Saturday, October 20, 2012


I don’t even know where to start. 

First of all, I’m not saying fall is my favorite or anything, because I am fiercely loyal to flip-flop and pool season, but the colors turned GORGEOUS while we were gone.  It’s making my fingers itch to pick up my sketchbook and pencils and try to copy God’s awesomely colorful landscapes. 

Second of all, our internet is making me insanely and unreasonably angry.  I shouldn’t blame the internet…it’s actually a router issue.  But what’s making me angry is that one computer will be working fine and the other just randomly bombs out….and a while later…vice versa.  UGH.  But I suppose as long as I’m not being violent or hurting anyone, everything’s good and I can pass on anger management classes…lol.

On the subject of classes I don’t have to take…I got a surprising email from school that my classes I took in 2001 will transfer to current.  Last time I considered going back to school, the other school I was looking into told me that I wouldn’t get transfer credit from those classes because they were over 10 years old.  So I was expecting to have to take them again, and I was super excited to see that email saying that’s four credit hours on my current transcript.  Might have done a little tiny happy dance…lol.  Now, fingers crossed that it wasn’t a mistake.  Haha.  And with the price of credit hours now, it will be BEAUTIFUL if it’s for real!  *grin*  So I’m just waiting for registration to open in November so I can get back to this thing. 

Internet’s still down….and it’s late…I don’t know why I’m still typing because this won’t post until it’s working again.  *sigh* 

Oh, one last thing…I took pictures of my cousin’s kids this week.  They are SOO adorable.  They aren’t real keen on posing, but I snapped until I had something to work with…

So as usual…I’ll spill a little secret here and say this next photo only had two kids in it originally, and in the original photo, only one kid’s head was turned toward the camera.  There was one thing I couldn’t change though, so every time I look at this one, I know it’s photoshopped because I see it.


It’s a pretty major issue, so let’s see if you can figure it out.  *grin* 

And now, I’m going to go see if I can figure out how to make my computer get back on the internet so I can post this.  =) 


  1. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Sorry about your router issues. Hehe. You can still like Fall ;) I'm going to say the one on the left was superimposed. It matches the 1st photo.

  2. I'm going with the baby on the right. The head looks slightly that is the one you changed. And since you said there was only 2 kids in the photo originally, I was going to say that you added the boy in the middle. Only you can tell us who is right though. :) Cute kids!

  3. guys are both right...the two babies were changed in the photo...however, the boy and one baby were original to the photo, but the baby wasn't looking at the camera, so I switched heads and added the other baby. Anyway, the major issue that I see when I look at it is the shadows. The light was coming from the left on the boy and from the right on the babies faces. LOL...just something I notice. =)

  4. haha...didn't even notice that. lol


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