Friday, July 06, 2007

Geeesh....I have been really bad at updating lately

I read through the last few entries to see how far I've gotten in updates and I was sorely disappointed in myself. ROFL. I am so behind. Haha.

*Huge sigh*

I guess I got through Sunday the last time I updated....LOL. That has only been like five days ago. *grin* Five very BUSY days ago. This could be a long entry. And I'm already ready to go ahead and close the computer and catnap until KC is ready for bed. Not good!

So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Did miscellaneous things around the house. Bouncer spent his days with S&N. Juggled the munchkin here and there around my work schedule. Had a funky work schedule b/c I set up and closed up our booth at a local festival that was in my town since it was near me and b/c the kids were out of school, I couldn't go into the office anyways. So I worked from 3-10 those three nights. KC came over and helped me some on Monday and Tuesday nights, and Wednesday there were no other volunteers, so it was just me and him for the whole shift. I didn't care though. It was fun. Ya know how I was talking about that embroidery thing that I've gotten into since VBS at church? Well, I packed that up and took it with me and sat and worked on embroidering a skirt the whole time. It was lovely. I got to sit and listen to music and work on my embroidery and get paid. Sa-WEET! LOL. Course, there were all the weirdos that came by the booth....ya know....the usual freaks that inhabit festivals....which made me appreciate the fact that I was on work time, b/c I wouldn't have volunteered to talk to them kinds of people without being paid. LOL.

I was kinda bummed when I went back to work on Thursday b/c the house was a disaster. All week and a half of being out of work and trying to work on the house and I go back to work and it looks like I never even did anything to it. That was just because I was coming in late every night and just dumping my stuff and trying to get everyone and everything wrapped up for the evening before crashing myself.

Then today I had to end up taking off again b/c the kids don't have daycare this week and I ended up having both of them since S&N were going to have to leave this morning for her brother's wedding out of town. So I stayed home with the kidlets today. Didn't go too bad, but I was about to go nuts by the end of the afternoon. The bouncer is driving me crazy with the way that he likes to annoy his sister and get her all agitated. UGH! I was ready to shut them in separate rooms.

I was pretty happy with myself though, b/c I took time to study some on that marriage study we did a few weeks ago. Wrote out some more of my thoughts and a few things that I researched out and looked up this morning. I also did some laundry and tidied up the house a bit, too, so it isn't in as terrible of shape as it was yesterday. And I'm finally almost finished with one skirt that I've customized by cutting it off and hemming it to a midcalf length and embroidering all around the hem and up the pockets, etc. It looks cute, if I do say so myself. I also packed up the books that I needed to mail and ran them down to the post office. I'm so ready for all the ones I've mailed to arrive at their destinations....I have a bunch I want to order. I also have a bunch on my wish list. LOL. I am so impatient. *grin*

We took the kids to Chuck E Cheeses when KC got off work tonight. I think the kids had a good time, but they both had a major meltdown while we were there. Bouncer was trying to take Munchkin's tokens and kept telling us that he wasn't taking them. Then he asked some other kid for his token and the kid gave it to him but we saw it and made him go give it back. Then he tried to tell the attendant that the machine ate their token and it owed them tokens back. And the munchkin was whining and wanted to stick a token in machines that were way too big for her and then go on to the next game without actually using the token in that one. And when I made her stay with me to finish one she got super mad and started smacking at me. Ugh. Oh well. Kids! Ya do something nice for them and they meltdown anyways. LOL. Bummer. OH well. *grin*

The competition bouncer seems to feel toward munchkin is just frustrating, too. I'm not sure how to deal with it. He harrasses her until she explodes and retaliates and then he comes running to me yelling that she did this or she's doing that. UGH. It just gets old after awhile. Oh well. Lots of issues to deal with.....eventually we'll get through it. *sigh*

Anyways. Tomorrow morning the munchkin's friend is coming over here to play with her for a few hours and I still have unending laundry to work on. Then there is my skirt remaking stuff that I've been working on.....and of course, the scrapbooking that i never got done...and the photography editing......*sigh* Sooooo much to little time.

I'm going to go check out the cracks in my eyelids now.

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