Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: Time Wasters

This week is Ten Favorite Time Wasters and somehow, I don't think I'll have trouble coming up with a few of my favorites off the top of my head. LOL.

  1. Inspirational Novels (not necessarily romance, actually I prefer suspense and sci-fi, although from time to time I can enjoy a "fluff" book that's full of all kinds of sweetsie romantical stuff that I know does not happen on an everyday basis in real life....hehe...well, maybe in a perfect world....but not mine...HA!)
  2. Yahoo Mail....I could read all those daily digests from flylady and photography tips and recipes and freecycle and digital scrapping--well....you get the point--for hours.
  3. Blogger....especially on those times when I get in the mood to redecorate the old blog or design something for someone else.......hours....I'm tellin ya.
  4. Yahoo Word Games (especially Literati and Text Twist)
  5. Myspace (whoa, do you see a trend toward internet??? YIKES)
  6. Doing the dishes. Oh wait...oops. Wrong list. Sorry....teeehehehehe!
  7. Petting the cat.
  8. Photoshop.
  9. Magazines.
  10. Eating Chocolate....mmmm.....I think I have a mini hershey bar stashed up over the fridge that is right this very minute calling my name. Hey....what a coincidence...that's ten....I'm outa here. Three guesses where I'm heading next and the first two don't count!!! HA!


1 comment:

  1. hey im not that bad of a driver.
    i could thimk of a couple of time wasters myself. By i wont take up space with that well i love ya bye.


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