Saturday, August 11, 2007

Misc. Junk and a birthday!!!!

Whoa. But I'm TI-RED. Way.

So I took off Friday to return the bouncer boy to the doctor. This time it was just me and him....and I got down there with NO problems....actually arrived like an hour and 10 minutes EARLY. I was determined not to miss that stinkin overpaid doctor dude again. Anyways, after all that, we still didn't get to see the doc until about half an hour PAST our original appointment time. Are you keeping track? yeah, that means me and bouncer boy sat and waited on this "doctor who keeps a "TIGHT" schedule for more than an hour and a half. Nice, huh? I almost said something but I didn't want to take it out on the nurse...that plus the fact that I had taken along plenty of reading material, so it wasn't like I was bored out of my mind. Now the boy on the other hand.....ROFL. Oh well. If they have to replace a few objects in their office....ya know, maybe they'll think twice about making energetic young kids wait that long. Bwaahaha....nah, don't worry. We left it all in one piece....not too much debris in our wake.

Speaking of wake....A-wake.....i was having one DIFFICULT time driving down there Friday morning. The kiddo was watching a movie and quiet as a mouse, so I was left to talk to myself. I'm sure it was pretty funny to hear me giving myself a pep talk
"sleepy plus five lanes of traffic is not good, honey.....girl, you need some coffee.....think about something you gotta do later....come on, wake up, lady! You are responsible and you will wake up. Come on!!!! You can do this. Just open your eyes. No, really. Whoa lady, that was close. There's too much traffic for you to be like this. Just wake up already. Okay. Let's see, what are the projects you need to work on tonight. Uh.....did you forget anything when you rushed out of the house this morning?"

And it's not a smart idea to run over those little wake up things on the sides of the lanes either.....they kinda distract kids from the movie they're watching. And this kid, who can't remember diddly squat about anything else, remembers that mom did this twice when recounting the trip to dad later. Go figure. Anyways, really, I wasn't dangerous or anything although I was sleepy, I went over the sleep lines cuz I, I don't remember exactly why I did but I know I was awake. At least I think I was. AnywAYS. Don't shoot me mom....

Remember, it was kinda like sleep-thirty in the morning when we had to get on the road. And the sun was coming up right in my eyes and I had no sunglasses, so that kinda made things worse....oh well. I made it. We made it. One piece and no worries.

Oh and by the way, the diagnosis? Doc asks kiddo a few questions, gives him a few commands, writes down a couple of things, looks back through his file and then asks me a few questions, most of which I have no answer for, since we were given little details. Then he tells me that he has no idea why DSS was so insistent that bouncer be referred to him for testing since there are no blood tests that they can run to tell for sure. Not only that, but the diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is made strictly by observations and sure, he has a "few" of the symptoms of it and given his background history, it could certainly be a possibility, but also considering his background, his symptoms could very well be just a result of his awful upbringing and nothing FAS related at all. And even if he DID have FAS, there is nothing they can give him or any treatment that could be done to resolve the issue other than therapy and medicines to control his behaviours that he is getting now. So it was nice meeting you and have a great day.

Then he leaves the room and I follow him out, somewhat stunned, and he tells the nurse at the desk to get him a sticker and disappears into his next patient's room.

Well alrighty then.

So make that TWO fruitless trips to the big city two hours from home. *sigh*

Anyways, I took my time coming back and b/c the bouncer was being so incredibly good and well-behaved (I'm serious, no kidding at all here...I was totally amazed) I told him that if he didn't want to go back to school, that he could stay with me the rest of the day. Of course, he jumped on THAT idea. So we stopped at a thrift store and browsed for a little while and then went to mickey-d's and I let him play in the play place for awhile before we headed back.

Oh yeah and I *MUST* insert here that when we stopped at the thrift store, I parallel parked our SUV, ya'll! I mean like the textbook parallel park which I have never EVER done in the almost 10 years I have been driving since we were not required to do it in drivers ed nor in the license exam. I always just pull in if there are more than one spaces open if I *have* to park in a parking like that. But Friday....I pulled forward, and backed my SUV into a parking spot that had a car on each end of it and a brick wall at the back. And I didn't hit anything and I didn't have to readjust at all. I just backed in and then pulled forward just a little bit to center in the spot. Can you tell I was extremely proud of this feat? Yes. I MOST certainly was. AND, I was in the big city with lots of traffic and other cars around. WOHOOOHOO. *doin the victory dance here*

To be continued.....KC is wanting to go outside and look at the stars for a few minutes and I don't know when I'm gonna get back so I'm gonna go ahead and hit post. Kinda romantic don't ya think? LOL.


Kay....I'm back. That was extremely short's overcast tonight and no stars. Bummer. Oh well, it's the thought that counts, honey!!!!

And speaking of honey, a munchkin funny tonight.....she was finishing her late supper when I hollered into the other room to see if KC had bouncer ready for bed and out of the bathroom yet:

"Hey, HONEY?" {no answer}

"HONNNNEEEEEEYYYYYY??? {long pause and no answer from "honey" while I look at her dumbfounded and she thinks for a minute--then) DADDDY??????? HEY DADDY?????? DADDDY!!!!!"

"Nevermind, munchkin.....we'll just go see if he's done, okay?"

Anyways, we think this is going to be our last weekend with the bouncer as we heard Friday that he may be moving into his hopefully-adoptive home this coming week. I'm kinda happy and kinda sad. This weekend has been awesome with him since munchkin has been at the grandparents last night and today. He doesn't know anything yet and I'm not sure when DSS wants us to talk to him about it. We have tried to do some fun things with him since this is our last weekend with we went up to the grandparents to pick up munchkin and let both of them play in the creek for a few hours before we came home. Actually, all six of us played in the creek for a few hours before we came home. LOL. But I was threatened with the beating of my life if I posted anymore pictures of one of those six people on here. Haha! Anyways, I will try to post a couple of pictures on the private blog, but no promises since I'm really tired. Just for fun though, here are a few pictures I took while playing around with the camera. Everyone got tired of me snapping pictures of them, so I started taking pictures of myself. LOL. Got some funny ones....haha.

Before I got desperate enough to take pictures of myself, I took pictures of all kinds of weird angles of the pots and things on KC's mom's porch while the kids were playing. I got a lot of the kids, too, but none I can post on usual!

Anyways, I kinda liked some of the pot ones.....reminds me of some kind of print or something. Or maybe I just have weird taste. Oh well....

Would you believe that these pots are the same pot just different angles and more curve applied in CS2? Yeah, you probably would. I think I'm probably the only person who is actually impressed by stuff like that. Haha. Back to my previous statement of me probably being weird. Yep. Probably.

Aw, weird me. Wanta know something else? I caught a minnow and a little crawfish when we were all playing in the creek today. And not only that, but I let the little crawfish crawl up on my finger and I wasn't like all "girly" about it and didn't get the heebiejeebies over it. Way to go, me! LOL. Like I said. Weird.

It's really gonna show tonight cuz I'm tired and having a hard time censoring the weirdness out. Hahah.

Okay. So one last thing before I go.........

To one of my favorite (okay THE favorite, but don't tell anyone! HAHA!!!) isn't related to me of course....hahahah)

Happy BIRTH-day, dear WAL-lyyyyyyy......HAAAAPPPPYYYY BIRTHDAYYYYY TOOOOO YOUUUUUUU! I know you're probably way deep in sleepland about now since you've got some long workdays ahead but just wanted to take a minute and wish you happy birthday. I was going to do a card for you but unexpectedly had to be out on Friday. =( I'm sorry. I hope your birthday is wonderful even if you do have to work. I'll miss you while you're gone next week....don't have too much fun in cinnnceeenatti! =)

And now.....this is me.....signing out.....




  1. MixMonk11:27 PM

    HEY!...Wally says he's all tired' we had cake twice today!!!'s is very' I'm gonna go ta' bed....

  2. Hey! When did you post these?? Hmmm... I must have somehow missed this. Well, I am glad that your day went better. And I like this pics! And a great BIG CONGRATS to parallel parking a SUV! I am so totally impressed!!


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