Monday, August 06, 2007

Weekend Update

So first b/c I have pictures: the CK convention in Charlotte.......

Got lots of really cool ideas for projects from the vendor faire. I like getting ideas better than I like shopping....well....almost. Haha. Anyways, the most appealing thing for me this year was the home decor projects. I'm so hooked. Actually, both classes that we took were making projects for home decor. It was sweet!

So here are some cool ideas that we saw in the vendor faire: both of these are hanging wall plaques, one out of heavy cardboard/chipboard and the other out of canvas. The canvas ones also had single ones with magnets on the back but I forgot to take a picture. Anyways, we got a couple packs of the canvas to do our own.


Then these next few pictures are from our second class, which was making a magnetic calendar. Unfortunately, you didn't get to make this way cool metal frame thing, just the magnet part, but I do have to say that it looks really really cool on my refrigerator so far!!!! And when we got home, we got some of my supplies and made another one for the church.....they all look SO cool.


A closer view of one:


Then there was us sitting in the classroom right before the class started....


another idea they talked about in the magnetic class was taking pictures of your kids in their bathing suits and printing it in a 5x7 size and putting magnets on the back of it and then cutting out clothing for it out of old scraps and putting magnets on THAT, and then your kids can play on the fridge....paper dolls out of THEMSELVES. Is that cool or what???? I thought it was!

Then, this was something else we saw in the vendor faire. I loved the idea, but I ain't payin no 6.99 for a cardboard album that I can make myself and buy a few jump rings at walmart. Hello! So I took a picture and I'm going to do one. I mean, those are great if you don't have a whole lot of time, and I'm sure it was worth someone's time to make them and sell them for 6.99, but not for me when I am fully capable of doing it myself. LOL.


Anyways, there was lots of cool ideas that I want to steal....I mean borrow. *grin* LOL. Someday when I have the time, of course!!! Haha.

Oy, something else that was way cool....I got to meet the famous scrap-lebrity, Jessica Sprague, whose blog I mean read....haha.....and whose tutorials I find myself constantly bookmarking b/c she is such a photoshop genious.....and I got her autograph on my convention program. LOL. I got home and told KC that I met her and he was like uh, so, what did you do, get her autograph and I was like....duh, yeah! "Are you SERIOUS?" he says! "As a heart-attack!" I say laughing. He was dumbfounded. LoL! I finally told him that really, it's not that I'm such a weirdo, b/c everyone wanted to meet her and take pictures and lalala b/c she's like THE Jessica Sprague. *grin* Not that I'm not geeky like that, too, but anyways...I wasn't the only one. Anywho, I was psyched about that. LOL.

I'm really tired and I'm getting ready for bed. I should totally just come back and talk about Sunday tomorrow. Okay. You know what, I'm going to. Okay. Now that I've decided that, I'll catch ya.....



  1. WOW! I am speechless.

    What gorgeous scrapping!

    Love the calendar.

    Keep taking pics of your ideas!

  2. Girl you totally crack me up, but I LOVE LOVE the magnetic calendar thing. I might have to steal, uh borrow...hmmmm....LIFT? Yeah, lift that. LOL

  3. If I only had the motivation and talent of your little pinky of the scrapping I would do!! I have been SO busy lately and this is the first time I have been to blogland in a LONG time. I have some catching up to do!


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