Monday, August 20, 2007

Booboo Off?

"Deaw Gaw, tank ooo tiny...lalalala...hep me......lalalala......and hep my booboo off----mommy? Gaw take my booboo off???"

"Yes, sweetie, God can take your booboo's off."

"Gaw hep my booboo's off-----mommy??? Gaw hurt me take my booboo's off?"

"No, baby, God won't hurt you when he takes the booboo's off. He loves you and he wants to take care of you, not hurt you."

"He be easy, mommy????"

"Yes, sweetie, God will be easy when he takes your booboo's off."

*huge sigh of relief* "kay! Gaw hep my booboo's off, easy. In Dehus ame, AMEN. Mommy! He take my booboo's off. Aww bewew now. He easy! Mommy, me pray for booboos!!!!"


  1. She sounds like a sweet heart!

  2. Gotta love the innocence of children!


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