Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday Messages: First Monday At Home Edition

Dear House,
Why do I feel like you are going to require a LOT of my time now that I'm home? How in the world am I going to fit everything in.....I'm already wondering how I managed to keep everything juggled in addition to the full time job b/c without the job it's still a juggling act. EEK. This is definitely going to be a learning process.
Somewhat Panicked New StayAtHomeMom

Dear Munchkin,
Just cuz Mommy's home with you all day now, doesn't mean I can play games with you all day. I'm really sorry, I'd love to do that, but we've all got to do some adjusting here, and you're gonna have to learn to play on your own some. So please, stop asking me to play a game every five minutes. I'm still getting used to with me here, okay?

Dear Blog,
Not that anyone would notice, but part of the adjustments I'm making include starting draft posts on here in little spare moments and then working on them later before posting b/c if I wait until I have enough free time to do an entire post, that may never happen. I feel somewhat scattered by doing this, but I also feel much more inclined to hop on and post something if I know part of the work is already done. That makes me feel less of a slacker blogger.
PS Speaking of pausing in the middle of posting, Munchkin just woke up from nap, so this blog post is now going into draft save....hehehee.

....and now I'm back. 6 hours later....LOL.

Dear Self,
You are going to have to not be such a perfectionist if you want to succeed at this stay at home business. I can see that RIGHT NOW. Cuz you are going to go insane trying to get everything done and this mommy guilt is going to drive you batty on top of it all. Good luck with that.....HA.
Knows better but Perfectionist Anyway

Dear Pediatrics Office....
Sorry for my wild screamin young'uns. I'm really not raising (un)holy terrors....even though it may have sounded like it. Trust me when I say that they spent their due time in the timeout chair when we got home. Perhaps next time will be quieter. Oh and by the way, it also makes it easier and much less irritating for all involved if things moved a little faster....although I'm well aware that sometimes it isn't possible to expedite these would be nice.
That Mom

Dear Mom,
Did you miss me at work today? I think you might have called, but when I called you back I didn't get an answer. I hope you're not crying too hard. I miss you, but I sure don't miss work. LOL.
Your daughter and ex-coworker

Dear Arm,
OW. Stop being so SORE. It is completely unreasonable that you should wait a full week after I got that crazy shot in the arm at the doctors office to finally get sore. I mean, they said it would get really sore, but come on. A WEEK LATER? And you didn't hurt at all until just today. How dumb. Get over it already. Stop being such a whiner.
The Body Connected To You

Dear Dreams,
I would really rather have crazy dreams than to dream all night long that I'm awake and can't go to sleep. Because I get confused really easily and I can't figure out if I was actually awake all night last night or if I was dreaming that I was awake when I was really sleeping the whole time...and then I am confused b/c I'm not sure if I'm opening my eyes to look at the clock b/c I'm still awake to see what time it is or if I'm dreaming that I'm checking the clock and I'm really still sleeping. And I don't know if I'm tired because I didn't sleep or if I'm tired cuz I've been busy all day. You've really got me all mixed up. Please don't do that. Okay? Cuz I'm a confused enough individual without adding stuff like that to the mix.
Thanks a ton for your understanding and cooperation!
Fully Expecting a Great Dream to Make Up For the Confused State You Left Me In

And on that note, Always Faith is off to hopefully meet some happy dreams when she hits the sack tonight. =)


  1. Congrats on staying home!! It will take some time to get used to, but hopefully you will love it.

    I see your perfectionism coming thru with that castle cake. OH MY! That is just the cutest.

    Happy 4th Birthday to your sweet girl.

  2. Yes, dear daughter, I do, did, and will miss you always at work. I've not cried my eyeballs out, at least not on the "outside." It is very lonely.... Yes, I did call you too. I wanted to show you the "thrift" store things I bought. A couple for Munchkin.. GAP.... Talk to you later,
    Mother of the perfectionist..... I guess you got it honestly...LOL


  4. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I have dreamed and dreamed about staying at home, still in my prayers though but all the more power to you. I know you are excited....

  5. I'm sure it will be an adjustment for all of you. But being a SAHM is a blessing, and you will grow to love it. There are times though, that I wish I had a job to escape too!

  6. So glad I found your blog, cause.... I think we were switched at birth :) I also get confused easily and can totally see how a dream like that could do it!

    Congrats on being a SAHM.


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