Monday, June 02, 2008

One Huge *SIGH* and a few Monday Messages

Well. I am so not feeling very positive today. Munchkin drove me absolutely crazy today, my feet are killing me from crawling over the steep part of the bank next to the driveway laying rocks this afternoon, and I have a crick in my neck. SO. I think today will be a mostly "big picture" sort of positive list, instead of a daily "right this minute" sort of positive list. ROFL!!!!

10 Positives - Day 5

1. I am alive.
2. I have not killed anybody.
3. There is a roof over my head.
4. I have a car to drive.
5. Munchkin is ours forever.
6. The rock down one side of the drive is pretty much finished except for the hole at the bottom.
7. We got through three chapters of Saxon Algebra 1/2 in tutoring today.
8. All my body parts are functioning normally....even the ones that are sore and hurting (well, okay, maybe not my brain, but it's normal for it to NOT be normal....LOL).
9. I have a wonderful hubby who provides for all our needs and most of our wants....and who blogged for the fifth day in a row...*grin*
10. I have been blessed, God's so good to me, precious are His thoughts of you and me. No way I could count them, there's not enough time, so I'll just thank Him for being so kind. God has been good, so good, I have been blessed.

Anyways....on to the Monday Messages:

Dear K-man,
Rock on, little dude. Nice work on keeping the pull-ups clean and dry. And on your drumming....LOL. I can't believe you fell asleep tonight before I could come back and get the books out of your bed and tuck you in. That made me sad and happy all at the same time....happy that you were so sweet just to curl up and fall asleep when you finished reading, and sad that I missed getting to tuck you in. Anyways, see you in the morning, kiddo. And tomorrow? Try to get along with your sister, okeydokey?
Love always,

Dear Morgs,
Focus, focus, focus. Get that homework done, missy. Just remember, 8.5 chapters a week so you can get through that book by the end of the can do it. We can help. EEK. hung in commercialization there for a second. Anyways, what I meant to say was, you can do it!!! If you get through the first couple of weeks and your slavedriver of a tutor can see that you're breezing through the problem sets without any difficulty, she might even give you a break and you'll have less work to do to get through those 8.5 chapters a week. *grin* Love ya, and I know you were in utter misery, but I had fun today. *grin*
See ya in a few,
The Slavedriver Tutor

Dear Steep Driveway,
I'm not a big fan of yours right this minute. Actually, I never have been, but right this minute I'm REALLY not feeling the love. Unfortunately I cannot change you. Is there such a thing as driveway therapy? Seriously, we seem to somehow always end up with steep and irritating driveways, maybe there is some deeper issue at work here. AAHHHH.
One of the Homeowners

Dear Previous Job,
I find it absolutely disgusting that this whole time I thought I had ten bonus days, I actually only had five. It is very frustrating that you failed to mention, the year that you gave out 10 bonus days in lieu of raises, that employees had to be employed for X number of years in order to qualify for the bonus days, so when everyone else got the bonus days.....little me didn't. I guess that must have been in the fine print somewhere. UGH.

Dear Hubby's cat,
Could you have your hairballs on things OTHER than the articles of clothing I left laying in the floor? I mean, yeah, sure, I should have picked up my clothes, but I was going to wear them again to work in and conserve a little water. But then I go to put them on this morning and YUCK. Thanks a lot. NOT.
Hubby's wife

Dear Munchkin,
Don't know what you're thinking but all those house rules that have always been in place? Well, they haven't changed. And you're not going to get away with breaking them any more today than any other day. So just a little clue for ya....don't bother trying.
Love ya anyways,

Dear Crick in the Neck,
GO AWAY. I do not like you. At all.
The head above you

Dear blog,
Are you loving those positive lists? If for no other reason, you'd have to appreciate the fact that I've now blogged for at least five days straight. HAHA. Well, that's it for catch ya later!


  1. I especially like numbers one and two on your list. :)

  2. No I really did have fun and was just being silly. Thanks a lot for helping me and I'm about to go do some of my home work. Love Ya!!


  3. Lol! I do enjoy your positive lists. Keep it up. Love ya!!

  4. Morgan is doing good, I think..I haven't graded yet but I will.
    See you tonite.
    By the way....thanks soooo much!
    I hope God blesses you for being so kind.

  5. People should read this.


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