Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In Which I Practice What I Preach

Well, after harrassing (or maybe nagging) my husband to get on his blog and DO something, I thought I should probably practice what I preach and get on mine and DO something. I don't know WHAT exactly, since my brain is feeling rather like mush about now, and I should really go to sleep, but honestly it's kinda funny to hear both of us typing on our blogs at the same time and I'm doing like the Bouncer and racing to be typing faster and hitting the backspace less times and I'm winning righ tnow owhah no i just had to it theaz asjkldfjl;aewj;lkrjk backspace.

And now he stopped typing so I can get back to my regularly scheduled uh........programming. Yeah. Programming. That was the word I was looking for.

Okay. That was fun. So what is my regularly scheduled uh.....programming......................

I could gripe more but I don't feel like doing that tonight.

I could tell about my day, but really don't feel like it.

So where are those journal jar things when I need them!!!! Uh.....what DID I do with those? I wonder if I could pull one out of my memory. Nahhh.

It's mush, just like my brain. Ya'll. I need a vacation. Like a permanent one. So does anyone have a gorgeous expensive oceanfront condo they'd like to give to someone in need (or me....)??? Well, how bout just for a sometime in August. Anyone who lives on the beach read this blog? I'll trade a week stay in my house with our two wild animals (that would e the cats, not the kids....HAHAHA!) for a week stay in prime oceanfront property. I'd even clean it for you before I left......Any takers? Nobody? Really? Bummer.

Well, I know my honey is beating me for content tonight....I'm trying not to sneak peeks over at his screen until we've both posted, that way he won't accuse me of stealing his lines.


I think the bouncer's competitiveness has just really rubbed off on me....everything is a race or a game that needs to be won. I feel like I'm playing Scattergories and I can't let my opponent see my paper until the timer goes off. Haha. I'm not worried about winning this one though, with the mush-ness of my brain tonight, I won't win any medals for this little piece of ramble. I don't even think this post could classify as "writing" other than the fact that it's made up of all the letters of the alphabet in somewhat grammatically correct order.....

*sigh* Sorry ya'll.

Oops. I just snuck a peek. I didn't see anything though. Haha! Okay.

Now that I have hit a mental block (don't like...cheer out loud or anything), I'm going to get off here and go to bed.

Aren't you proud of me? I only briefly mentioned the kids and I didn't gripe. Yay, me. And I didn't make anyone sleep in the garage tonight even though I'm smack dab in the middle of the horrific throes of Positively Murderous Shenanigans and I would have literally had more success getting the cat to dance through the house on tiptoes while juggling 5 mice than getting a child in our household to obey a simple command like, please don't throw that on the floor. Oops. I'm getting really close to griping. Must. Stop. Now.

Okay. I'm going now.



  1. You are TOO funny. I haven't really had much in my brain that deserves to be on a post, so I'm just posting what I wrote while in Morocco. Which is two fold... editing and rereading what I wrote is helping me to relive and experience my adventures... plus I have content without having to think!!

  2. Love the line, "Get off your blog and do something." That is such a true statement. Now I need to get off the blog and play Candyland.

  3. I have some ocean front property in Arizona for ya. ROFLMBO

    Sorry chickie...hang in there. Say no to a few extra things until you get settled with your new arrangements. You need to enjoy those kiddos. No, really you do. LOL Ok, have a great weekend.


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