Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: BK (Before Kids)

Thirteen Things That Should Be Done Before Having Kids
(Not that I would know or anything.....)

1. Wake up in the middle of the night and pause for a moment to savor the thought of not having a little feet pounding down the hall to join you in your bed, or to wake up a few minutes later with those same little feet jabbing your rear end.

2. Enjoy a really long shower without listening to see if little people are up and into everything yet.

3. Have a cookie. Or five. Without having to share and/or being a bad example of what NOT to eat for breakfast.

4. Carpool in five different vehicles to five different places and transfer an empty car seat to the new vehicle with each changeover. Oh yeah and you have to properly install carseat each time..... Imagine that times....oh say FIVE (since that happens to be my favorite number in this post) and consider yourself semi-prepared.

5. Eat ice cream. See #3.

6. Same goes for chocolate, candy, everything UN-healthy that you can think of, and appreciate not having to sneak around to do it so THEY won't want it or see how naughty mommy is being.

7. Private....romance time.....NUFF SAID.

8. Go to the bathroom without an audience announcing that "mommy is....."

9. Take a really long vacation. Enjoy the fact that you only pack for yourself (well...and hubby).

10. Also on that vacation, appreciate the fact that you can fly on two tickets instead of four and it's half the price. And quieter. No. REALLY appreciate that.

11. Go to more theme parks. Enjoy riding the big rides without having to take turns with the other parent watching the kids and having to ride the rides alone.

12. Take a long car trip....stop every half hour and find a restroom. Sanitize it completely, then use it. This is only a small taste of what it will be like and you will love it only because it means you are buying WAY fewer diapers.

13. Spend more time appreciating the moment you're in instead of wishing to be somewhere else. Actually, this works for after you have little kids, too....cuz mothers of big kids could probably make a list of things to appreciate before your little kids grow up into big kids. LOL.

Anywho.....I don't generally do this often enough to really go the whole mile with it, but here's the rest of the code anyways even though I probably won't go over there and link up. LOL.

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  1. All of that is SO true! I know one more...Having ENTIRE saturdays with nothing to do but "hang out". Ahhh...

  2. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Welcome to the world of mommy-hood! I've been there, and done all that, but TRUST me.......take time to enjoy all of this now...the GOOD AND the BAD.....because before you know it, these little angels will fly away and you will wonder where the time went.................
    Oh, by the way.......

    Love ya!

  3. Thanks for the thirteen things to do/enjoy!!! I'm going to work on #3 first, skip #4, and enjoy #5!

  4. Ha! I'll keep all of this in mind. :o) Thanks for the advice.

  5. Travel. Travel. Travel. That would be the biggie for me.

  6. Oh me too! Especially #3!!! ME TOO!!

  7. You hit the nail on the head, sister.

    But I have to admit that when the pitter patter of my little sunshine's feet ended at the edge of my bed this morning, I was smiling. He's doing much better about staying in his own room at night so I kinda like those early morning cuddle sessions. Can't believe he's almost three years old.

    I'm definitely loving my kids being little. Every day is truly, truly, truly an adventure.

  8. Oh yes....I love having Aydan in the bed with me but I miss the snuggling with Mariano. Then not to mention that you can't leave anything laying around because Lord knows that Aydan will find it, and possibly attempt to eat it.


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