Thursday, May 22, 2008


Not very often do I find myself with time to blog.....naturally, when I find myself with this gift, I wouldn't have anything in my head to blog about. ROFL.


Anyways....I scrapbooked this morning for a couple of about being uninspired. That seems to be the common denominator of the day.....I put pictures on 5 pages.....but I forgot that I didn't have the doublesided tape refills that I needed, so I used a glue stick to temporarily hold them until I can actually scrapbook for I didn't do anything except pick the papers and lay them in semi position. Oh well...will make my job easier next time I get ready to do some work on it. *grin* Maybe next time I'll be inspired to do some REAL scrapbooking. *sigh*

However, if I have time...I'm sure the inspiration will be in short supply. Murphy is not my friend, but he sure hangs around a lot. LOL. to eat lunch and take pictures.....

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  1. Sounds like my kind of typical Murphy day! I have yet to scrapbook and have thought about it! :)


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