Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Stinky day.

The following is a letter I sent to DSS tonight after our pretty rotten day. {} these little things refer to proper names that I used in the actual letter, but removed for privacy's sake in order to post it here. This pretty much sums up a lot of the rotten-ness of today:

Dear {DSS}

I need somebody to call me first thing tomorrow morning regarding {bouncer}'s appointment in {big city located two hours from our town} today at the specialist for the testing that he was supposed to have. There has apparently been some mixup in communications. Today was pretty much a total failure of a trip.

I got to {big city located two hours from our town} with him at 2:55 for his appointment at 3pm today, and the directions I had gotten off the internet were ROYALLY wrong and we got lost in {big city located two hours from our town} for 20 minutes before we were able to finally find the place. Then when we got in there, they came out and told us that the doctor had already left for the day b/c he was on a tight schedule and only waited 15 minutes past the appointment time and then went on to his hospital rounds and would not be back. So they told me to go ahead and reschedule. When I'm making a new appointment, they ask me if I got the "packet" for his visit and I say no, so they hand me a form and ask me if there are any changes....

To make a long story short, I had to explain to them that I was his foster mother. All their paperwork of the information they received from {his local doctor's office that referred him to the specialist} had his bio mother and some {midsized city located a half hour from our town} address (to which all the paperwork, that I "supposedly" was to receive, was mailed). THEN they told me that had the doctor BEEN there, they still would not have seen him because someone from DSS has to be with me there in order for anything to happen since he is in DSS custody. I'm sure that {our social worker} did not know that, and I'm also sure that I didn't know that either.

Anyways, they had a cancellation for 9am on Friday morning and I told them to put us in that. I will arrange to take off again on Friday to take him, but a woman from DSS will need to go with me and {bouncer} (or else someone needs to work it out so that the proper authorization will be there and we will be able to see the doctor the next time we go).

Please call me ASAP to make arrangements so that we will know how to proceed.


Now why in the world they did not have updated information at the doctor's office that referred him is beyond me.....since he has seen that doctor AFTER he's been in DSS custody and obviously he was not with his bio childbearing unit at that time, so why didn't they update the file? It sure would have been helpful to have had that packet of information....including accurate directions.

On the bright side, maybe there was a reason we got lost.....maybe if his bio childbearing unit got that packet of information, she might have known about the appointment and arranged to be there at three and then thought we weren't going to show and left....???? Hum. It's a thought. I'd like to think there was at least ONE good reason for the way things happened. LOL.

Anyways, rest of the day? Ugh.

Poor Nikni, who went with me (and thank God she did or I'd have still been trying to navigate the streets of Charlotte while fielding the bouncer's thousand and one questions and holding a map and trying to avoid becoming car pancake in all that traffic and all the u-turns that I had to commit while trying to find the place), anyways, she was sick (bless her heart) right in the mcdonalds drive through when I stopped to grab some lunch and I was late and couldn't take her back home before the appointment.

I have had a sore throat all day.

We both had a headache by the time we got back. (and she had one when we started although it went away after she threw up).

The bouncer's meds wore off around 4-ish and for anyone who's calculating, that was around 5+ hours we were in the car altogether so he was getting restless anyways......

Stopped for supper after we had stopped at the craft stores in the midsized city on the way back (to make the trip feel a little less pointless of course) and had to wait forever for our food while the two little chicklets in the drive through sat there and talked while they S L O W L Y worked on getting the orders put in the bag. Hello! Made us late getting back to church. Of course that was the reason, not that we stopped at the craft stores....naturally. LOL. Anyways, after all that, we deserved a little sidetrip by those lovely little oasis' that correct grammar? Awww who cares.

After a day like today? NOT ME.

A few good things did come of my day off though.....
Got the bouncer registered for school.
Got almost 4 loads of laundry done....WHOOOOHOOOO.....
Got all the sheets on the bed cleaned and made up. DOUBLE WHOOHOO!
Tidied up the house.
Filled the prescription meds that I have a hard time filling b/c my pharmacy and my job are in way different places and if I change pharmacies to closer where I work, I will have a hard time filling prescriptions when I'm sick and didn't go to instead, I have to get off work early to get up here and go by before they close for the day. Hey any excuse to get off work huh? Haha. Kidding of course. it wasn't all bad, but it sure would have been nice if my throat hadn't hurt the whole time....and if my head would stop hurting now. *sigh*
Gripe gripe....I'm going to bed now!



  1. What a pain of a day!!! At least it wasn't a complete waste and you were able to accomplish some stuff!! I hope your Thursday is/was better!

  2. Sorry you had such a "rotten" day. I know how those days can be cause I've been there. Thankfully God's been there too and we can always lean on Him. :o) Hope things start looking up for you and hope bouncer gets his appointment. :o) Happy Friday!

  3. Hey... haven't heard from ya in a while! Just checking on ya! :)


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