Monday, March 17, 2008

Have I EVER mentioned....

.......that I have a horrid dislike of Mondays. Actually, it's not so much the day as it is the things that always seem to happen on these days that just gets me.

Today? I took the day off work. K-man had a followup with the allergist, and then after I got him back to school, I had a dentist appointment in the little town about half an hour from where I live.

Now, I KNOW what you're thinking right now. So I'm just gonna go ahead and tell ya. I ain't no dummy. It's Monday. Do you REALLY think I was going to speed? HA. NO. I left 10 minutes ahead of schedule EXACTLY so I would not be in any hurry. I also kept the speedometer well below my usual 7-9mph over the limit. It's Monday, people. I've learned my lesson. No Speedy Gonzales biz-ness on Mondays.

Remind me, when I finish this story, to come back to the whole "unfairness of life" and "speeding" topics.... of course, there was road construction, and I had to wait a coon's age to get through to the dentists office. I expected that. It is Monday, after all. But I had 10 minutes extra and I was in no hurry. So I get to the dentist's office and go in....and they don't even call me back for about 20 minutes, so even if I HAD been late, it would have been no big deal....and you know, I was EVEN prepared for that and took my big fat 490 page book (of which I'm on page 185) and I was perfectly unruffled through the entire wait.

HOWEVER. I completely did NOT even put it together that perhaps a dental cleaning and x-rays should have been scheduled on a day OTHER than Monday until it got down the the last part of the cleaning and the dentist dude is looking at my x-rays and saying..."teeth look good,....but there's two little spots over here we're gonna have to fix." And then it hit me. You big dummy. Today's Monday. Of COURSE they'll find a cavity or two. (In my was the latter)

My next cleaning? Is scheduled for a Tuesday. Thank you very much. (So are the fillings, not that it will matter much.....of course, it might matter...if I did it on Monday, they would probably start drilling and realize they were going to have to do a root canal or something instead....or they would somehow glue my tongue to my teeth....which actually doesn't sound like that bad of an idea! HA! Hush your mouth, KC....LOL.)

Needless to say, Monday's are dreadfully expensive days for me. *sigh*

Okay......oh, what's that you say? Oh yeah, of course, I didn't forget. Back to "speediness" and "the unfairness of life"....

Let's just talk some more about my most recent driving "indiscretions."

I have to say it. It is NOT MY DRIVING. It is NOT MY CAR. It's just that life is TOTALLY NOT FAIR. Okay. I TOTALLY sounded like Munchkin there. Sorry. I'm going to interrupt myself again and insert this thought before I forget it....should we just abandon all efforts to treat our kids fairly b/c hello, then they'll grow up and realize that they were LIVING IN A DREAM WORLD when real life SMACKS them in the face!!!!!! Sorry again.

Back to my original topic. So a couple of days after my most recent ticket, we are all in the car, driving to church, running a wee bit late, KC's driving, we're in the SAME vehicle that I was driving at the time of my ticket, and we're on interstate. Speed limit on interstate is 70. We're in the fast lane, couple cars in front of us doing the speed limit, right lane is empty for several car lengths ahead. KC gets impatient and gets in the right lane and proceeds to go around (he says he was doing 90....HE SAID IT....NOT ME!).

Okay, are you with me? He's zipping around and PASSING ON THE RIGHT.....doing 90 in a 70. Okay. Now, he suddenly looks in his rear view mirror and I feel the car immediately slow and he's going "oh no, I'm so dead....he's got me, I'm so dead." I didn't even have to look. I was inwardly doing the victory dance cuz it's not that I want him to get a ticket, but he shouldn't get mad at my driving when he's doing the same thing, right?

Now I'm sure ya'll probably know where I'm going with this, since I started it out with "life's not fair" but I'll just tell ya anyways. Mr. State Trooper dude who was right behind him and saw the whole thing????????????????? (and may I also note that it was a State Trooper who wrote MY ticket....although not the same one....this one was MUCH lighter skinned) DROVE RIGHT ON BY WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A "BY YOUR LEAVE."


And. I took the class 2 years and 2 months ago. You can only take the class once every three years. THAT stinks. I should have told the officer that I would happily take the ticket, but could he please just wait 10 more months and THEN pull me and give it to me????

Oh well. I did think it was RATHER humorous that the same day I called to find out when I last took that class....I got home and found, in that day's mail, not one, but FOUR different advertisements from local lawyers who wanted to represent me in court. One of them even included a copy of my ticket. Like I wouldn't remember getting it or something. LOL. Least I can laugh about it all. Haha.

In other news. Remember how I was talking about this a couple of posts back? Well, today was a great start on it. I mean, for being a Monday an all. I was very patient today. So much so that a couple of times after I walked away from the situation, I marveled at myself. LOL. Well, you know, God helped I guess it would be more appropriate to say that I marveled at God. *GRIN* Or that I marveled at the fact that God could even do anything with me at all. ROFL. Or that I just like using the word "marvel." BWAHAHAHA.

Unfortunately, I think just by writing the above paragraph, I might be failing in the "______ does not boast, _____ is not proud." categories. But I did better in the "______ is not easily angered" one. And then by posting about KC's little speeding and not getting a ticket for it, I would have to say I probably failed the very next one, which is "______ keeps no record of wrongs." HAHAHA.

Well, guess I can't expect to win them all in one day. Especially if that one day is a Monday. LOL. We'll just try again tomorrow. *Grin*

And now, I'll just leave you with this JEWEL of a website that was forwarded to me....*HUGE MISCHIEVOUS GRIN HERE*

The Speed Trap Exchange - Sharing the favorite hiding spots of your friendly neighborhood blue lights with all overweight-feet people across the country.


Later! =)

PS did you do on the love chapter today? Better than me, I hope! *grin* And I'd LOVE to do a header for'll just have to know that you're the reason behind another day of my procrastination....LOL. So just tell me three things: Do you want anything written besides the title and if so, what? Give me a couple or three of your favorite colors. And three, what's your style? (like: girly, techy, straight lines, frou frou, or what?) Oh wait, let's make that prefer like a landscape photography header or the scrappy headers? And I can't charge for headers....if I did that, I'd have to buy commercial use rights for the stuff I use.....LOL. I prefer to just do it for my friends anyways. =)


  1. LOL.. loved your post. Why is it men always get off when speeding??!!.. It's like. they have some vibs going on between cars.. You know if it had been you.. you would have gotten nailed!!!!!!I was smiling big when you got to the part when KC looked in his mirror. So sad.. so sad.. heheheh..

  2. What a day! Hopefully today will be more promising!

  3. lol!! Out of all the blogs I visit, you might have the yuckiest Mondays!! Sorry about that. How is your Tuesday going? :)

  4. Happy Tues.!!! It is Happy isn't it? :o)

  5. Was today a Monday, because DARN it felt like it to me. My calendar says it's Tuesday, but it could be wrong! Hope today went better for you!

  6. I agree with Rochelle - you do tend to have the yuckiest of Mondays. I hope the rest of the week improves!

    On the love chapter... I think you beat me on the "________ is not easily angered" but maybe that will improve over the weekend since I wont have to talk to customers. LOL

    Oh, I got a whole little special paragraph all for me in this one. Boy do I feel special! I'll send you an email with the info. Thanks girl!

  7. In this case everyday is a Monday for me. Want to swap? :0)
    God's grace is sufficeint! I am living proof!


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