Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: Favorite Inventions

10 Inventions that have made life easier....from the beginning of time to now...

This is going to be tough, but I'm just going to name the first ten things that make MY life easier without overanalyzing it too much. LOL.

1. The wheel. Can you imagine life without THAT?
2. Wireless highspeed internet. Oh dear heavens. I am so addicted. LOL.
3. DR PEPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS there another way to handle stress?
4. Laptop computers.
5. Portable DVD players to occupy the kids on long car trips....wow. Yeah.
6. Digital cameras and digital scrapbooking. What a timesaver!
7. Free Blogs.
8. Adobe Photoshop...another one I would have a hard time surviving without....LOL
9. Washing machines. Ya know, if I might over analyze for a moment, I could probably live without the microwave and just use the stove or grill to cook with (although I wouldn't really WANT to live without the microwave), but if I had to wash the clothes by hand.....OH MY. How did they do it?
10. Swimming pools. One could swim in the lake, but the idea of clear water in your backyard....how brilliant. Speaking of that, I would like to HAVE that invention in my backyard....????


  1. Have to agree with your list. Especially 2 & 4.

    Cool new design/layout!

  2. i have to agree with most of it. i would love to have a pool.

  3. 7. Free blogs! No doubt. Who knew so many people would want to know about anyone's random thoughts?

  4. Having a pool in my neighbors yard for me to enjoy without having to care for it IS wonderful!!! :o)

  5. #2 - Hi. My name is Rochelle. And I'm an internet-holic.

    BTW - did you know that some are wanting to get an official diagnosis for this? Like Depression?


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