"Dear God, please give me a hot (heart). And PLEASE give me a LIFE! Amen."
*end drama queen tone*

"Momma, I prayed and God heard me, right?"

(hiding a smile) "Yes, honey, he heard you."

"Kay, GOOD!"

-Backseat conversations with Munchkin (10.4.08)

Friday, October 03, 2008


If you weigh less than 150 pounds, and your sinuses are hurting, don't take the single dose (2 pills) of Nyquil Sinus at midnight if you want to function at all before 3:00pm the next day.

You may experience severe drowsiness during normal operational hours, much like (what I would imagine it would feel like) being drugged. Your arms and legs, and even your chest, may feel like there are weights attached.

Take my word for it. Just. Don't. Do it.

As an aside, it is also an extremely bad idea to try to play the Wii in this drugged state, and an even WORSE idea to try to lower your Wii Fit Age. Actually, it will add about 40 years to your current (way too old) Wii Age. Yeah. I'm not telling you what how old it says I am, but let's put it this way...I'm pretty near death.

Incidently, thanks to Nyquil Sinus, my sinuses are no longer hurting, but I felt like I was as old as the Wii said I was for most of the day today...until the effects finally wore off.

My advice...take half a dose and take it EARLY.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Party's Over

The late night partying is OVER. The kids and I picked up Daddy from the airport tonight and life returns to normal.

Just so ya know, the kingsized pillow with KC's shirt (and cologne) on it and the baseball bat are no substitute for cuddling up to at night. The baseball bat was particularly uncomfortable. Ever heard the old fairy tale of the princess and the pea? Yeah, well, I was the queen and the baseball bat.

But the bat can go back in the closet now....hubby's home and the bed won't be nearly as chilly tonight. Woohoo! LOL!

And someday, hopefully soon, I will find something to blog about besides telling on myself this way.


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Loaded 'Lids

Wow. My eyelids feel like there's at least 10 lbs of steel weighting them down right about now. It's been a seriously full day.

I thought about getting a head start on my Thursday/Friday Writer's Block problem from last week, but then I decided I'll go ahead and post a quick update on my day anyways.

I'm not operating on enough brainpower right this minute to do it in the ABC Prompt style that Amy mentioned in her comment on the Writer's Block post,

"...Try the prompt where each sentence has to start with an alphabet letter in corresponding order."

but maybe I'll save that one for tomorrow or Friday. *smiles*

Enough rambling about're wondering why my eyelids are so heavy when it's only 9:30pm, right? Well...I'm SOO glad you asked. (lol)

Well, one of my friends stayed the night last night and we were up until 1am this morning (by accident, I REALLY thought it was around 11:30) playing the Wii. In the Wii sports game, there is some kind of test using the bowling/tennis/golf/baseball/boxing to see what your Wii Fit Age would be, according to your stamina and speed or whatever. Well, I won't even admit out loud how ancient I am, but let's just say my friend and I spent all evening doing the "training" exercises to try to bring our age down to an age that was at least within spitting distance of our TRUE ages. Haha.

Then we had to get up at 6:30, get showers and get the kids to school by 7 so that I could get the car into the shop by 7:50, so that my mom could come give us a ride back to the college where I used to work, so that she could go to class and so that we could hang out for awhile and wait on the car to be fixed and then inspected (and yes, 5 hours later, it passed inspection after they had to fix several things, and only cost $114, which isn't bad from a Honda Dealership...*grin*)..... The cool thing is that mom loaned us her car, so we went to the library and hit a thrift shop (well, not literally HIT) as well as spending a bit of time hanging out at the old workplace, and then we went back and got mom for lunch and another thrift store and then took HER car to the dealership and left it to be worked on and I gave HER a ride back to work. LOL. It was an interesting shuffle.

Yeah, that was as tiring as it sounded. 5 hours of sleep. Early morning. It was just like it used to be back when I was working down going early to school, me trying to drive through closed eyelids, trying to be on time....ooh. I don't miss it.

Hang on a sec, gotta find a toothpick for these 'lids. Sheesh. I'm gonna have to make this fast or else driving won't be the ONLY thing I do through closed eyelids. LOL. And trust me, you don't want me to blog with my eyes closed. It's bad enough with them open. *smiles*

Anywhoot. That's enough about my day--oh, except that I must add that church service was just what I needed tonight....awesome. But anyways, I think I'll share this pic and a link to go check out the other ones and then go to bed. No actually, I think I might try to read a couple of chapters in that new book from the library....uh...if I can find those toothpicks....or maybe some chocolate (to eat, not to hold my eyes open with....heh!).

Oh yeah. Right. The picture.

This is my favorite of the session I did a few weeks might recognize this kid as "Baby G" (whom I have had the absolute honor of photographing many times now and, sadly, is growing up way too fast on the other side of my lens...*SIGH*)
Another handful of edits are at Always Faith Photography - Photo Session: G. (I hope you like them, Kel, and I will get you the disc by the weekend if I can)


Random Kid Quote:
(Whispering) "Mommy." Pause, then more insistently: "Mommy!" *pointing at baby Aydan (standing near our pew at church tonight)* "Mommy, ain't he jus' PWESS-SHUSSS?!?!?"
-Munchkin (10.1.08)