Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Random Conversations

Munchkin: "Can I have some much (mulch) in my cup?" (while "helping" me unload a truckload of topsoil in the front yard)
Mommy: "It's DIRT, Munchkin, NOT mulch."
Munchkin: *shaking head despondently* "You are SO right, mommy, it's dirt. I am SO wrong."
Mommy: *cracking up*

Mommy: "Will you please go get your cup?"
Munchkin: "Nooooo. I don't want to."
Mommy: "I didn't ask if you wanted to. Go get it."
Munchkin: "Whatever, mom."
Mommy: "Don't you whatever me, young lady."
Munchkin: " Sorry, mom."

Munchkin: "When's daddy coming home?"
Mommy: "Tonight after he gets done working."
Munchkin: "But I don't WANT him to come home tonight. I want him to come home toDAY!"
Mommy: "Sorry chicka, not how it works."
Munchkin: "Oh mannnn."


  1. Lol.... man those "whatevers" start quickly! LOL!

  2. How cute! I really love the first conversation.

  3. Oh, thanks for the cute glimpses into your day!

  4. She has came so far since you guys have had she a "Daddy's Girl or Momma's girl?"

  5. LoLing...yeah she is a daddy's girl...but since she's been home with mommy, she's getting more attached to mom. LOL

  6. Thanks for the smiles. Kids know how to crack us up without really knowing they did. (making sense?) Nice to "hear" some of your early conversation pieces with your daughter. She'll treasure that one day. :o)


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