Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Ah. The final positive. I don't know if this little deal thing has made me a person who is more enjoyable to be around, but it's been interesting anyways (what's really interesting is that this is Wednesday and my hubby has already fell asleep in the recliner beside me -- without posting his positive list again....ahem. LOL). The only problem is I have felt at times this week that the negative that is the other side of the picture is just being bottled up and I'm going to have to vent somewhere or else it will explode and it won't be pretty. LOL. *sigh*

Oh well anyways.

10 Positives - Day 7

1. I got another load of rock laid in the ditch today, after we got back from taking K-man to his play therapy. One side of the driveway is COMPLETE! The rock I got today was much bigger sized and I had enough to put it in the holes on both ends of the drain that goes under the drive. So that's a big job that is out of the way for the ditch on the side that we haven't done yet. Now just to do the smaller rock on the unfinished side. And MAN was it hot today! We got out and did the rock from 11:45-1....yeah....I know. Terrible time of day to do it, and we were sure sweatin it, but I wanted to get it done with and I told Munchkin if we could get it done quick, we could get in her wading pool when we got done. Well. SHE could get in her wading pool. I kinda don't fit. So after we did the rock, I sat on the deck and let the hose run down my back while I read a book and she played in her pool. LOL.
2. Like I said, we played in the water today. That will be number 2.
3. Church was another good service.
4. Today's devotion was really good. I especially liked this thought, "I realized that God is always speaking, I just did not hear Him because I was not tuned in to His voice. For example, when we turn off our radio, the signal is still being sent out, we just cannot hear it because we have chosen not to listen. Hearing God’s voice is a conscious choice, and in order to hear Him, I had to be tuned in and listening for Him to speak." Interesting analogy and very true.

Okay....I think we're going to switch to big picture positives....LOL

5. I have a good husband.
6. I have a heavenly father who loves me like I am His only child and who sent His only son to die for me b/c He loved me that much.
7. I have been blessed with an earthly father and mother who have always been there for me and who loved me like I was their only girl. Oh wait....I WAS their only girl. LOL.
8. We've been blessed with good kids.
9. We are able to live one one income so that I can stay home to take care of our family.
10. Um....yeah. I'm stuck. Oh I KNOW. This is the end of the deal and I MADE IT! That's positive!

Hehe. Goodnight now.


  1. you have two blessings in your list that I don't have--- I'm glad to see that you appreciate them!

  2. I love your posatives! It has been very encouraging to me. It really helps to look on the brighter side more, it just seems to take more effort.
    You should still do a positive post at least once a week!

  3. Faith you have done a marvelous job on finding positives.Your positives make me look on the silver linng of the big black cloud called life. Im glad that you got your ditches finished i would guess it is a big relief. Keep up the good work.
    Love, Sallie Ann Raines
    P.S. Tell bro.Casey that song is pretty and most likely a tear jerker in the right kind of service.

  4. I too have enjoyed your positive posts! You've set a great example with them. ;-)

  5. Hey I lkie your post to! And I realy like the thought about how we can choose to hear God now that is realy cool!! Keep up and leave a comment on my blog please!? LOL love ya!Are you gona be able to come Monday to swim? I hope so!



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