Thursday, May 29, 2008

Deal or No Deal

So we made a deal last night (I'm sure you probably figured out what my end of the conversation sounded like based on my recent blog post....LOL). One week of trying to focus on the positives. He has to be positive about work and church and I have to be positive about the kids and house. Yeah. So now he's adding on to the I have to make a list like he did. And I have to blog it. Ten things. Not only that but ten things a day. Blogged. Boy.....he's feeling ambitious, huh, since if I have to do it, you better best believe I'll be making mister slacker blogger live up to his end of the deal.

Anyways.....since he's already beat me to the first list, I guess I'll get going. By the way, honey, I know you're reading this and I'm adding a new rule....can't repeat a positive. Except, I'll allow you to repeat the first one you used. I kinda liked that one. LOL!!!! Anyways, I'm kidding about the no repeats. *GRIN*

Ten Positives (Day 1)

1. K-man pooped in the potty tonight.

2. I have a really cute hubby on my computer desktop. (Oh and by the way, I got that really cool desktop here if anyone else wants to do that. You'll just need to know a bit of some photo editing to add your picture to it.)

3. My really cute hubby writes really sweet things about me on his blog. And as an additional fun thing, my really cute, sweet hubby has a sense of humor that just cracks me up. Regularly. I love that. Like just now, while opening a can of diet pepsi (a caffeine habit that we are both trying to break and are rationing out the small remainder of liquid heaven), he says in a very mournful Ice Age manner, "The latht diet pepthi." (you those little birds playing football or whatever with the last melon? LOL) maybe only I would appreciate that, but hey. LOL.

4. Today I took lunch into Munchkin's room and we had a picnic on the floor on her little dishes where she was playing pretend camping.

5. Me and Munchkin got all the rocks out of the back of the truck this afternoon and put in the drainage ditch down one side of the drive.

6. I noticed when we were putting down the rocks that there is a LOT of new grass coming up where we tossed it out in a desperate attempt to keep the fresh topsoil we put out from washing away.

7. I took a 20 minute nap with the Munchkin when she laid down today and it felt really nice.

8. We have had some really really good services at church recently.

9. We grilled out on the grill for the first time tonight. KC burned it b/c he wasn't used to regulating the temperature. (No, really, that's a positive b/c I LOVE my hotdogs black. In the future, he'll get used to the grill and cook them normally, so I have to appreciate it for the moment. LOL)

10. Munchkin and I have started the Father's Day gifts from the kids to the Poppa, Pawpaw, and Daddy. We're doing wooden this year, so we got the base paint on the objects and now they are dry on the table and I need to get the rest of the projects completed. LOL.

Really, that wasn't TOO hard. The hard part was not adding in the rest of the the fact that I just happened to be checking K-man's diaper when I saw a little something starting to appear, and it wasn', so I rushed him to the toilet in time for him to go on the pot. Or the fact that KC took the keys to the truck with him to work, so we had to use the wheelbarrow and buckets to move all the rock from the truck all the way down the driveway b/c I couldn't move the truck any closer to the work area. Or that Munchkin only slept for about an hour instead of her usual 2+ hour nap....and that was after arguing for 15 minutes about wanting to keep playing.......well, you know. I'm like Paul Harvey...I just have a hard time not giving the rest of the story. HAHA.

Anyways...I'll quit for now....before I get negative again. LOL.



  1. Great idea on the positive list. Even if parts were a little...umm...mushy for my tastes *grin*.

  2. ROFL!!! *snort snort* MUSHY???? NOOOOO. What do you mean? WhiCh part???? ROFL!!!!

  3. Awwwww...... you two are tooooo sweet!! And define the word MUSHY!! LOL!! Love this!

  4. 10 positives, what a great idea!

    I LOVE burned hot dogs too! :D


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