Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Queen Mother Has Been BUSY!!!!!

Yesterday was Munchkin's 4th Birthday Party......and let me just tell ya. THIS thing over here on the left?


Mental note to self....

No more castles.

Anyways.....for a few more pictures.....

The princess and her castle....she liked it.

And the one another little princess from church. Total sweetheart!

And a few more party guests playing....Lil Man (aka Bouncer that was with us last summer) and Baby G who is not such a baby anymore. *sigh* But STILL as CUTE AS EVER! And of course, Princess Munchkin....

For a few more pictures with K-man in them, see my myspace album which is private since I still can't post any pix of him on here.

Will try to come back and post more of what I've been up to, but not right now...gotta get the kids a snack before we leave for church.



  1. Kuddos to the Queen Mother!!! The castle looks awesome and I can see where it would be time consuming.

    Thx for sharing the pics!

  2. Wow-- That cake is awesome! You are talented!

  3. wow. what a great cake.. she will remember this always.. the pic are great.. she is such a cutie and she looks happy.. Happy BD..

  4. thanks ya'll! =)

  5. Wow! Castle cake is awesome! Way to go Queen Mother! I saw some castle ideas in the Family Fun mag., but I like yours way better! :o) Glad to see the kiddos had so much fun! :o)

  6. Way to go, I think you need to start a side business!!! I just stick to the regular sheet cake that you can buy at the Local grocery store. You can't really go too wrong with those!!! Great Job!

  7. What adorable children. They must belong to some pretty cool parents. *wink*

    Glad we got to come share the occasion with you guys!


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