Sunday, September 09, 2007


I have one of those headaches that really make me want to just crawl in a hole somewhere and not come out for days. *sigh*

Taken medicine twice for it and it comes and goes at random even yet. *sighhhhhh*

Not helping matters that I stayed home from church tonight (both because I wasn't feeling so hot plus I needed to get working on the layout for the next edition of the church newsletter) and then staring at the computer screen to work on that for the last 3 hours has made my head really not feel any better. *another sigh*

While I'm complaining, can I just say that I really dread tomorrow and Munchkin's last visit with her BioM? I took tomorrow off so if it goes really rough, I can go get her from school. Well, I didn't take tomorrow off for that reason only, I actually have a dentist appointment tomorrow afternoon, but I took the whole day so that I will be available for some mommy love just in case it is a rotten visit for munchkin. Given her actions and conversations of late, and the fact that apparently BioM is no longer considering just relinquishing, I have no idea what BioM will tell her tomorrow and how that will affect her behaviors for the next few weeks/months. I'm really not all that concerned about her not relinquishing, b/c according to our social worker, Munchkin will not be going back to her, relinquishment or no, but I really doubt that BioM is going to be considerate enough to make the last visit as painless as possible for Munchkin's sake. *sigh*

Okay, I'd like to have a paragraph now that I DON'T end in a sigh. LOL. Oh, I got the bedspread thing going for Munchkin's bed today. Oh, it looks just adorable. It is going to be soooo cute when I get it all done with the headboard and everything. KC liked it, too!!! And you KNOW the munchkin was just beside herself with joy over her "big bed set." LOL. I will try to upload a photo in just a few minutes. My drives are all busy right now as I'm backing up all my photos onto our external hard drive. Her name is Lacie and she's a delightful little creature who comes in very handy for photo backups. I haven't done it in awhile (much to KC's consternation and he keeps bugging me about it) so I finally am doing it and it looks like it's going to take half an hour for the batch I'm transferring now. I think it's the last batch. I've only taken like 2k pictures since my last backup (in February). ROFL!!!! Do you think we might have a kid or something? Hahah.

What else. Oh, I'm trying to work on a blog to update about our kids that is public/private to give out to the social workers and birthparents of any kids we get....but I don't want it connected to me or this blog at all, since that one will just be select information that I want them to know about. LOL. I don't really want them to know how hilarious we found it that we have taught the munchkin how to CLEARLY say that she wants to get a hamburger at MAC-DONalds. And her second favorite place is Buger KING. I have tried to get her to say SUBWAY but she'd much rather say MACCC---DON-alds.

And she tells me I'm a bad mommy now when I don't give her what she wants. Yesterday she wanted some of my pop. I said no, your juice is over on the counter. This stuff is bad for you. So she tells me I'm a bad mommy. To which I respond, "Absolutely not. I'm a GOOD mommy. A BAD mommy would let you have this nasty stuff instead of juice, but I'm a GOOD mommy, so I'm not letting you have it. Go drink your juice."

I do draw the line somewhere between pop and mcdonalds. And for the record, fast food is not on our top-ten list....but occasionally, given our busy schedule, it does become a necessity....however we usually get Chick-Fil-A if possible and Wendy's or Subway are high on the list if Chick-Fil-A isn't possible. I know. Fast food is bad. But I do try to keep her healthy...even if it sometimes does become a "do as I say, not as I do" type of thing. Or would that be, Eat what I say, not what I eat??? LOL. When she grows up and wants to make her own decision about what kind of junk to put in her body, that will be her decision. Til then....ehehehehe.

Well, what else to talk about since there are still 17 minutes left until I can upload that picture???

How about some random. Here's a random thought for you.....what does a person's approach to eating corn on the cob say about their personality???? At supper tonight, I noted the following:

My first bite of COTC was somewhere near the center and then I rotated it and took another bite until I had a cleared section all the way around the center of my ear. Then I moved over to the next rows and did another circle around the cob until I reached the end and then went back to the middle and went the other direction.

KC, on the other hand, started at one end and worked his way down to the other end, in a straight line, before moving back to the beginning and starting a new row....kinda like a printer.....ROFL.

But the munchkin? Let's see if I can do a little text illustration for you (the Ks are corn kernels and the O's are the bites she's taken):


Now the end result was all the same.....just bare cobs by the time we finished, but the process of getting there was very diverse.

If I were clever, I would spout off some clever pun to sum up this random food for thought.....

Yeah. But I'm not. LOL

And there's still 8 minutes to go on the stinkin backup.


Oh well. My head hurts. I'm going to bed. Maybe I'll post those bed project pictures later.....



  1. Ha ha. Am in the office now and I'm feeling the same thing. But mine's from hang over. :-)

  2. I'm like KC..printer! My oldest is like munchkin..all over the place
    and crazy..well maybe not as crazy as eating your cotc rotisserie style..LOL!


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