Monday, July 02, 2007

It's All Copasetic!

My most sincere apologies to all you dear people who have been worried about me in my bloggy absence. Ya'll are too sweet. It's so nice to be missed. And no worries, I'm still here and things are just copasetic. (That's my word of the week....thanks, CV!)

What have I been up to that has kept me so busy that I haven't been able to get my fix of this blog addiction that I possess? Well....lots. I really don't know why I want to quit work b/c staying home is wearing me out and if it weren't for work, I'd never get a break! LOL. Pathetic, I know. Oh, and the couple of times I've actually had a moment to breathe, I have just sat down with a book for those few seconds and put off blogging. Bad me. Sorry. I'll try to do better.

VBS from last week is finally over. I'm still feeling a bit crazy from that. of the throwbacks from VBS for me is that I've gotten hooked into the embroidery thing again, thanks to one of the crafts we did for the kids that involved us creating a sample for them to look at.......

Now, I know the whole point of the thing is that it's BIBLE school and for me to come away from it with the itching desire to pick up a needle instead of a Bible.....well, that's probably a negative sign on my part....ROFL. Yes. I AM a nut. Thank you very much. And don't worry....all you church people that just read that and suddenly felt the urge to go pray for my poor troubled soul, that's not the only thing I got out of VBS. I also came away from it with the very strong feeling that I never want to be involved again. BWAHAHAHA. Just like last year!!! And next year, I'm sure I'll do it all over again and then say the same thing. LOL. all seriousness, it wasn't that bad. Sure, some things irritated me, but that's just gonna happen.

I have to say though, VBS is all for the kids, it's hard for the adults to get anything out of it b/c we're so busy making things happen for the kids. At least on my part it is. Sunday night after VBS was all behind us, I felt like God had both barrels pointed at me and he wasn't shooting any blanks. YE-OUCH! The message was about Our Christian Performance Review.....basically, what would our job review look like from God's perspective. Kind of like how it is in our real jobs, what would God have to say about how we are doing our jobs and about our "job" as a Christian. Yikes. God help me, cuz I know I need some work on doing my best and fully applying myself. anyways. While I'm being all spiritual for a minute, I'd like to note that I finally did copy my notes from that marriage study into blogger, but I haven't had a chance to completely write out my thoughts into that post, so for right now it's still in the draft folder. I'll get to that soon.....=) Heh.

Let's see.....let me try to assemble the rest of the stuff I've got going on here. Good gravy. I don't even remember what my last post was. Or when, for that matter. And ya'll, I'm so tired that I may totally be talking to much or saying the wrong things, but I'm so behind in blogging and it's getting late and tomorrow promises to be as busy or busier than today, so I'm just going to go ahead and ya'll will just have to overlook anything offensive or objectionable that I'm unintentionally saying. Ugh. Never mind. Just keep this post between us and love me anyways, okay? And if you can't do that, then go away. I'll love ya anyways. So could you just give me the same courtesy?
On the bouncer's thumbsucking's not like it bothers me....hey, I sucked mine until I was like 10, no matter what my parents used to try to make me quit...I didn't care. It still doesn't really bother me....except that it ruined my teeth and now I wish I'd quit earlier. But for the bouncer, the only thing that bothers me about it, is that he does it no matter where he's at and kids at school make fun of him. And if he just sucked it at night, it'd be one thing, but it's all the time...and I somehow feel that the only way he's going to stop sucking it in the day is to quit altogether. Anyways.....then again, it is very much looking positive that he is going to get along with S&N and they are doing awesome with him, too, so if all continues to go well and they get to adopt him, maybe we'll just let them worry about it. LOL. Love ya, Nik-ni!!! *GRIN* And I'm sooooo happy that they are enjoying having him. (I know there will be tough moments, but if you guys just hang in there, there will come a time when it will pay off.) I keep telling MYSELF that, too. *grin* Sometimes I have a hard time b/c I want to see the pay off NOW!!!!! hahah.
So....let's see. Saturday, the bouncer was with S&N, so we got a competent, trustworthy sitter for the munchkin and the hubby and I went to the town next door for dinner and did a little shopping. Pathetically, of all the shopping we did, 98% of it was for our kidlets. You know you're a mommy and daddy when suddenly you're wanting less things for yourself and more things to spoil your kidlets with. LOL. Among other signs of having kidlet accessories strewn over the house no matter how many times you ask them to please take it back to their room when they're finished playing with it. LOL. Dear me, I hear my mother's voice at least every other time I open my mouth. Haha. I'm not complaining though. It's great.

Oh yeah, before the babysitter came, KC and I worked on cleaning the garage and cleaning out some of the junk in the storage space over the garage. We're getting a pretty decent sized yard-sale pile....woohooo.....I'm in "get rid of it" mode and I love the clean feeling that is left behind when you have gone through those junk boxes and purged the unused and probably will never be used stuff. It's lovely. What was lovelier was the fun that munchkin had with some of the objects I found in the boxes.....ROFL! And the fact that I thought to grab my camera and capture a few funny moments. *grin*

Here are a couple of pictures that don't show anything.... and I'm posting a few over on the private pictures blog for those of you who are allowed to see her face. *grin* It was SOOOO funny. I had NO idea that she loved dressing up so much. And this stuff was just a few leftover remnants from my wedding decorations, bouquet and the cloth scraps that remained after we fixed my dress so it would not show too many body parts. LOL. Funny thing about wedding dresses....but that's a whole 'nother topic. She was totally hilarious though.

Well, then there was our lovely trip to Olive Garden. MMM. So good. Their rasberry lemonade is the bomb! Not to mention their oh so delicious food.....*sigh* It was just lovely. And of course, the previously mentioned shopping trip.

We saw these and knew the munchkin would LOVE them, but we decided the price tag was a little too high, so we took a picture of them instead. KC said he fetl goofy about me pulling out my camera and taking a picture in the middle of the toy aisle. ROFL. He was afraid security would like crack down on us or something. Bwahaha....I'm not shy about taking photos in strange places of random things anymore though. ROFL. Gotta have something to illustrate this little piece of blog madness that I've got going on here....and there is no way you could find stock photos of my crazy life. BWAHAAHA!

Anywhooooo....back to the toys....maybe we can find them on ebay or something. LOL. What did you think, we were going to print the picture and hang it in her toybox? hahahahaha. Yes. I'm nuts. And it's 12:16 so I need to hurry along here.

Sunday, she wore this dress that I found at the thrift store in OH. I LOVE it....and so does she. She called it her "beach dress" and so far, has wanted to wear it everywhere ever since I pulled it out and she saw it. LOL. It is definitely adorable. One thing to note really quick though, is that it's a bad idea to dress a kid this cute to go run errands and get groceries, etc. There are no strangers when you have a kid this cute. I'm not kidding. I had to stop and talk to EVERYBODY! "Yes, she's a sweetheart." "She's three." "Thank you very much." "Oh, thank you!" "Yes, she is cute, isn't she?" "Oh, thank you." "Munchkin, what do you say?" "good girl, thank you"......okay, so that wasn't quick, but neither was my trip to the crowded stores when at least every other person commented. LOL....and then there was the fact that she was waving and telling people hello and asking me if that was a pap-paw or if that was a dam-maw (that's grandma in munckin-ese). anyways. Moving right along....her daddy LUVED the dress, too.....and wanted me to take a picture of her in it for him to put with his family pictures at work. (yeah, go ahead....say it....AWWWW). So I snapped a few. She was strangely unlike her usually hammy self though, so I didn't get that many good ones....but these are rather candid instead. *grin* Oh well. She's still cute. And trust me....she is not shy like she's making out to be in this picture! No kidding! That's totally fake!

So anyways, on the sewing thing.....last night I decided to clean out my old sewing box from eons ago (it was actually my mom's little chest from when she was young and she gave it to me when I was maybe 10 or 11). I haven't gotten into it other than to pick up a needle from the pile of wadded up things inside it and keep moving. Last night I cleaned it out and threw all the wadded up junk away. Then I looked inside the side pocket and saw the little blue square scrap of sample applique. Man. Sock me in the gut. My mind immediately went back to the night when I did that. My grandma (on my mom's side, who is now in heaven) was watching us kids for an evening or something and I remember sitting on the floor looking at something she had made long ago and asked her how she did that and so she pulled out some old scraps and showed me and then I practiced under her supervision and careful correction whenever I'd goof it up. I can't believe I still have it. Man. I wish I could tell her now how much I appreciated that and all the other times she took for me. Okay. I'm getting off of this subject now before I make myself cry thinking about it.

This box is now housing sewing supplies that I WILL be using. And I carefully folded up that little scrap of love and tucked it in the gathered pocket in the back of the box, where it's gonna stay.

Oh yeah, and how in the world did I end up with THREE measuring tapes? Sheesh! LOL.

Well, I've only caught up through Sunday night but it's almost 1am now and I HAVE to get in bed. My eyes are not going to stay open much longer without some kind of foreign object propping them open, and since that is an alternative that I refuse to consider, I am going to run post those other pictures on the private blog and then head to bed.

Later, ya'll.

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