Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I'm kinda sorta in a good mood today. Gooder than normal. LOL. I'm waiting on my boss so I thought I'd check in here really quick. I haven't posted in a couple of days and its not b/c I'm that busy, but its been really busy at work and I haven't had time to take a minute to post. Which is a good thing, I guess, since the days tend to go by faster that way.

Anyways, back to the "happiness" topic, I have been cleaning out the house for the last couple of days....trying to get all the "junk" (clutter) extracted from our living spaces. For one, that always leaves me with an extremely "happy" feeling b/c I hate hate hate clutter. But anyhow, I was cleaning out the coffee table last night (am I the only one who collects magazines to "read later"????....LOL) and I was dumping a few but stopped to flip through one of them and read this little article about "getting happy" that was really very interesting. The very first tip was "Fake it." Like for example when you're walking in to your office at work and you aren't in a happy mood, fake it. Smile and say "good morning" to everyone you see and before you know it, you won't be "faking" anymore. I sat and thought about this for a minute, and I think that is actually true. Another one was to read something to make you smile....and on that note:

Here are couple little pages from one of those little desk calendars I found when I was cleaning out. (only a year or so old...LOL). Anyways, they made me smile....

"This elevator is out of whack.
More whack is on order."
-sign on an elevator door

"We would be delighted if you'd pay your bill.
However, if you don't, you will be."
-sign at an electric company (i had to read this one a couple of times before I got it....LOL)

"FOR SALE: R.D. Jones has one sewing machine for sale. Phone 555-0707 after 7pm and ask for Mrs. Kelly who lives with him cheap."

"NOTICE: We regret having erred in R.D. Jones's ad yesterday. It should have read: One sewing machine for sale. Cheap. Phone 555-0707 and ask for Mrs. Kelly who lives with him after 7pm."

"NOTICE: R.D. Jones has informed us that he has received several annoying telephone calls because of the error we made in his classified ad yesterday. His ad stands corrected as follows: R.D. Jones has one sewing machine for sale. Cheap. Phone 555-0707 and ask Mrs. Kelly who loves with him."

"NOTICE: I, R.D. Jones, have NO sewing machine for sale. I smashed it. Don't call 555-0707, as the telephone has been disconnected. I have not been carrying on with Mrs. Kelly. Until yesterday she was my housekeeper, but she quit."


Have a great day!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I hate titles

I sit for like 15 minutes before every post trying to think of what to title it. LOL. Okay maybe not 15 minutes but it's still definitely a block. Maybe I should start titling it after I finish the post...but then I forget....oh well.

Grandmas House

Anyways, I took this picture of a painting at my mom's house today. It's a picture that my dad's mom painted of my mom's mom's house. So one of my grandma's painted my other grandma's house. LOL. That's my mom working in the garden to the side. This was painted in 1980 and I wasn't even around yet, but the place pretty much still looked like this when I came in the picture. That house isn't in the family anymore, but it sure holds lots of memories! And I can only imagine what kind of memories it has for my mom and her siblings since they were part of it's history for a lot longer than I was. *grin*

Today (the part of the day before the part where I took a picture of that painting), KC and I went up to Asheville with his parents and did a little shopping and ate at Frank's Pizza up there. Its like tradition now...if ya go to Asheville, ya gotta eat at Frank's! LOL. It IS pretty good though! Anywho, we picked up a fire extinguisher that we have to have before the fire inspection among other things. Now I just have to doublecheck the paperwork and make sure that it fits the specifications.

In one way, I'm so excited I wish we were already licensed and then again, I'm thinking...OH MY. We have so much to do, can we handle this? Its like getting ready to jump out of a plane and wondering if your parachute is going to work or if you'll survive the jump. LOL....not that I would know what that was like. *GRIN* Thats another thing on my list of things I've never tried. Don't plan to anytime soon either. =)

So here's what I'm wondering....the soonest I could get in to get the physical was on the Monday after the home visit....and I'm going to schedule the TB test in the same appointment. So do you get the TB results instantly (or at least in the same day) or should I try to get the TB test done this week so I'll have the results by the time I get the physical so the Dr. can fill out all the paperwork then? I'll probably call Monday to find out. I just thought I'd ask since I got an unexpected answer on the GAL issue and thought maybe I'd get one on this too. *grin* By the way, thanks for that comment, Jim, I'll have to check out that link you left. =)

Anyways, talking about Frank's pizza....I'm getting hungry...its almost 9:30 and Franks was the last thing I ate and that was at 12:30....LOL.

Off to make my tummy happy....

Friday, October 27, 2006

Its another TGIF day!

Only 1 hour and 1 minute until 5 oclock! Yay! Now if I can just get the rest of this stack of work on my desk done before that quitting moment then I'll be doing good! Make that GREAT! *smiles*

In the foster parent news...last night was the LAST class. *sigh* It was the best class of all of them I think and it makes me sad that its over....I was starting to like them....except for those kinda strange folks....and the homework of course.

Last night was panel night, where a bunch of people that are involved in the process come in and talk about their experiences and you can ask questions if you have any. There was a Guardian Ad Litem (who is a court appointed investigator to be a second opinion on the childs situation...basically....or something like that), the Social Services lawyer, a foster mom, and a foster mom and dad that have already adopted two out of the system and are also fostering. It was really interesting, especially hearing the foster parents talk about their experiences and answering questions that the class had. The GAL and the lawyer were interesting, but they were just talking about the court process, and at least to me, the foster parents are more on the "front lines" in dealing with the kids. Some of the stories...i mean, WOW. KC and I were both totally excited when we left.

According to what we learned last night, we're looking at about a month after our paperwork is sent in to be approved and licensed. And hopefully our paperwork will be sent in not long after our home visit, which is next Friday. The fire inspection is also next Friday and we still have to do our physicals/TB tests and get updated rabies vaccinations on our cats, once all that is done, they can send our paperwork to Raleigh. Sheesh, its a major process! I'm kinda glad we'll have a month before we're licensed though so we can get the house ready.....we definitely need to do some re-organizing and rearranging of stuff. There's still a lot to do, but 30 hours of MAPP training are behind us....+ all that homework, so maybe the rest will be smooth sailing. *grin* One can only hope.

Here's the random for today....that last sentence of that last paragraph....every time I hear a sentence using "one" as the subject of a sentence....it reminds me of that Robot movie with Robin Williams in it. Remember that really sad movie I talked about awhile back? Yeah....he always referred to himself as One. "One is happy to be of service, little miss." Crazy. Random. That would be me! LOL.

Oh one other strange thing....our psychological exam came back normal....everyone in the class passed, including me. I'm NORMAL! WhoA! I told KC later...ya know, looking at those people in the class with us....if mine had been the only one to not pass, I would have DIED! Somehow, I wonder if they were legitimate, b/c some of those people don't seem like they'd have been able to pass as normal. LOL. Yeah, yeah, myself included. BWAHAHAHAH!

Okay, nuff rambling.
Later, ya'll!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #5

This one is gonna be un-official since its more of a personal list than anything. PS....KC: hint,hint!

1. Backdrop holder for my photography thing
2. My Creative Companion 2 (to go with the volume 1 that I've already got...on my shelf to do something with once I have time to scrapbook again)
3. Digital Scrapbooking 5 (this is a really cool book on my latest scrap addiction)
4. Bumble Bee Crib Set for the kids bedroom of the kids we don't have yet....this set is SOO cute and it could be a boy OR a girl, so it would work no matter which one comes our way.....once we get licensed anyways!
5. Um...don't remember what this link is for, but I think its for paper....i love scrapbook paper!
6. More paper (did i mention i LOVE scrapbook paper?...LOL)
7. Chipboard (this stuff is almost cooler than paper!)
8. a Graphire Tablet for the computer. I am totally not sure what this would be like, but it looks and sounds really cool and I have noticed several bloggers mentioning it, so it must be cool! LOL (oh yeah and expensive, too....don't worry honey, its just a wish list, I'm not that unrealistic. LOL)
9.....oops....out of time....later!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The week is like half over already! YOW!

Last night's class was interesting. Remember the grandparent and GREAT grandparent thing I told you about from the first class? Well....GREAT grand-dad the last couple of classes somehow got his talker turned on and I sure would like to figure out what happened b/c he seemed a lot more normal when he didn't say anything. Just goes to prove that one quote about "It's better to remain silent and look like a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt" (or something like that)...anyways, its true.

It was a "put people on the spot by asking specific people tough questions" class and this one guy (one of the normal people...LOL) was asked what he would do if he had a foster child in his home and his mother couldn't STAND the child at all, and it wasn't the child's fault. How would he handle it. So he's in the process of answering the question and mentioned that he had a lot of patience b/c he coached kids. So that great granddad fella breaks in here and says that he helped in cub scouts and the other leader wanted to lecture the kids for an hour and you have realize that kids attention span isn't that long and you gotta let the kids burn off some energy and he tried to tell the other guy that and he wouldn't listen so he quit and not long after that, cub scouts fell apart. KC and I looked at each other like....HUH? What does that have to do with anything? And it took him at least 5 minutes to say all that. Strange dude.

Oh the other thing about class, I had turned in all our homework...YAY! And then they announce that in three of the profiles (the general family profile, the prospective father profile, and the prospective mother profile) half the pages weren't in there b/c the person who copied forgot to copy fronts AND backs. SO. They handed those profiles back with the extra pages to fill out....and we still have homework to get done after all! MAN! I was so bummed. I was so excited to be done with all that paperwork and then WHAM! Sure busted my bubble!

CV and I were talking on our way home Monday about the quirky little things people do without realizing it. It started when she asked me if I realized that anytime I finish a phone conversation I say "mmm, bye." ROFL! I TOTALLY didn't know I did that. But I'm sure I do, b/c when she said that, I knew exactly where that came from...yes, I'm talkin about you, mom! Thanks a lot, mother!! LOL. Actually, I think at least one of my aunts and maybe even both of my mom's sisters do that, too....so maybe its a family quirk. But isn't that just strange? And I never realized I did it! Funny!

Well, thats all the random for today. Need to get some things done, so catcha....


Monday, October 23, 2006


Just looked at the clock and flipped out....where has today gone? OY!

In today's news....I don't think my banged up car door and flat tire was vandalism after all. Why? Well....glad you asked. (LOL)

Ever since that incident, that tire keeps going flat. Yeah, so I'm thinking Walmart must not have known what they were talking about, or something. So I take it down to a tire shop down the road and have them look at it to see if they find anything. Yep, I stand there and watch him run it through the water and mark a circle on it, stick it on the whatever that thing is called and stick a light on it. Shore nuff...that's a leetle bitty hole in there. So. He smears some kinda patch stuff on it and puts the tire back together, inflates it and all and sticks it back on....and charges me $12.50. Yeah, for the tires that are still under warranty at Walmart only they didn't find any holes. Hmmmmm.

So I get in the car and haul my little self over to Walmart. Hey...never hurts to ASK, right? I walk in, ask them if flat tires are covered in my tire warranty and they say yes. So I'm like, okay well here's the deal. I came in here not quite two weeks ago cuz my tire had gone flat and you guys looked at it and couldn't find anything wrong, but its still been going flat since then, so I just took it over to this place and they fixed the hole in the tire and I was wondering if it would be possible if I could get reimbursed for this...and I hand them the receipt. And I said all that VERY nicely, I was not even in the least bit ugly about it.

{missing part of the story pertaining to the idiotic male species moved to Private Insanity}

Okay anyways, guy vent over....the guy came back with my money and the guy that didn't find the hole and I did feel kinda bad cuz he got raked over the coals...oh well. Gotta stop the "feeling bad" thing....

Oh well. Thats my story for the day. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday (or at least as much as a Monday can be good...LOL). I need to catch up on my blog reading soon, but work is too busy right now. So ya'll, I'll catch up with ya....



This is what I did on Saturday....I was pretty happy cuz I got the house cleaned, the laundry half done, this photo session done and still got to go to the scrappin party in Drexel by noon! Yay for me. *grin* And it only took about 2 hours work outside of the actual shoot to get ready and finish the pictures. Double yay! So Saturday was good.


You can see more of these pictures on my photography blog and click on the Family & Couples page.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Yay! Friday!

But do I have a free weekend? Goodness, no. Too much to do. So what else is new? Hey that kinda rhymed.

Well anyways...I have to just say this up front...I have been told that I'm in rare form today....it seems that I can't control the sarcastic humor from rolling off my tongue....but that doesn't make me mean and that's not necessarily "BAD!" Okay...just had to defend myself a little. *GRIN*

Lot of stuff that I haven't had a chance to blog about.

{story on the idiotic male species moved to Private Insanity}

Well, thats it for the latest happenings in my life right now, but there are some other things running through my head that I could blog about. Unfortunately, as is my recurring problem, I don't have time right now.

So....more to come.....


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Moments That Suggest A Brunette Should Have Been Born Blonde
(All in good fun...no offense intended to the true blondes out there...LOL)
1. Opening a bottle of a liquid substance, putting it up to your nose, and squeezing it to get the smell to blow out.
2. Repeating dumb move #1 right after you have cleaned off your face.
3. Putting a quarter in one of those air machines at gas stations and when it doesn't make any noise, assuming it's a new "silent" version, go ahead and start attempting to put air in the tires....then the guy walks over and picks up the plug which is laying on the ground and plugs it in for you.
4. Backing out of the garage without taking the time to look for other vehicles in the drive.
5. Gushing over a baby of either gender and referring to it as the opposite gender...in front of the parents.
6. Letting a super energetic kid that spends the night at your house drink caffeine before bed.
7. Letting said hyperactive kid sleep in your bed with you.
8. Wearing flip flops and short sleeves on a cold, rainy day b/c you forgot to check the weather.
9. Telling people that know you in person about your blog so that you have to write everything in code. Nuff said.
10. Forgetting to write something in "code" and the person you wrote about reads it.
11. Repeating dumb move #9 when you really do know what that will mean.
12. Laughing when someone cracks on you b/c its funny but then you realize that they were cracking on you.
13. Realizing that you do so many stupid things on a regular basis that your "easy" button should really say "DUH" instead of "easy"
Yep, some days I should just dye my hair the color my brain thinks it is. LOL. Kidding really....the hair color has nothing to do with any of it, I'm just really good at doing dumb stuff. Oh well....least I can laugh about it! *grin*
Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away....

There are some days that are only good for crawling back into bed and pulling the covers up over your head. This is one of them.

Not only is the rain making it extremely difficult to keep my eyes open, but I think the dampness has affected our computers and server. CV's receipts goofed up awhile ago and printed some strange, kooky error message from outer space for no reason at all, and when we tried to go back in and fix it, the records are not found and we still have no receipts. In case you haven't figured it out already, that is NOT a good thing. Receipts are sorta one of those necessary, un-skippable things in life and I don't feel like going back to the good ol days of handwriting them since there was around 60 in that batch. Yeah. It gives me writers cramp thinking about it. Ow...

And I need to leave early to go to class on top of that, so I hope we get this figured out soon. Speaking of class, we got a huge section of the homework done last night....the life story. Its not easy to write your life history as a couple and including life before marriage into 3 pages. And that was just ONE huge section of the homework...we were tired of doing homework by the time we finished that, so the rest of it will have to be another night. Or another COUPLE of nights. Unreal...!

*Sidenote here to Denise* The class is a foster-parenting class, 10-3 hour classes over a 5 week period and then a final exam to become a licensed foster home. I did see your comment, but I kept forgetting to answer your question. Sorry bout that. LOL...you know how I am with remembering things (or more accurately: forgetting things...haha).

Anyways, okay the receipts are FIXED! Thank GOD. Poor CV....that batch of receipts took more work that 50 normal batches. Bless her heart. LOL....and mine, too, since mom and I were the ones that had to use way too much brainpower to figure out how to fix it. ARGH.

I'm gone now. I have to get my work finished so I can leave early and get to class in time. I'm really looking forward to it since the teacher is going to be bringing a few extra pages of homework that got missed the first time. *SIGH* I'm really not bitter. I'll just feel much better once I get all those forms filled out.

Random thought of the day: these dove promises are getting weirder all the time....I'm thinking they're getting a little "bad"! Today's Dove Promise: "Temptation is fun. Giving in is even better." WHAT? Okay....we're not going there.

LOL...have a wonderfully insane day....you know I will be!


Monday, October 16, 2006


It is actually a FREE night (read: nothing scheduled....not exactly free since I have laundry that needs to be done, class homework that we need to work on, etc). This is the first time this has happened in around....uh...well, I guess about 3 weeks. LOL. I'm really at a loss here....the thought just occurred to me that I'll need to fix something for supper. ARGH...you know thats bad when you haven't been home to eat a meal (that wasn't picked up at a fast food chain) in around 4 weeks. *grin* Whatever will I do? In case you want to know the answer, I'll probably raid the freezer...I think there is a chicken quesadilla meal pack in there....LOL. Fast and easy....story of my life.

Anyways, random thought of the day: I'm glad people don't drive like the drivers ed instructors teach them to! *smiles*

I was driving home this afternoon thinking about random things like what all needs to be completed on that homework and all kinds of stuff like that when I got behind this drivers ed car.....which came to a COMPLETE stop when making a turn and didn't get on the wrong side of the yellow lines, used a turn signal a full mile before the turn (okay maybe half a mile, but thats way more than your average driver....you're lucky if they use it WHILE they're turning, much less advance notice....*GRIN*), and drove exactly the speed limit. Hello.....I didn't even do that while I was IN drivers ed. LOL!!!! My most vivid memory of drivers ed was driving down one of those country back roads they send you on and pushing the speed up about 5 miles faster than the posted sign....I thought the instructor was going to have a cow! You mean you actually are supposed to keep your speed UNDER the limit? I thought those were just suggestions....LOL. One warning and two tickets later.....yah, guess they aren't just suggestions. Hahah......

Okay....gotta run here...need to get some stuff done and KC is home so.....


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Almost over

In about 5 minutes, this fund drive week here at work will be over. Thank GOD! I actually feel okay today since I got home last night around 7:15 and was in bed by around 7:30....and slept almost 12 hours straight!!!!! WOOHOO....THAT felt great. Maybe a couple more nights like that and my brain will be back in (almost) proper working order. *smiles*

Anyways, I was trying to get caught up on my bloglines during my last quick break and read all the updated posts and came across this thursday thirteen. This is great! I LOVE quotes. I was sitting here and actually LAUGHED OUT LOUD at the these two quotes:

I like rice. Rice is great if you're hungry and want 2000 of something.- Mitch Hedberg

The trouble with jogging is that, by the time you realize you're not in shape for it, it's too far to walk back.- Franklin P. Jones

LOL. Perfect random. Love it.

Okay....gotta wrap this baby up and get home. Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL weekend. Mine can only get better!


Friday, October 13, 2006

Good gravy!

its friday the thirteenth.....i am so not superstitious but today really HAS been a 13 day. Speaking of thirteens....I forgot to do yesterday's Thursday Thirteen.

Should I attempt it? Yah sure why not.

What shall it be about?

How about thirteen random things that have happened already on this friday the thirteenth. (in no particular order)
1. my car felt like it was driving funny on my way to work....so first thing I think about? Oh great, please don't tell me that tire is flat again....unfortunately its dark and I can't see in my mirrors to tell if they are flat or not. So I get to a stop light and check the driver side and then pull over and check the other side....everything is good. weird.
2. speaking of coming to work....i overslept. and instead of killing myself to get ready in time....i just take my sweet time....i mean its not like i've been actually NEEDED at 7 so far this week.
3. so I come in to work about 10 minutes late (after oversleeping for 30 minutes past when I should have gotten up) and am hit by a desperate need for those cd labels "RIGHT NOW." Oh....lovely way to start my day.
4. sit down to write out some envelopes and someone who will remain nameless came over and started asking some deep questions.....hello....to the person who will remain nameless....this is not a good week to ask questions which require a lot of thought. I'm nearly brain dead and not really thinking clearly. BUT....I will have to say that they were good questions which I shall ponder in greater detail once my brain is functioning normally again.
5. opened a dove promises....which had a strange message (unfortunately my brain isn't functioning normally and I don't remember what the message was....oh wait, that would be my memory and it never functions normally.....ROFL)
6. i am not paraskevidekatriaphobic (that is to say: skeered of friday the 13th....BWAHAHAHA....gotta love yahoo...its a beautiful thing....that and google. LOL)
7. i was listening to 89.3 coming to work this morning and they had an interview with a british couple about God TV in Great Brittain or something (it wasn't daylight yet, so I have a good reason to NOT remember). Anyways, so I'm driving along and repeating all the words they say in a british accent and thinking about how it would look if it were spelled the way they are saying it. Like she said high water....but the way she said it, I think it would be spelled worter--emphasis on the t. Yeah well anyways, like I said, it wasn't daylight yet....but I'm weird like that at all hours of the day.....oh well. *GRIN*
8. a different someone who shall also remain nameless was talking to me on the phone this morning and put me on hold. And never came back.....they forgot me. Not only that, its the second time its happened this week...ROFL! Obviously I'm not alone in my memory issues. *GRIN*
9. i'm having trouble coming up with thirteen things that have happened....i'm going to have to change gears and go to random things that have run through my head this morning.
10. do we really have a choice if God is sovereign and he already knows the choice we're going to make?
11. is it better to be aware of the fact that you are quite possibly not sane or would ignorance be bliss in that case? b/c there are some people that have i have seen this week that appear to be VERY blissful.
12. that first nameless someone has a really really really cute little boy....and really pretty girls, too! they were all here this morning. AWWWW.
13. this chicken salad sandwich is yummy. wait...ya know, this doesn't really taste like chicken...i think this is TUNA. Well anyways. i think i'm going to go finish whatever this is that I'm eating.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ask me if I'm paranoid!

and the answer would have to be....110% most definitely YES! I swear (well, if I swore that is) that I am either a magnet for bad things or somebody's out to get me....LOL....and i'm not sure but what it might not be for good reasons.

I'm not kidding....I'm seriously considering nun-hood.....oh wait....you have to be single for that don't ya. Hum....maybe a nun disguise then. Yeah....like ol' whoopi in sister act.....maybe then...........

{rest of story on the idiotic male species and frustrating moments moved to Private Insanity}

Anyways....I'm super tired....i've been here 15 hours now and it time to go home.

Later, ya'll!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This is an illusion

Because THIS: is not me this week. I definitely don't look that rested about now. LOL. I'm just testing the option of using flickr instead of blogger to host pictures in my posts and this is one of the only pictures of me in my flickr account to test the option on. I do not like this picture. There is a certain dangerous mischievious look in my eyes that is a little too telling for my tastes...LOL....i like to keep that secret side of me hidden.....bwahahah.
Anyways.....Susan...this is for you. A rambling bit of insanity that should probably just not happen...well...here it is.
So I have a free minute and call down to her office to let her know that i'm still alive and we're chatting and she says: you really sound tired....and drunk....you are not making much sense....did somebody slip something in your drink?
BWAHAHAA....actually....i kinda feel like that isn't such an impossibility. But really...i haven't been drinking...much...LOL....just dr pepper....and hot chocolate/coffee....not much really.
So if I open the gates and just start dumpin things out of my brain it is really not going to make any sense........i don't even think its much worth it. what does make me sad is that I had a lot of things that would have made great topics for blogging and now I don't remember what they were. *SIGH* That makes me so sad.....cuz I'm sitting here stumped.
Today in numbers:
(1) the number of YUMMY Reese Klondike bars I've eaten today (they're new and beat any klondike bars i've ever eaten)
(2) the number of kooky dove messages I've opened today (ya know how the dove chocolates have little "promises" in them? Mine today were: Be mischievious, it feels good. And the other one was: Do what feels right. Hmmm....strange)
(3) the number of caffeinated drinks I've had today
(4) the number of phones that are off the hook in pledge central where I am here at work right now
(5) the number of days until Monday hits me again (hopefully the next one won't hit me as hard as yesterday did)
(6) the number of times i've went down the hall to get something and forgot what it was....actually, I don't really remember how many times that has happened today, but six sounds alright...
(7) the number of minutes i've spent staring into space trying to think of a number to go with seven....LOL
(8) the number of pounds it feels like I have added to my total body weight since this morning...I have GOT to stay aWAY from the snack table. *SIGH*
(9) the number of hours I've been on the clock since this morning
(10) the number of tickets we were supposed to have for buddy guy AND the number of minutes we've spent trying to figure out why there are only 9 pairs showing up.
(11) the number of times I've been on the phone today (I think.......but then I have a bad memory....see #6...LOL)
(12) the number of minutes i was on hold before the thought came to my mind that susan must have forgotten me (yeah, i'm a little out of it...) BWAHAHA
(13) the number of minutes left before I get to leave work....wish I was going home...but i have to go to class....till 8:30. Yay.
(14) the number of hours till I have to leave my house to come back here
(15) the number of numbers I'm going to quit this little game at.......LOL
argh. i'm. tired. and. i. could. quickly. get. grumpy. if. provoked. LOL. please God, please don't let those goofy idiots in class be...goofy...tonight. I can't handle it. I've had all the goofy people I can handle for one day. PLEASE???
Okay...nuff rambling for one day.

Monday, October 09, 2006


Things I've learned this morning:
  • 4:30am is not in my preferred hours of operation.
  • it doesn't matter what time you go to bed, 4:30am still comes too early.
  • a shower is not guaranteed to open your eyes at 4:30am...i don't care what ANYBODY says.
  • the things that run through your mind when you're stepping out of the shower at 4:30 in the morning can be very strange and out of the blue -- in-DEED. *GRIN* we won't even go any further with that....LOL.
  • and finally....i'm not real interested in making it a habit to haul my lazy rear out of bed that early on a normal basis.

it has been a highly educating morning....in case you haven't figured that out.

so. anyways. Things have been really busy in my lovely insane life. a log of my week (which is going to yield awesome results in time off....after this is all over):

Sunday: Up around 7, workin on the laundry. Leave for church at 9:15, church until 12:15, and drive to *the town where I work* and grab some lunch. 1:30-6:30: work like a....um....busy person....well anyways...head back home and grab a pizza on the way....home at 7:30. watch a movie instead of working like I should have to make this morning a little easier since I did NOT get everything finished. and then to bed.

Monday: Up at....you guessed it....4:30....leave at 5:30....at work by 6:30 and running around like a chicken with its head cut off. *sigh* this will be the story of my week. Will get to leave around 8pm or so tonight.

Tuesday: plan to get here by 7am, work until 4:30, and then drive home to class at 5:30 which will last until 8:30...and then home to bed.

Wednesday: plan to get here by 7am, work until....UGH....10pm....then home to bed.

Thursday: plan to get here by 7am, work until 4:30, and then drive home to class at 5:30 which will last until 8:30....and then home to bed...(hmmm...that sounds familiar)

Friday: plan to get here by 7am, work until 6pm and then home. I'm thinking i might have a few minutes on Friday night.....likely will be filled with doing class homework...*SIGH*

Saturday: plan to get here by 9:30 or 10am, work until 7pm and then home to DIEEEEEEE.

UGH. I am so tired. I will now erase all that from my mind as I'm finding it is making me MORE tired. LOL.

I've had a lot of stuff that has been on my mind that I really want to write down, but I am not in a position to "deep think" enough right now to post anything....it might be scary actually if I wrote what I was thinking without the "deep thinking" capabilities that would be necessary to keep me from saying something dumb....kinda like how this is sounding dumb. Okay. I give up.


Friday, October 06, 2006

How in the world....

can it be friday already? That doesn't seem at all possible. Not that I have a weekend to look forward to, as its packed to the gills with church and work. *sigh* Anyways.....

I skimmed through my bloglines this morning in an attempt to get somewhat caught up and thought since I don't have time for a really interesting post today (like the rest of this week), I would just link up to a few posts that caught my eye and made me smile.

This lady is an awesome photographer....very inspiring: simple as that
A thursday thirteen from one of my favorite blog-friends: thirteen favorite smells (have to agree on most of these)
Adventures in Juggling's thursday thirteen: Smile! (always good to be positive...they made me smile, too...)
Another favorite blog-buddy's thursday thirteen: things i love about NY (i'm not a big city girl, so I don't relate much here, but #12 made me laugh)

Oh yeah and almost forgot about this....but i got tagged....by Becky....go read her 5 things....#5 made me laugh out loud!!!
The Rules:List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets. Tag 5 friends and list them. And it continues on in a vicious cycle.
1. I'd rather read a book than almost anything....although blogging and the internet are a very close second (actually, maybe equal depending on how good of a book it is....LOL)
2. My cat thinks he's a dog....he's almost got the howling downpat....he especially likes to work on this trick at strange hours of the night.
3. My cat sleeps in my hair on my pillow (that is when he's not practicing his yodeling). He started doing that when I first got him....his mummy abandoned him and I guess he thought I'd make a good subsitute...this was especially strange at first b/c for the first six months or so, sleeping in my hair also involved sucking on my earlobe and extremely loud purring....let me tell ya THAT is ticklish. And you couldn't PRY him away....i had to start sleeping with my arm over my ear....he eventually grew out of it, but he still likes to sleep in my hair with his chin on my head and he still purrs really loud....but i kinda like that.
4. I hate writing but I love blogging. Weird.
5. I have lots of shoes, but I hardly ever wear them all....one pair will end up as "the pick" and I'll wear them until I wear them out...and have no choice but to pick a "new pick" The rest sit in my closet and take up space. The only exception to this rule is my sneakers....they come out when I need them.....once or twice a week. So this summer's shoes....my brown flip flops and new balance sneakers.

Tag five friends....I'm not sure who hasn't been tagged already....or who reads this....so if you're reading this and you haven't done it...then I tag YOU! *grin* Let me know if you accept the challenge!

Have a great day!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fastest Post EVER!

I have been more than busy.....try super crazy incredibly frazzling kinda busy. And KC really needs to work tonight so I can't post now either. I have to get back to the picture editing anyways....but I am still alive....just really busy. I'll try to get on here before much longer and make a real post....sorry...i'm gonna have to miss this thirteen. =(

Monday, October 02, 2006


It is unreal how busy our life is right now. I'm just sitting here wondering when I'm going to have time to get those pictures edited. I may just have to give them all to my cousin and let him edit them. Or just do it in my (nonexistent) spare time. LOL. *sigh*

Tonight we went to help our friends move into their new place....tomorrow night is class. Wednesday night is choir practice. Thursday night is class. Friday night is an ordination service at church for our pastor and afterwards, its our team's cleaning weekend at the church. Saturday is the all day meeting at church and that will be....well....ALL DAY. LOL. And next week our fund drive at work starts, so this week at work is going to be crazy, too, getting ready for next week. SO if I am not around for a day or two....well.....I'll be wishing I was here. *GRIN*
Anyways, the rest of our weekend in Virgina wasn't too bad. I don't remember if I posted Saturday night or not, but anyways, Saturday we walked to the mall across the street and then down to the Michaels, and Barnes & Noble (for about 2 hours in there...love that place!), and then to a nice little place that I won't go into detail about....LOL. And then back to our hotel. It was fun. Virginia beach is a lot bigger than I expected....I really prefer a smaller less crowded place when it comes to going to the beach. For the town part, it wasn't bad though. Just really really busy. Sunday we got up and packed the car and then headed home around 10:30. We took our time and ended up meeting mom and dad for supper in *our town* (they were on their way home from my aunts house), so we got home around 8:30. Not too terrible. Oh yeah....we did stop in burlington on the way home, too....to do some "outlet" shopping....at Goodwill....LOL.

Need a random tidbit to throw in here.
Lalalala....oh lets see here. Okay....random quirk about me....I have a pitiful memory but I remember random quotes and have a tendency to quote funky lines from movies at the most inappropriate times: like when someone is discouraged over something important or intense...."just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming....." LOL. (that one is Dory on Finding Nemo) Or when KC is asking me a serious question that I don't want to answer: "who we talkin about?" (complete with the head tilt) (Chicken Little). Yeah...well, you knew I was weird already....so quit lookin at me like that.

Have a great evening, week, whatever.

Maybe I'll try to remember to take 12 pictures on the 12th....I never remember until later, but as busy as I am right now, I can probably find 12 things to take a picture of in my day. LOL. Don't know where that thought came from....I was leaving....
okay...gone now....(can you tell I'm T.I.R.E.D???????)