Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random (FUNNY) Conversation

Sitting in church tonight, I'd already taken Mr. Potty-Training-Dude to the bathroom once and it was about time for him to try again so I nudged KC and said, "hey....he's not wearing diapers, pull ups are kinda like underwear.....heh....YOUR TURN!!!!"

So KC takes K-man out and a little while later they come back in.

Me: Did he go?
KC: Yeah. All over my SHOE.
Me: should have experience in the aim department, how did that happen?
KC: Well, HE obviously doesn't have aim.

Then he sticks his leg out and there's like sprinkles on his pant leg right above his shoe.

I almost busted out laughing right there in the middle of a serious part of the service. BWAHAHAHAAHAAAA!!!

Me: Laughing: Yeah, HE'S two. You kinda have to HELP him aim.
KC: Disgusted shrug



  1. Boys. You gotta love them and their lack of aim.

    Mine is 7 and still...

    The other one is 34 and still...

  2. LOL.....too funny, I can't imagine me trying to potty train Aydan, and then we he goes to find out that Girls doesn't have what he's got.

  3. Love it, love it, love it!

  4. ROFL....Kelly....I guess I forgot to sign out when I was at your house....FYI, that previous comment by Faith was actually Kelly.....*GRIN*

  5. That's funny. (Glad I got a girl.)


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